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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
85234 Goulias K.G. (ed.) Transportation Systems Planning. Methods and applications 2003ХХ
147098 Ecker G., Chiba P. Transporters as Drug Carriers: Structure, Function, Substrates 2009ХХ
186292 Ecker G., Chiba P. Transporters as Drug Carriers: Structure, Function, Substrates, Volume 44 2009ХХ
48324 Napier S. Transporters as Targets for Drugs 2009 ХХХ
193425 Napier S., Bingham M. Transporters as Targets for Drugs 2009ХХ
131304 Chen X. Transporting Compressed Digital Video 2002ХХ
177443 Chen X. Transporting Compressed Digital Video (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2002ХХ
127767 van der Hoeven J. Transseries and real differential algebra 2006ХХ
156056 Hoeven J. Transseries and Real Differential Algebra 2006ХХ
171648 Hoeven J. Transseries and Real Differential Algebra 2006ХХ
173867 Hoeven J. Transseries and Real Differential Algebra (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2006ХХ
1535 Kuik G.R. Transseries in difference and differential equations 2003ХХ
78614 Mirsky L. Transversal theory. An account of some aspects of combinatorial mathematics 1971ХХ
139307 Mirsky L. Transversal theory.Volume 75. 1971ХХ
123006 Pomraning G. C., Anil K. Prinja Transverse Diffusion of a Collimated Particle Beam 1995ХХ
44424 Barus C. Transverse Displacement Interferometry 1917ХХ
137769 Rivard F., Harb G. A., Meret P. Transverse Information Systems: New Solutions for IS and Business Performance 2009 ХХХ
140258 Staliunas K., Sanchez-Morcillo V.J. Transverse Patterns in Nonlinear Optical Resonators 2003ХХ
177978 Avellaneda M., Elliott F., Apelian C. Trapping and percolation in 2D random fields 1993ХХ
123996 Zumofen G., Klafter J., Blumen A. Trapping Aspects in Enhanced Diffusion 1991ХХ
119729 Huber D.L. Trapping of Excitation in the Average T-Matrix Approximation 1983ХХ
120217 Weiss G.H., Havlin S. Trapping of Random Walks on the Line 1984ХХ
129994 Argyrakis P., Kehr K.W. Trapping Without Traps by Correlated Random Walks 1991ХХ
119656 Avellaneda M., Elliott F.Jr., Apelian C. Trapping, Percolation, and Anomalous Diffusion of Particles in a Two-Dimensional Random Field 1993ХХ
84338 Bangash M.Y.H. Trauma - An Engineering Analysis: With Medical Case Studies Investigation 2007 ХХХ
143199 Banyard V.L., Edwards V.J., Kendall-Tackett K. Trauma and Physical Health: Understanding the effects of extreme stress and of psychological harm 2009ХХ
153512 Herman J., Perrin A. Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror 1997 ХХХ
79907 Schmitt K.-U., Niederer P.F., Muser M.H. Trauma biomechanics: accidental injury in traffic and sports 2007ХХ
69239 Cole E.(ed.) Trauma Care: Initial Assessment and Management in the Emergency Department (Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses) 2008ХХ
75532 Flint L., Meredith J. W., Schwab C. W. Trauma Contemporary Principles and Therapy Flint 2008ХХ
70534 Peitzman A. B., Rhodes M., Schwab C.W. Trauma Manual, The: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 3rd Edition 2007 ХХХ
69537 Gwinnutt C. L., Driscoll P. A. Trauma resuscitation: the team approach 2003ХХ
150999 Crosthwaite P. Trauma, Postmodernism and the Aftermath of World War II 2009ХХ
13195 Granacher R.P. Traumatic brain injury. Methods for clinical and forensic neuropsychiatric assessment 2003ХХ
116925 Akkermans H., Bogerd P., van Doremalen J. Travail, transparency and trust: A case study of computer-supported collaborative supply chain planning in high-tech electronics 2004ХХ
191717 Boarnet M., Crane R. Travel by Design: The Influence of Urban Form on Travel (Spatial Information Systems) 2001ХХ
56216 Stopher P. (ed.), Stetcher C. (ed.) Travel Survey Methods: Quality and Future Directions 2006ХХ
129709 Greco F. (ed.) Traveling salesman problem 2008ХХ
12558 Lenells J. Traveling Wave Solutions of a Shallow Water Equation 2004ХХ
11246 Volpert A.I., Volpert V.A., Volpert V.A. Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems 2000ХХ
165282 Volpert V., Volpert Vl., Volpert A. Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems 1994ХХ
179336 Volpert V., Volpert Vl., Volpert A. Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems 1994ХХ
139724 Meskens A. Travelling Mathematics - The Fate of Diophantos' Arithmetic 2010ХХ
10358 Pankov A. Travelling Waves and Periodic Oscillations in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Lattices 2005ХХ
44509 Pottinger H. Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde 1816ХХ
80746 Rivoli P. Travels of a T-Shirt in the global economy 2005ХХ
166653 Gross M. Travels to the Nanoworld: Miniature Machinery in Nature and Technology 1999ХХ
152903 Parker P.M. Treacher Collins Syndrome - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers 2007ХХ
140717 0 Treasures 2009ХХ
152245 Ali Hashim, Bill Allan Treasury Reference Model 2001ХХ

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