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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
177656 Glazer E., McConnell J. Real-life Math: Everyday use of mathematical concepts 2002ХХ
29538 Guttman M., Parodi J. Real-Life MDA: Solving Business Problems with Model Driven Architecture 2006ХХ
172961 McKinney A. Real-Resumes for Computer Jobs 2001ХХ
121541 Burkhardt T.W. Real-Space Renormalization 1983ХХ
148937 Burkhardt T., Leeuwen F. Real-space renormalization 1982ХХ
125268 Giacometti A., Maritan A. Real-Space Renormalization Group for Langevin Dynamics in Absence of Translational Invariance 1995ХХ
21457 Chen J., Hong S. (eds.) Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems and Applications 2004ХХ
140667 Ericson C. Real-Time Collision Detection 2005ХХ
174758 Ericson C. Real-Time Collision Detection (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive 3-D Technology) 2005ХХ
163545 Lam K.-Y., Kuo T.-W. Real-Time Database Systems - Architecture and Techniques (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Volume 593) (The Springer ... Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2000ХХ
22241 Douglass B.P. Real-Time Design Patterns: Robust Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Systems 2002ХХ
29545 Kehtarnavaz N. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Based on the TMS320C6000 2004ХХ
24251 Kuo S.M., Lee B.H. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations and Applications 2006 ХХХ
19695 Kuo S.M., Lee B.H. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations, Application and Experiments with the TMS320C55X 2001ХХ
28345 Kehtarnavaz N., Gamadia M. Real-Time Image and Video Processing: From Research to Reality 2006ХХ
27461 Dibble P.C. Real-Time Java Platform Programming 2002ХХ
151437 Dibble P. Real-Time Java Platform Programming 2002ХХ
174320 Krishnaswamy D., Pfeifer T., Raz D. Real-Time Mobile Multimedia Services: 10th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management, of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services, MMNS 2007ХХ
30077 Bui D.M., Duc B.M. Real-Time Object Uniform Design Methodology with Uml 2007ХХ
2515 Ariyur K.B., Kristic M. Real-Time Optimization by Extremum-Seeking Control 2003ХХ
53791 Akenine-Möller T. Real-Time Rendering 2002 ХХХ
28346 Dempski K. Real-Time Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX 2002ХХ
13699 Ishida T. Real-time Search For Learning Autonomous Agents 1997ХХ
19407 Fosner R. Real-Time Shader Programming: Covering Directx 9.0 2003ХХ
184547 Popovici K., Mosterman P. Real-Time Simulation Technologies: Principles, Methodologies, and Applications 2013ХХ
84220 Savulescu S.C. Real-Time Stability Assessment in Modern Power System Control Centers 2009ХХ
11684 Laplante P.A. Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis 2004 ХХХ
29529 Williams R. Real-Time Systems Development 2005ХХ
59541 Wikander J., Svensson B. Real-Time Systems in Mechatronic Applications (Special Issue. Volume 14, є3 (1998)) 1998ХХ
30275 Ionescu D. (Ed) Real-Time Systems: Modeling, Design, and Applications 2007ХХ
180425 Furht B., Westwater R. Real-Time Video Compression Techniques and Algorithms 1997ХХ
161473 Westwater R., Furht B. Real-time video compression.Techniques and algorithms 1997ХХ
18189 Westwater R., Furht B. Real-Time Video Compression: Techniques and Algorithms 1996ХХ
29546 Kisacanin B. (ed.), Pavlovic V. (ed.), Huang T.S. (ed.) Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction 2005ХХ
153386 Kisacanin B., Pavlovic V., Huang T. Real-time Vision for Human-computer Interaction 2005ХХ
148274 de Bakker J.W., Huizing C., de Roever W.P. Real-Time: Theory in Practice: REX Workshop, Mook, The Netherlands, June 3-7, 1991. Proceedings 1992ХХ
151896 Torchinsky A. Real-variable methods in harmonic analysis 1986ХХ
174095 Torchinsky A. Real-Variable Methods in Harmonic Analysis (Pure and Applied Mathematics) 1986ХХ
85117 Griffith —. Real-world flash game development: how to follow best practices AND keep your sanity 2009ХХ
166621 Marron P., Voigt T., Corke P. Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks 2010ХХ
105938 Ouchi K. Real/Expr: Implementation of an Exact Computation Package 1997ХХ
24252 Choate M. REALbasic Cross-Platform Application Development 2006ХХ
77623 Griffiths M. Realism, idealism and international politics 1992ХХ
137989 Field H. Realism, Mathematics, and Modality 1991ХХ
26435 Cusson R., Cardoso J. Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and Mental Ray 2007ХХ
28348 Jensen H.W. Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping 2001ХХ
34253 Shirley P., Morley R.K. Realistic Ray Tracing 2003ХХ
177665 D'Espagnat B., Whitehouse J. Reality and the physicist: Knowledge, duration and the quantum world 1989ХХ
57912 Nacht R., Chaney P. Reality blogging 2007 ХХХ
24253 Forta B., Baldwin D., Drisqill R.H. Reality Macromedia ColdFusion MX: Macromedia Flash MX Integration 2002ХХ

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