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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
97114 Cukier R.I., Lakatos-Lindenberg K., Shuler K.E. Orthogonal polynomial solutions of the Fokker-Planck equation 1973ХХ
119518 Cukier R.I. Diffusion-Controlled Reactions among Stationary Sinks 1983ХХ
123684 Cukier R.I. Diffusion-Influenced Reactions 1986ХХ
186981 Culibrk D., Vukobratovic D., Minic V. Sensing Technologies For Precision Irrigation 2014ХХ
53980 Culicover P.W., Jackendoff R. Simpler Syntax 2005ХХ
35536 Cull P., Flahive M.E., Robson R. Difference Equations: From Rabbits to Chaos 2005ХХ
160677 Cull P., Flahive M., Robson R. Difference equations from: rabbits to chaos 2005ХХ
162032 Cullen C. Astronomy and Mathematics in Ancient China. The 'Zhou Bi Suan Jing' (Needham Research Institute Studies) 1996ХХ
189909 Cullen C. The Suan Shu Shu: A Translation and Study of the Earliest Chinese Mathematical Text 2004ХХ
48976 Cullen K. Chemistry: The People behind the Science 2006 ХХХ
131231 Cullen K.E. Physics: The People Behind The Science 2005ХХ
175717 Cullen M. A Mathematical Theory of Large-scale Atmosphere ocean Flow 2006ХХ
182894 Cullen M. A Mathematical Theory of Large-scale Atmosphere ocean Flow 2006ХХ
41223 Cullen M.J.P. Mathematical Theory of Large-Scale Atmosphere/Ocean Flow 2006ХХ
23784 Cullen S., Geller M., Roberts Ch. Apple Pro Training Series: Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System: A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production 2005ХХ
144975 Cullen S., Willcocks L. Intelligent IT Outsourcing: Eight Building Blocks to Success 2003ХХ
172947 Culler D., Singh J.P., Gupta A. Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware Software Approach (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) 1998ХХ
198734 Culler J. Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction 2000ХХ
147152 Cullerne J.P., Machacek A. The language of physics: a foundation for university study 2008ХХ
181621 Culley L., Hudson N., Rooij F. Marginalized Reproduction: Ethnicity, Infertility and Reproductive Technologies (Science in Society Series) 2009ХХ
70150 Culligan P.J. (Editor),, Goldberg R.P. (Editor) Urogynecology in Primary Care 2006 ХХХ
188697 Cullimore D. Practical Manual of Groundwater Microbiology 2008 ХХХ
171044 Cullinane C., Burchill S., Squire J. Molecular Biology and Pathology of Paediatric Cancer (Oxford Medical Publications) 2003ХХ
54590 Cullinane K. (ed.), Talley W.K. (ed.) Port Economics 2006 ХХХ
134276 Cullingford C., Haq N. Computers, Schools and Students 2009ХХ
83931 Cullis A.G., Hutchison J.L. Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials: Proceedings of the 14th Conference, April 11-14, 2005, Oxford, UK (Springer Proceedings in Physics) 2006ХХ
9488 Cullis C.A. Plant Genomics and Proteomics 2004ХХ
11500 Cullis C.E. Matrices and Determinoids 1913ХХ
64477 Cullman L.B. Can't Take It With You: The Art of Making and Giving Money 2004ХХ
128753 Cullum J., Willoughby R. Lanczos Algorithms for Large Symmetric Eigenvalue Computations 1985ХХ
130194 Cullum J., Willoughby R.A. Large scale eigenvalue problems 1986ХХ
151760 Cullum J., Willoughby R. Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems (North-Holland Mathematics Studies) 1986ХХ
193390 Cullum J., Willoughby R. Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems: Workshop Proceedings (Mathematics Studies) 1991ХХ
22795 Culp B. Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2 2005ХХ
30327 Culp B. Windows Vista Administration: The Definitive Guide 2007ХХ
57444 Culpan R. Global Business Alliances: Theory and Practice 2002ХХ
116923 Culpeper N. The Complete Herbal 1835ХХ
204566 Culturas visuales indígenas y las prácticas e S. Savkić 2019ХХ
27416 Culwin F. A Java GUI programmer's primer 1998ХХ
56484 Culyer A.J., Newhouse J.P. Handbook of Health Economics. Vol. 2. Part 1 2000ХХ
56485 Culyer A.J., Newhouse J.P. Handbook of Health Economics. Vol. 2. Part 2 2000ХХ
77142 Cumberlidge M. Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM: A Practical Guide for Business Analysts 2007ХХ
27496 Cumming A., Russell G. SQL Hacks 2006ХХ
165715 Cumming W. Systematic organic chemistry;: Modern methods of preparation and estimation, 1950 ХХХ
44961 Cumming W.M., Hopper I.V., Wheeler T.S. Systematic Organic Chemistry 1937 ХХХ
97135 Cummings, Wright C.C., Perram J.W. Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike equation for a soft-core Yukawa fluid 1979ХХ
121926 Cummings P. T., Stell G. Random Flights in Euclidean Space. I. General Analysis and Results for Flights with Prescribed Hit Expectance Density About the Origin 1983ХХ
122333 Cummings P. T., Wright C. C. Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike Equation for a Soft- Core Yukawa Fluid. III. A Restricted Model for Electrolytes and Fused Salts 1980ХХ
210877 Cummings B. Tantric Sex mini book 2018ХХ

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