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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
19078 Shapiro S.C. Artificial Intelligence n/aХХ
19077 Shapiro S.C. A Logic of Arbitrary and Indefinite Objects 2003ХХ
19076 Oliver N., Rosario B., Pentland A. A Bayesian Computer Vision System for Modeling Human Interactions n/aХХ
19075 MacKay D.J.C. Bayesian Methods For Neural Networks - Theory and Application 1995ХХ
19074 Khoshnevisan M., Bhattacharya S., Smarandache F. Artificial Intelligence and Responsive Optimization 2003 ХХХ
19073 Hausser R. Database semantics for natural language 2001ХХ
19072 Gams M. Computational Analysis of Human Thinking Processes (Invited Paper) 2004ХХ
19071 Moller B., Beer M., Liedscher M. Fuzzy analysis as alternative to stochastic methods -- theoretical aspects 2005ХХ
19070 von Altrock C. Fuzzy Logic in Automotive Engineering 1997ХХ
19069 Furui S. Toward Spontaneous Speech Recognition and Understanding 2003ХХ
19068 Cook S. Speech Recognition HOWTO 2002ХХ
19067 Belavkin R.V. the Role of Emotion in Problem Solving n/aХХ
19066 Agarwal T. Pre-Processing of Noisy Speech for Voice Coders 2002ХХ
19065 Adolphs R., Tranel D., Damasio A.R. Dissociable neural systems for recognizing emotions 2002ХХ
19064 Hasegawa F., Hashima M., Kanda Sh. A Stereo Vision System for Position Measurments and Recognition in an Autonomous Robotic System for Carrying Food Trays 1999ХХ
19063 Keple L.A. The University of Alberta's Cognitive Science Dictionary 1997ХХ
19062 Ravishankar M.K. Efficient Algorithms for Speech Recognition 1996ХХ
19061 Kutsurelis J.E. Forecasting Financial Markets Using Neural Networks: An Analysis of Methods and Accuracy 1998ХХ
19060 Zhand R., Phillis Y.A., Kouikoglou V.S. Fuzzy Control of Queuing Systems 2005ХХ
19059 Yaverbaum E. Leadership Secrets of the World's Most Successful CEOs 2004ХХ
19058 Marrone P. Java Object Oriented Neural Engine. The Complete Guide 2004ХХ
19057 Shepherd P. Transforming the Mind 2001ХХ
19056 Searle J.R. The Rediscovery of the Mind 1992ХХ
19055 Rapaport W.J. Understanding Understanding: Syntactic Semantics and Computational Cognition 1995ХХ
19054 Pereira F.C.N., Shieber S.M. Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis 2002 ХХХ
19053 Newell F. Why CRM Doesn't Work: How to Win by Letting Customers Manage the Relationship 2003ХХ
19052 Motyl A.J. Imperial Ends 2003ХХ
19051 MacLean K.J. Dialogues Conversations with my Higher Self 2005ХХ
19050 Ma Z. Fuzzy Database Modeling of Imprecise and Uncertain Engineering Information 2006ХХ
19049 Laermer R., Prichinello M. Full Frontal PR: Getting People Talking About You, Your Business, or Your Product 2003ХХ
19048 Galens J. Middle Ages Reference Library Cumulative Index 2001ХХ
19047 Kandasamy W.B., Smarandache F., Ilanthenral F. Applications of Bimatrices to Some Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Models 2005ХХ
19046 Kandasamy W.B. Introduction to N-Adaptive Fuzzy Models to Analyze Public Opinion on Aids 2006ХХ
19045 Johnson W. Powerhouse Marketing Plans: 14 Outstanding Real-Life Plans and What You Can Learn from Them to Supercharge Your Own Campaigns 2004ХХ
19044 Hurd M., Nyberg L. The Value Factor: How Global Leaders Use Information for Growth and Competitive Advantage 2004ХХ
19043 Hoyle D. ISO 9000: 2000: An A-Z Guide 2003ХХ
19042 Hamblin H.T. The Power of Thought 2001ХХ
19041 Goodman J., Philips J. (ed.), Kantor A. (ed.) Vault Career Guide to Marketing and Brand Management 2001ХХ
19040 Gabbay D., Olivetti N. Goal-Directed Proof Theory 2000ХХ
19039 Corke P.I. Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB (Release 6) 2001ХХ
19038 Fodor J.A. The Mind Doesn't Work That Way 2001ХХ
19037 Fodor J.A. Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong 1998ХХ
19036 Elert G. The Chaos Hypertextbook 1999ХХ
19035 Davis P.K., Kulick J.A., Egner M. Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision-Support Systems 2005ХХ
19034 Davidson D. Problems of Rationality 2004ХХ
19033 Cohen M.H. (ed.), Giangola J.P. (ed.), Balogh J. (ed.) Voice User Interface Design 2004ХХ
19032 Baeza-Yates R., Ribeiro-Neto B. Modern information retrieval 1999ХХ
19031 Ashbacher C. Introduction to Neutrosophic Logic 2002ХХ
19030 Adolphs R. Cognitive Neuroscience Of Human Social Behaviour 2003ХХ
19029 Wright R. Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny 2000ХХ

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