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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41355 Knebelman M.S. Groups of Collineations in a Space of Paths 1927ХХ
43289 Knebelman M.S. Multivectorial Curvature 1930ХХ
42489 Knebelman M.S. Determination of Some Properly Irregular Cyclotomic Fields 1929ХХ
42453 Knebelman M.S. Conformal Geometry of Generalized Metric Spaces 1929ХХ
114117 Kneale W.C., Kneale M. Storia della logica 1972ХХ
106800 Kneale W. Probability and Induction 1949ХХ
32948 Kneale M. Development of Logic 1985 ХХХ
20861 Kneale G.G. DNAЦProtein Interactions. Principles and Protocols 1994ХХ
166172 Kneale G.G. DNA-Protein Interactions: Principles and Protocols 1994ХХ
36810 Knauth P. (ed.), Schoonman J. (ed.) Nanocomposites 2007ХХ
35506 Knauth P., Schoonman J. Nanocrystalline Metals and Oxides 2002ХХ
174125 Knauth P., Schoonman J. Nanostructured materials. Selected Synthesis Methods, Properties and Applications 2004ХХ
152848 Knauth P., Schoonman J. Nanocomposites: Ionic Conducting Materials and Structural Spectroscopies (Electronic Materials: Science & Technology) 2008ХХ
131006 Knaus W.J. The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-by-step Program 2007ХХ
128898 Knaus W. The procrastination workbook 2002ХХ
119835 Knauf A. Phases of the Number-Theoretic Spin Chain 1993ХХ
104740 Knauf A. Vorlesung Analysis I 2005ХХ
107512 Knauf A. Gewoehnliche Differentialgleichungen 2006ХХ
108093 Knauf A., Seiler P. Statistische Mechanik 2006ХХ
107069 Knauf A., Seiler R. Vorlesung Mathematische Physik I: Klassische Mechanik 2004ХХ
107271 Knauf A Vorlesung Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen 2006ХХ
158253 Knaster S. Hacking iPod and iTunes (ExtremeTech) 2004ХХ
80025 Knaster S. Hacking iPod and iTunes 2009 ХХХ
42021 Knaster B. Remark on a Theorem of R. L. Moore 1927ХХ
10521 Knasmüller M. From COBOL to OOP 2004ХХ
42947 Knarr N. 4-Dimensionale projektive Ebenen mit grosser abelscher Kollineationsgruppe 1988ХХ
34915 Knarr N. Translation Planes: Foundations and Construction Principles 1995ХХ
151477 Knarr N. Translation Planes. Foundations and Construction Principles 1995ХХ
161563 Knapp  . Cyber Security and Global Information Assurance: Threat Analysis and Response Solutions (Advances in Information Security and Privacy) 2009ХХ
24349 Knapp S.E., Jongsma A.E. The Parenting Skills Treatment Planner 2005ХХ
125509 Knapp R., Papanieolaou G., White B. Transmission of Waves by a Nonlinear Random Medium 1991ХХ
59210 Knapp R The Supernova Advisor: Crossing the Invisible Bridge to Exceptional Client Service and Consistent Growth 2008ХХ
133124 Knapp P., Watkins M. Genre, Text, Grammar. Technologies for Teaching And Assessing Writing 2005ХХ
191649 Knapp G., Wojtkowski G., Zupancic J. Advances in Information Systems Development: Volume 2 2007ХХ
191275 Knapp G., Wojtkowski G., Zupancic J. Advances in Information Systems Development: Volume 1 2007ХХ
141356 Knapp G., Wojtkowski G., Zupancic J. Advances in Information Systems Development 2007ХХ
169834 Knapp E., Benson G., Holzhutter H. Genome Informatics 2008: Proceedings of the 8th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (IBSB 2008) 2008ХХ
58822 Knapp D.E. The Brand Promise: How Ketel One, Costco, Make-A-Wish, Tourism Vancouver, and Other Leading Brands Make and Keep the Promise That Guarantees Success 2008ХХ
38970 Knapp B.J. Elements of Geographical Hydrology 1979ХХ
32947 Knapp A.W. Elliptic Curves (MN-40) 1992ХХ
55063 Knapp A.W. Advanced Algebra 2007ХХ
55066 Knapp A.W. Basic Algebra 2006ХХ
55247 Knapp A.W. Basic Real Analysis: Along with a Companion Volume Advanced Real Analysis 2005 ХХХ
170396 Knapp A. Lie groups: Beyond an introduction 2002 ХХХ
175175 Knapp A. Representation Theory of Semisimple Groups: An Overview Based on Examples 1986ХХ
138682 Knapp A. Representation theory of semisimple groups, an overview based on examples 1986ХХ
140114 Knaggs P. Literate programming in Forth 1995ХХ
16263 Knaggs J. Pattern Recognition, Price And The RSI 1993ХХ
78173 Knaddison G.J. Cracking Drupal A Drop In The Bucket 2009ХХ
124639 Knackstedt M.A., Sahimi M. On the Universality of Geometrical and Transport Exponents of Rigidity Percolation 1992ХХ

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