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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39620 Wang Y. Seismic Amplitude Inversion in Reflection Tomography 2003ХХ
39623 Jones M. The Last Great Quest: Captain Scott's Antarctric Sacrifice 2003ХХ
39633 Swanton C.J., Booth B.D. Weed Ecology in Natural and Agricultural Systems 2003ХХ
39637 Gorke M. The Death of Our Planet's Species: A Challenge to Ecology and Ethics 2003ХХ
39642 Betensky R.A., Louis D.N. Analysis of a molecular genetic neuro-oncology study with partially biased selection 2003ХХ
39655 Thompson M.L. Assessing the diagnostic accuracy of a sequence of tests 2003ХХ
39660 Andersen P.K., Liestol K. Attenuation caused by infrequently updated covariates in survival analysis 2003ХХ
39674 Farrington C.P., Kanaan M.N. Branching process models for surveillance of infectious diseases controlled by mass vaccination 2003ХХ
39679 Orbe J., Ferreira E. Censored partial regression 2003ХХ
39686 Etzioni R., Kooperberg C., Pepe M. Combining biomarkers to detect disease with application to prostate cancer 2003ХХ
39687 Xu X., Tian L., Wei L.J. Combining dependent tests for linkage or association across multiple phenotypic traits 2003ХХ
39696 Cook R.J., Wei Wei Conditional analysis of mixed Poisson processes with baseline counts: implications for trial design and analysis 2003ХХ
39718 Moisio J. Environmental Management System ISO 14001 2003ХХ
39721 Crowell B. Conservation Laws 2003ХХ
39730 Toyamo K., Logan R., Roseway A. Geographic Location Tags on Digital Images 2003ХХ
39749 Zhang D., Lin X. Hypothesis testing in semiparametric additive mixed models 2003ХХ
39755 Scharfstein D.O. Incorporating prior beliefs about selection bias into the analysis of randomized trials with missing outcomes 2003ХХ
39759 Sheppard L. Insights on bias and information in group-level studies 2003ХХ
39779 Fan R. Linkage and association studies of QTL for nuclear families by mixed models 2003ХХ
39785 Thompson A. Making Your Own Telescope 2003ХХ
39800 Dean J.R. Methods for Environmental Trace Analysis 2003ХХ
39816 Szabo A., Boucher K., Jones D. Multivariate exploratory tools for microarray data analysis 2003ХХ
39823 Crowell B. Newtonian Physics 2003ХХ
39885 Bartlett J. Programming from the Ground Up 2003ХХ
39888 Gelfand A.E. Proper multivariate conditional autoregressive models for spatial data analysis 2003ХХ
39937 Ѕабич ¬.ћ., Ћ€линов ћ.ј., √рикуров ¬.Ё. ћетод «оммерфельдаЧћалюжинца в задачах дифракции 2003ХХ
39947 Anderson G.A., Granas A. Fixed Point Theory 2003ХХ
40086 Schutz B.F. Gravity from the Ground Up: An Introductory Guide to Gravity and General Relativity 2003ХХ
40088 Iniesta J.C. Introduction to Spectropolarimetry 2003ХХ
40117 Angelo J. Space Technology (Sourcebooks in Modern Technology Series) 2003ХХ
40137 Seeder G. Satellite Geodesy: Foundations, Methods, Applications 2003 ХХХ
40168 Zwieflhofer W., Kreitz N. Realizing Teracomputing: Proceedings of the Tenth Ecmwf Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computers in Meteorology 2003ХХ
40199 Denham M.C., Whittaker J. A Bayesian approach to disease gene location using allelic association 2003ХХ
40202 Johnson T.D. A Bayesian change-point analysis of electromyographic data: detecting muscle activation patterns and associated applications 2003ХХ
40240 Livio M. (Ed), Stiavelli M. (Ed) A Decade of Hubble Space Telescope Science 2003ХХ
40241 Ѕогачев ¬.». ќсновы теории меры. “ом I 2003ХХ
40242 Ѕогачев ¬.». ќсновы теории меры. “ом 2 2003ХХ
40256 Thabane L. A closer look at the distribution of number needed to treat (NNT) a Bayesian approach 2003ХХ
40258 Yasui Y. A data-analytic strategy for protein biomarker discovery profiling of high-dimensional proteomic data for cancer detection 2003ХХ
40266 Lange Ch. A multivariate family-based association test using generalized estimating equations FBAT-GEE 2003ХХ
40270 Mcintosh M.W. A parametric empirical Bayes method for cancer screening using longitudinal observations of a biomarker 2003ХХ
40276 Baker S.G. A sensitivity analysis for nonrandomly missing categorical data arising from a national health disability survey 2003ХХ
40278 O'sullivan F., Roy S. A statistical measure of tissue heterogeneity with application to 3D PET sarcoma data 2003ХХ
40291 Duric N. Advanced Astrophysics 2003ХХ
40361 Carter P.A. PC Assembly Language 2003ХХ
40368 Slobodkin L.B. A Citizen's Guide to Ecology 2003ХХ
40458 Crowell B. Newtonian Physics 2003 ХХХ
40553 ќксендаль Ѕ. —тохастические дифференциальные уравнени€ 2003ХХ
40626 Deepak Kumar Tala Verilog Tutorial 2003ХХ
40632 Heusler M., Goddard P. Black Hole Uniqueness Theorems 2003ХХ

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