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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121951 Arnold J. Mandell, Karen A. Selz Brain Stem Neuronal Noise and Neocortical "Resonance" 1993ХХ
121997 Dominique Simpelaere Dimension Spectrum of Axiom A Diffeomorphisms. I. The Bowen-Margulis Measure 1993ХХ
122011 Book Review: Quantum and Statistical Field Theory 1993ХХ
122013 van Kampen N. G. Note on the Two-Slit Experiment 1993ХХ
122021 Schutz G. Generalized Bethe Ansatz Solution of a One-Dimensional Asymmetric Exclusion Process on a Ring with Blockage 1993ХХ
122129 Karasova I., Surda A. Incommensurate Structure in the Lattice-Gas ANNNI Model 1993ХХ
122182 Kennedy T. Some Rigorous Results on Majority Rule Renormalization Group Transformations near the Critical Point 1993ХХ
122193 Per Lyngs Hansen, Jesper Lemmich, John Hjort Ipsen Two Coupled Ising Planes: Phase Diagram and Interplanar Force 1993ХХ
122212 Kiss L.B., Gingl Z., Marton Z. 1/f Noise in Systems Showing Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
122249 Francois Ledrappier, Anna Porzio A Dimension Formula for Bernoulli Convolutions 1993ХХ
122252 Anatoly I. Pilyavsky, Alexei L. Rebenko The Large-Deviation Principle and the BCS Model 1993ХХ
122256 Lev V. Mikheev Reentrant Dimensional Crossover in Planar Ising Superlattices 1993ХХ
122288 Peitgen H.O., Jurgens H., Saupe D. Book Review: Chaos and Fractals 1993ХХ
122292 Holovko M.F., Trokhymehuk A.D., Protsykevich I.A. The Laplace Transform of the MSA Pair Distribution Functions between Macroions in an Ion-Dipole Fluid 1993ХХ
122327 A. Comtet, J. Desbois, C. Monthus Asymptotic Laws for the Winding Angles of Planar Brownian Motion 1993ХХ
122340 Bernard Helffer, Johannes Sjostrand On the Correlation for Kac-like Models in the Convex Case 1993ХХ
122387 Nayak C. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Turbulent Transport 1993ХХ
122541 Bouchut F., Perthame B. A BGK Model for Small Prandtl Number in the Navier-Stokes Approximation 1993ХХ
122625 Medina E. Nonuniversality and Analytical Continuation in Moments of Directed Polymers on Hierarchical Lattices 1993ХХ
122638 Zimmer M. Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Systems and Broken Supersymmetry 1993ХХ
122659 Haydn N. Gibbs Measures for Axiom A Flows 1993ХХ
122708 Grabenstein M. Kinematics of Multigrid Monte Carlo 1993ХХ
122727 Peitgen H.O. Fractals for the Classroom 1993ХХ
122768 Ben-Naim E., Redner S., Weiss G.H. Partial Absorption and "Virtual" Traps 1993ХХ
122787 Bolle D., Vinck B., Zagrebnov V.A. On the Parallel Dynamics of the Q-State Potts and Q-Ising Neural Networks 1993ХХ
122796 Parisi G. On the Branching Structure of the Tree of States in Spin Glasses 1993ХХ
122803 Bubanja V., Knezevic M., Vannimenus J. Adsorption of a Flexible Self-Avoiding Polymer Chain: Exact Results on Fractal Lattices 1993ХХ
122809 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
122833 Fiig T., Jensen H.J. Diffusive Description of Lattice Gas Models 1993ХХ
122837 Belitsky V. Asymptotic Upper Bound of Density for Two-Particle Annihilating Exclusion 1993ХХ
122858 Statistical Physics at the 45th Parallel: 6th Annual Meeting 1993ХХ
122863 Ruskin H.J. Critical Behavior of Sandpile Vortices under Variable Charge 1993ХХ
122867 Bovier A., Kulske C. Hierarchical Interfaces in Random Media II: The Gibbs Measures 1993ХХ
122900 Bokhove O., Bruin C., Compagner A. Ensemble Properties and Molecular Dynamics of Unstable Systems 1993ХХ
122915 Raine D. J., Sciama D. W. The Membrane Picture of Hawking Radiation 1993ХХ
122937 A. Brandt, M. Galun, D. Ron Optimal Multigrid Algorithms for Calculating Thermodynamic Limits 1993ХХ
122961 Chirikov B.V., Vecheslavov V.V. Theory of Fast Arnold Diffusion in Many-Frequency Systems 1993ХХ
122977 Lambert A., Siboni S., Vaienti S. Statistical Properties of a Nonuniformly Hyperbolic Map of the Interval 1993ХХ
122995 Benettin G., Carati A., Sempio P. On the Landau-Teller Approximation for Energy Exchanges with Fast Degrees of Freedom 1993ХХ
122996 Edis T. Unusual Constraints in the Quantum Statistical Mechanics of Josephson Junction Systems 1993ХХ
123009 A. De Masi, E. Orlandi, E. Presutti Motion by Curvature by Scaling Nonlocai Evolution Equations 1993ХХ
123024 Murphy T. J. Dynamics of Hard Rods in One Dimension 1993ХХ
123047 Andrew J. Majda Explicit Inertial Range Renormalization Theory in a Model for Turbulent Diffusion 1993ХХ
123048 Srinandan Dasmahapatra, Rinat Kedem, Barry M. McCoy Virasoro Characters from Bethe Equations for the Critical Ferromagnetic Three-State Potts Model 1993ХХ
123051 Larry S. Liebovitch Interpretation of Protein Structure and Dynamics from the Statistics of the Open and Closed Times Measured in a Single Ion-Channel Protein 1993ХХ
123054 Rafael F. Angulo, Ernesto Medina Conductance Distributions in Random Resistor Networks. Self-Averaging and Disorder Lengths 1993ХХ
123068 Bhatia D.P., Arora D., Prasad M.A. First Passage Time for a Class of One-Dimensional Stochastic Systems 1993ХХ
123072 Dominique Simpelaere Dimension Spectrum of Axiom A Diffeomorphisms. II. Gibbs Measures 1993ХХ
123087 Marchesoni F. Persistent Currents in Mesoscopic Rings: A Stochastic Model 1993ХХ
123138 Bovier A., Gayrard V. Rigorous Results on the Thermodynamics of the Dilute Hopfield Model 1993ХХ

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