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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
138843 Walker K. Surveys in Combinatorics, 1993 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) 1993ХХ
138960 Isaacs I. Algebra: A Graduate Course (Mathematics) 1993ХХ
139005 Hanson S., Remmele W., Rivest R. Machine Learning: From Theory to Applications: Cooperative Research at Siemens and MIT 1993ХХ
139068 Percival D., Walden A. Spectral Analysis for Physical Applications 1993ХХ
139179 Clerck F., Hirschfeld J. Finite Geometries and Combinatorics 1993ХХ
139323 Ѕазилевич Ќ.». Ѕиологическа€ продуктивность экосистем —еверной ≈вразии. 1993ХХ
139498 Godsil C. Algebraic Combinatorics (Chapman Hall Crc Mathematics Series) 1993ХХ
139577 Barbu V. Analysis and control of nonlinear infinite dimensional systems 1993ХХ
139625 Lee C.M.C., Mucklow B., Ready M.J. Spreads, Depths, And The Impact Of Earnings Information: An Intraday Analysis 1993ХХ
139689 Ekspong G. Nobel Lectures in Physics 1981-1990/Including Presentation Speeches and Laureates' Biographies 1993ХХ
139706 Mabuchi T., Mukai S. Einstein metrics and Yang-Mills connections 1993ХХ
139707 Taylor J.G. Mathematical approaches to neural networks 1993ХХ
139712 Enjalbert P., Finkel A., Wagner K.W. STACS 93, Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 10 conf 1993ХХ
140000 Postman N. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology 1993ХХ
140001 Goldberg L. Topological Methods in Modern Mathematics: A Symposium in Honor of John Milnor's Sixtieth Birthday 1993ХХ
140023 Spiegel H. Advances in clinical chemistry.Volume 30. 1993ХХ
140068 Kantorovich A. Scientific Discovery: Logic and Tinkering 1993ХХ
140223 Langanke K., Maruhn J.A., Koonin S.E. Computational Nuclear Physics 2 1993ХХ
140230 √ерштейн —.—., —юн€ев –.ј. «накомый незнакомый «ельдович (в воспоминани€х друзей, коллег, учеников) 1993ХХ
140241 Jarnicki M., Pflug P. Invariant Distances and Metrics in Complex Analysis 1993ХХ
140302 Bierstedt K.D., Pietsch A., Ruess W.M. Functional analysis: proceedings of the Essen conference 1993ХХ
140313 Woolhouse R. Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz: The Concept of Substance in Seventeenth-Century Metaphysics 1993ХХ
140364 Capasso V. Mathematical Structures of Epidemic Systems 1993ХХ
140470 Brewka G., Jantke K., Schmitt P. Nonmonotonic and Inductive Logic: Second International Workshop, Reinhardsbrunn Castle, Germany, December 2-6, 1991. Proceedings 1993ХХ
140483 ќсипь€н ё. (гл. ред.)  вант (є3/4 1993) 1993ХХ
140491 Oderberg D.S. The Metaphysics of Identity over Time 1993ХХ
140507 Lamma E., Mello P. Extensions of Logic Programming: Third International Workshop, ELP '92, Bologna, Italy, February 26-28, 1992. Proceedings 1993ХХ
140564 Bedford E. (ed.), Foias C. (ed.), Dadok J. (ed.) Indiana University Mathematics Journal (Volume 42 є3 1993) 1993ХХ
140570 Lauer P.E. Functional Programming, Concurrency, Simulation and Automated Reasoning 1993ХХ
140648 Volkert J. Parallel Computation: Second International ACPC Conference, Gmunden, Austria, October 4-6, 1993. Proceedings: International ACPC Conference, Gmunden, ... 2nd 1993ХХ
140684 Minelli A. Biological Systematics: The State of the Art 1993ХХ
140693 Iversen B. Hyperbolic Geometry 1993ХХ
140740 Gries D., Schneider F. A Logical Approach to Discrete Math 1993ХХ
140772 ‘арина ј., —тудер ‘. ÷ифрова€ обработка радиолокационной информации. —опровождение целей 1993ХХ
140870 Murasugi K., Przytycki J. An Index of a Graph With Applications to Knot Theory 1993ХХ
140887 Patterson D., Hennessy J. Arquitectura de Computadores.Un enfogue cuantitativo. 1993ХХ
140942 Zaslavsky C. Multicultural Mathematics: Interdisciplinary Cooperative-Learning Activities 1993ХХ
140951 Clarke M., Kruse R., Moral S. Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning and Uncertainty: European Conference ECSQARU '93, Granada, Spain, November 8-10, 1993. Proceedings 1993ХХ
140961 Janicki A., Weron A. Simulation and Chaotic Behavior of A-stable Stochastic Processes 1993ХХ
140962 Schill A. DCE - The OSF Distributed Computing Environment, Client/Server Model and Beyond: International DCE Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 7-8, 1993. Proceedings 1993ХХ
140984 Battey N., Dickinson H., Hetherington A. Post-translational Modifications in Plants 1993ХХ
141090 Ames W., Harrell E., Herod J. Differential equations with applications to mathematical physics 1993ХХ
141175 Kiguradze I., Chanturia T. Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of Nonautonomous Ordinary Differential Equations 1993ХХ
141273 Easterbrook S. Cscw: Cooperation or Conflict? (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) 1993ХХ
141343 Gimbel J., Kennedy J., Quintas L. QUO Vadis,graph theory 1993ХХ
141373 Lang S. Real and Functional Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) 1993 ХХХ
127354 Olver P.J. Applications of Lie groups to differential equations 1993 ХХХ
127371 Dore G., Favini A., Obrecht E. Differential equations in Banach spaces 1993ХХ
127375 Evans M.W., Kielich S. Modern Nonlinear Optics 1993ХХ
127415 Thaller B. The Dirac Equation 1993ХХ

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