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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
194039 Zeller A. Why Programs Fail, Second Edition: A Guide to Systematic Debugging 2009 ХХХ
29819 Zeller A. Why Programs Fail: A Guide to Systematic Debugging 2005ХХ
53027 Wolff J. Why Read Marx Today? 2002ХХ
136241 Twemlow S.W., Sacco F.C. Why School Anti-Bullying Programs Don't Work 2008ХХ
75279 Low B. S. Why Sex Matters: A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior 2001ХХ
59272 Lukaszewski J.E. Why Should the Boss Listen to You: The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor 2008ХХ
77272 Sternberg R.G. (ed.) Why smart people can be so stupid 2002ХХ
73933 Platt D.S. Why software sucks... and what you can do about it 2006 ХХХ
2787 Varchenko A.N., Etingof P.I. Why the boundary of a round drop becomes a curve of order four 1992ХХ
107833 Sagan B.E. Why the characteristic polynomial factors 1998ХХ
148492 Kline M. Why the professor can't teach: Mathematics and the dilemma of university education 1977ХХ
50607 Coleman S. Why There is Nothing Rather than Something: A Theory of the Cosmological Constant 1988ХХ
177517 Tenner E. Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences (Vintage) 1997ХХ
115430 Moser B. Why This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector 2009ХХ
59407 Underhill P. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping 2000ХХ
43107 Hawking S. Why We Should Go Into Space 2008ХХ
19323 Ohrtman F.D. Wi-Fi Handbook: Building 802.11b Wireless Networks 2003ХХ
80261 Underdahl K. Wi-Fi Home Networking Just the Steps for Dummies 2006 ХХХ
17390 Geier E. Wi-Fi Hotspots 2006ХХ
75937 Miller S.S. Wi-Fi Security 2003ХХ
26498 Chandra P., Lide D. WI-FI Telephony: Challenges and Solutions for Voice Over WLANs 2006ХХ
3619 Outmesguine M. Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment 2004ХХ
63043 –осс ƒ. Wi-Fi. Ѕеспроводна€ сеть 2007ХХ
76001 ўербаков ј. . Wi-Fi: ¬се, что вы хотели знать, но бо€лись спросить 2005ХХ
3958 Vladimirov A.A., Gavrilenko K.V., Mikhailovsky A.A. Wi-Foo 2004ХХ
22881 ¬ладимиров ј.ј., √авриленко  .¬., ћихайловский ј.ј. Wi-фу: Ђбоевыеї приемы взлома и зашиты беспроводных сетей 2005ХХ
24388 Eubanks B. Wicked Cool Java: Code Bits, Open Source Libraries, and Project Ideas 2005ХХ
24389 Oualline S. Wicked Cool Perl Scripts: Useful Perl Scripts That Solve Difficult Problems 2006ХХ
24522 Taylor D. Wicked Cool Shell Scripts: 101 Scripts for Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix Systems 2004ХХ
187664 Husbands A., Hart C., Pyenson A. Wicked good burgers: fearless recipes and uncompromising techniques for the ultimate patty 2013ХХ
180143 Pateux G. Wide spread spectrum watermarking with side information and interference cancellation n/aХХ
25315 Doris K., Leenaerts D. Wide-Bandwidth High Dynamic Range D/a Converters 2006ХХ
68034 Rau U., Siebentritt S. Wide-Gap Chalcopyrites 2005ХХ
149255 Liu W., Weiss S. Wideband Beamforming: Concepts and Techniques 2010ХХ
143891 Bruccoleri F., Klumperink E., Nauta B. Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers Exploiting Thermal Noise Cancellation (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2005ХХ
21003 Chitrapu P. Wideband TDD: WCDMA for the Unpaired Spectrum 2004ХХ
19346 Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms v2.0 2000ХХ
75110 Willemer A. Wie werde ich Unix-Guru? 2004ХХ
108116 Stemmer Ch. Wiedereintrittsaerodynamik n/aХХ
124492 Berezhkovskii A. M., Makhnovskii Yu. A., Suris R. A. Wiener Sausage Volume Moments 1988ХХ
17854 Miller S.S. WiFi Security 2003ХХ
136120 Yun L., Bliault A., Doo J. WIG Craft and Ekranoplan: Ground Effect Craft Technology 2009ХХ
122032 Requardt M., Wagner H.J. Wigner Crystallization and Its Relation to the Poor Decay of Pair Correlations in One-Component Plasmas of Arbitrary Dimension 1990ХХ
36741 Mukunda M., Marmo G., Zampini A. WignerЦWeyl isomorphism for quantum mechanics on Lie groups 2005ХХ
132584 Kyle Orland Wii for Dummies 2008 ХХХ
178759 Orland K. Wii For Dummies, New Edition (For Dummies (Computers)) 2008ХХ
16525 Ebersbach A., Glaser M., Heigl R. Wiki Web Collaboration 2005ХХ
128522 Ebersbach A., Glaser M., Heigl R. Wiki Web Collaboration October 2005ХХ
94024 √орбатюк Ќ. WikiLeaks: –азоблачени€, изменившие мир 2011ХХ
26444 Woods D., Cunningham W., Thoeny P. Wikis For Dummies 2007ХХ

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