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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
17721 Mancini M. Time Management 2003ХХ
75782 Mark McGuinness Time Management for Creative People Ц Free E-book 2007ХХ
24515 Limoncelli T.A. Time Management for System Administrators 2005ХХ
168557 Walsh R. Time Management: Proven Techniques for Making Every Minute Count 2008 ХХХ
21720 Dix J., Graham M. Time of Death, Decomposition and Identification: An Atlas 2000ХХ
5333 Antoniou I., Baidyanath M., Suchanecki Z. Time Operator Innovation and Complexity 2003ХХ
39286 Leng X. Time ordering of gene coexpression 2006ХХ
97845 Makoto Oonuki Time partition function analysis of a neural network 1972ХХ
13039 Tracy B. Time Power 2004ХХ
123732 Vigfusson J.O. Time Relaxation of the Solutions of Master Equations for Large Systems 1982ХХ
142280 Kanasewich E.R. Time sequence analysis in geophysics 1974ХХ
24995 Hamilton J.D. Time Series Analysis 1994ХХ
31283 Hamilton J.D. Time Series Analysis 1994ХХ
60622 Sampson M. Time Series Analysis 2001ХХ
54287 Shumway R.H., Stoffer D.S. Time Series Analysis and Its Applications: With R Examples 2006 ХХХ
106852 Wegman E.J. Time series analysis: theory, data analysis and computation 1996ХХ
32877 Cryer J.D., Chan K.S. Time Series Analysis: With Applications in R 2008 ХХХ
35718 Bittanti S. Time Series and Linear Systems 1986ХХ
127181 Ho H.-C. Time series and related topics: In memory of Ching-zong Wei 2007ХХ
145530 Brillinger D. Time series Data Analysis and Theory 2001ХХ
107523 Cochrane J.H. Time series for macroeconomics and finance 1997ХХ
150758 Brillinger D. Time series: data analysis and theory 2001ХХ
134104 David R. Brillinger Time Series: Data Analysis and Theory (Classics in Applied Mathematics, 36) 2001ХХ
137186 Brillinger D. Time Series: Data Analysis and Theory (Classics in Applied Mathematics, 36) 2001ХХ
176593 Rundle B. Time Space And Metaphysic 2009ХХ
194013 Hajnicz E. Time Structures: Formal Description and Algorithmic Representation 1996ХХ
183036 Grupp M., Balmer M., Butters C. Time to Shine: Applications of Solar Energy Technology 2012ХХ
145195 Gardner M. Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments 19888ХХ
122414 Price H. Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point 1997ХХ
168304 Price H. Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point : New Directions for the Physics of Time 1996ХХ
6525 Mackey M.C. Time's arrow: the origins of thermodynamic behavior 1991ХХ
123989 Schulman L.S. Time's Arrows and Quantum Measurement 1998ХХ
135386 Steven F. Savitt Time's Arrows Today: Recent Physical and Philosophical Work on the Direction of Time 1997ХХ
138847 Savitt S. Time's Arrows Today: Recent Physical and Philosophical Work on the Direction of Time 1995ХХ
176001 Oaklander L., Smith Q. Time, Change and Freedom: An Introduction to Metaphysics 1995ХХ
17128 Milner R. Time, price and pattern 1988ХХ
11898 Prigogine I. Time, structure and fluctuations 1977ХХ
36761 Duan J.-S. Time- and space-fractional partial differential equations 2005ХХ
96925 Otto Seeberg Time-correlation function for macroscopic observables in a classical gas 1972ХХ
122671 Ernst M.H. Time-Dependent Correlation Functions for Random Walks on Bond Disordered Cubic Lattices 1987ХХ
121792 Jancovici B., Macris N., Martin Ph.A. Time-Dependent Correlations for a One-Component Plasma in a Uniform Magnetic Field 1987ХХ
119781 Jancovici B., Lebowitz J.L., Martin Ph.A. Time-Dependent Correlations in an Inhomogeneous One-Component Plasma 1985ХХ
160604 Marques M., Ullrich C., Nogueira F. Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory 2010ХХ
152882 Pynn R., Riste T. Time-Dependent Effects in Disordered Materials 1988ХХ
123567 Jensen I., Dickman R. Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory for Nonequilibrium Lattice Models 1993ХХ
99504 R. G. Carbonell, M. D. Kostin Time-dependent probability density of statistical mechanics 1974ХХ
145527 Gawiejnowicz S. Time-Dependent Scheduling (Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series) 2008ХХ
100048 Felderhof B. U. Time-dependent statistics of binary linear lattices 1972ХХ
124149 Glotzer S.C., Poole P.H., Jan N. Time-Dependent Thermodynamic Properties of the Ising Model from Damage Spreading 1992ХХ
97777 Michael Aizenman, Joel Lebowitz, Joaquin Marro Time-displaced correlation functions in an infinite one-dimensional mixture of hard rods with different diameters 1978ХХ

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