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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
27760 Hansmann U., Thompson P., Mettala R.M. SyncML: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data 2002 ХХХ
14358 Finkelstein E., Pirillo C. Syndicating Web Sites With Rss Feeds For Dummies 2005ХХ
6189 Haken H. (ed.) Synergetics 1977ХХ
35549 Fuller R.B. Synergetics Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking 1997ХХ
6191 Haken H. Synergetics: an introduction 1977ХХ
6192 Haken H. Synergetik 1990ХХ
77583 Henrard K., Dunbar R. Synergies minority protection 2009ХХ
19729 Robertson L.C. (ed.), Sagiv N. (ed.) Synesthesia: Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience 2005ХХ
28437 Gregg M. Syngress Force Emerging Threat Analysis 2006ХХ
76717 Gregg M., Baskin B. Syngress Force Emerging Threat Analysis. From Mischief to Malicious 2007ХХ
17071 Snedaker S., Rogers R. Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook 2006ХХ
112783 Prasolov V.V., Sharygin I.F. Synopsis of solid geometry n/aХХ
26605 O'Grady W. Syntactic Carpentry: An Emergentist Approach to Syntax 2005ХХ
148352 Fu K. Syntactic methods in pattern recognition 1974ХХ
159313 Gonzalez R., Thomason M. Syntactic pattern recognition 1978ХХ
144680 Fu K.S. Syntactic Pattern Recognition and Applications 1981ХХ
152521 Fu K. Syntactic pattern recognition and applications 1981ХХ
84925 Kou-Yuan Huang Syntactic Pattern Recognition for Seismic Oil Exploration 2002 ХХХ
145967 Gonzalez R., Thomason M. Syntactic Pattern Recognition: An Introduction (Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol 14) 1978ХХ
9195 Sag A.I., Wasow T. Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction 1999ХХ
114230 Rainey A.F. Syntax and Rhetorical Analysis in the Hashavyahu Ostracon 2000ХХ
197073 Saint-Dizier P. Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions (Text, Speech and Language Technology) 2007ХХ
181157 Slonneger K. Syntax and semantics of programming languages n/aХХ
146706 Cornips L., Corrigan K.P. Syntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social 2004ХХ
170793 Cornips L., Corrigan K. Syntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory) 2005ХХ
144483 Seretan V. Syntax-Based Collocation Extraction 2010ХХ
20495 Staiger L. Synthese und Analyse fraktaler Bilder 1994ХХ
188694 Capoz G. Syntheses of Sulphones, Sulphoxides and Cyclic Sulphides (1995) 1994ХХ
199831 Zhang Q., Zhou Q., Wu S. Synthesis and characterization of a novel monolithic electro-optic molecular glass 2020ХХ
49991 Piispanen P.S. Synthesis and Characterization of Surfactants Based on Natural Products 2002ХХ
186379 Baker D., Fenyes J., Moberg W. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals II 1991ХХ
187884 Baker D., Fenyes J., Steffens J. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals III 1992ХХ
186317 Baker D., Fenyes J., Basarab G. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals IV 1995ХХ
188294 Baker R., Fenyes J., Basarab G. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals V 1998ХХ
188092 Baker D., Fenyes J., Lahm G. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals VI 2002ХХ
183536 Lyga J., Theodoridis G. Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals VII 2007ХХ
7928 Constantinides G.A., Cheung P.Y.K., Luk W. Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms 2004ХХ
130473 Thayse A. Synthesis and Optimization of Programs by Means of P-Functions 1982ХХ
8125 Brandsma L., Verkruijsse H.D. Synthesis of acetylenes, allenes and cumulenes. A laboratory manual 1981ХХ
27191 Deschamps J.- P., Sutter G.D., Bioul G.J. Synthesis of Arithmetic Circuits: FPGA, ASIC and Embedded Systems 2005ХХ
84539 Deschamps J.-P. Synthesis of arithmetic circuits: FPGA, ASIC, and embedded systems 2006ХХ
183799 Wang P., Ichikawa Y. Synthesis of Carbohydrates through Biotechnology 2004ХХ
48259 Engel R., Cohen J.I. Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorous Bonds 2004 ХХХ
187127 Ogliaruso M., Wolfe J. Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids, Esters and Their Derivatives (1991) 1991ХХ
24928 Baher H. Synthesis of electrical networks 1984ХХ
49992 Vardanyan R.S., Hruby V.J. Synthesis of Essential Drugs 2006ХХ
186197 Wolfe J. Synthesis of Heterocycles via Metal-Catalyzed Reactions that Generate One or More Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds 2013ХХ
192294 Orru R., Ruijter E. Synthesis of Heterocycles via Multicomponent Reactions I (Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry) 2010ХХ
48260 Opstal T., Verpoort F. Synthesis of Highly Active Ruthenium Indenylidene Complexes for Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization and Ring-Opening- Metathesis Polymerization 2003ХХ

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