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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123080 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. Surface Properties of Finite Classical Coulomb Systems: Debye-Huckel Approximation and Computer Simulations 1989ХХ
123365 Levesque D., Weis J.J. Surface Properties of the Three-Dimensional One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
121711 Zhdanov V. P., Kasemo B. Surface Restructuring, Kinetic Oscillations, and Chaos in Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions 1999ХХ
120193 Zhdanov V.P., Kasemo B. Surface Restructuring, Thermal Desorption, Kinetic Bistability, and Chemical Waves 1998ХХ
194867 K. Oura, V.G. Lifshits, A.A. Saranin, A.V. Zotov, M. Katayama Surface Science 2003ХХ
122885 Jean Briemont, Koji Kuroda, Joel L. Lebowitz Surface Tension and Phase Coexistence for General Lattice Systems 1983ХХ
121732 Hryniv O., Kotecky R. Surface Tension and the OrnsteinЦZernike Behaviour for the 2D BlumeЦCapel Model 2002ХХ
124635 Mon K.K., David Jasnow D. Surface Tension and Universality in the Three-Dimensional Ising Model 1985ХХ
122696 Forrester P.J. Surface Tension for the Two-Component Plasma at √ = 2 near an Interface 1992ХХ
123707 Meyer-Ortmanns H., Trappenberg T. Surface Tension from Finite-Volume Vacuum Tunneling in the 3D Ising Model 1990ХХ
122857 Alberti G., Bellettini G., Cassandro M. Surface Tension in Ising Systems with Kac Potentials 1996ХХ
187789 Valsamis J., Volder M., Lambert P. Surface Tension in Microsystems: Engineering Below the Capillary Length 2013ХХ
123682 Jancovici B. Surface Tension of a Metal-Electrolyte Boundary: Exactly Solvable Model 2001ХХ
120979 Samaj L. Surface Tension of an Ideal Dielectric-Electrolyte Boundary: Exactly Solvable Model 2001ХХ
42065 Libman E.E. Surface Tension of Molten Metals I. Copper 1927ХХ
51037 Wohlfarth C., Lechner M.D., Martienssen W. (ed.) Surface Tension of Pure Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures 1998ХХ
121871 Bricmont J., Fontaine J.-R., Lebowitz J.L. Surface Tension, Percolation, and Roughening 1982ХХ
124493 Miracle-Sole S. Surface Tension, Step Free Energy, and Facets in the Equilibrium Crystal 1995ХХ
122953 Contucci P., Morita S., Nishimori H. Surface Terms on the Nishimori Line of the Gaussian Edwards-Anderson Model 2006ХХ
161645 Firby P., Gardiner C. Surface topology 1991 ХХХ
151343 Firby P., Gardiner C. Surface Topology (Mathematics and Its Applications (Ellis Horwood Ltd)) 1991 ХХХ
123659 Dobrovolny C., Laanait L., Ruiz J. Surface Transitions of the Semi-Infinite Potts Model II: The Low Bulk Temperature Regime 2004ХХ
121202 Dobrovolny C., Laanait L. Surface Transitions of the Semi-Infinite Potts Model I: The High Bulk Temperature Regime 2003ХХ
125090 Sanjay Puri, Kurt Binder Surface-Directed Spinodal Decomposition in a Thin-Film Geometry: A Computer Simulation 1994ХХ
121651 Yeung C., Mozos J.L. Surface-Driven Instability and Enhanced Relaxation in the Dynamics of a Nonequilibrium Interface 1993ХХ
125419 Borgs C., Kotecky R. Surface-Induced Finite-Size Effects for First-Order Phase Transitions 1994ХХ
5260 Griffiths H. Surfaces 1976ХХ
36122 Giraud J. (ed.) Surfaces Aigebriques 1981ХХ
39373 Wschebor M. Surfaces Aleatoires: Mesure Geometrique Des Ensembles de Niveau 1985ХХ
153548 Giraud J. Surfaces Algebriques 1981 ХХХ
39410 Zieschang H. Surfaces and Planar Discontinuous Groups 1980ХХ
123428 Abraham D.B. Surfaces and Roughening 1984ХХ
36102 Gang X. Surfaces fibrees en courbes de genre deux 1985ХХ
151388 Carter S., Kamada S., Saito M. Surfaces in 4-space 2004ХХ
192931 0 Surfaces in computer aided design 1985ХХ
111397 Frohlich S. Surfaces in Euclidean spaces 2010ХХ
26947 Schwartz J.A., Contescu C.I. Surfaces of nanoparticles and porous materials 1999ХХ
172241 Pocius A. Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications: Adhesion Science and Engineering 2002ХХ
17985 Dillard D.A. (ed.), Pocius A.V. (ed.) Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications: Adhesion Science and Engineering (Vol. 1) 2002ХХ
17986 Chaudhury M. (ed.), Pocius A.V. (ed.) Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications: Adhesion Science and Engineering (Vol. 2) 2002ХХ
48654 Drew Myers Surfaces, Interfaces, and Colloids: Principles and Applications 1999 ХХХ
84583 Myers D. Surfactant science and technology 2005 ХХХ
130558 Myers D. Surfactant Science and Technology 2005 ХХХ
187407 Myers D. Surfactant Science and Technology, Third Edition 2006ХХ
186290 Scamehorn J., Harwell J. Surfactant-Based Separations. Science and Technology 2000ХХ
187710 Sabatini D., Knox R., Harwell J. Surfactant-Enhanced Subsurface Remediation. Emerging Technologies 1995ХХ
49987 Schwuger M.J. (ed.), Haegel F.-H. (ed.) Surfactants and Colloids in the Environment 1994ХХ
53674 Rosen M.J. Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena 2004 ХХХ
84870 Holmberg K., Bo Jönsson, Kronberg B. Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution 2002 ХХХ
85506 Hollis G.L. Surfactants Europe. A directory of surface active agents available in Europe 1995 ХХХ

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