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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
179200 Trauth E., Howcroft D., Butler T. Social Inclusion: Societal and Organizational Implications for Information Systems: IFIP TC8 WG 8.2 International Working Conference, July 12-15, 2006, ... Federation for Information Processing) 2006ХХ
174647 Melzer D., Fryers T., Jenkins R. Social Inequalities and the Distribution of the Common Mental Disorders: A Report to the Department of Health Policy Research Programme (Maudsley Monographs) 2004ХХ
171927 Bolc L., Makowski M., Wierzbicki A. Social Informatics: Second International Conference, SocInfo 2010, Laxenburg, Austria, October 27-29, 2010, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6430) 2010ХХ
155587 Kidd T., Chen I.L. Social Information Technology: Connecting Society and Cultural Issues (Premier Reference Source) 2008ХХ
131913 Dumova T., Fiordo R. Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends 2009ХХ
185402 0 Social Media and Communications Technology: Essential Strategies for Nonprofits and Associations 2013ХХ
137414 Jane Bozarth Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning 2010ХХ
130996 Juhlin O. Social Media on the Road: The Future of Car Based Computing 2010ХХ
55835 Munda G. Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation For A Sustainable Economy 2008 ХХХ
112010 Salehudin I. Social Network Power: Applying Social Capital Concept to Individual Behavior in the Organizational Context 2009ХХ
30088 Mika P. Social Networks and the Semantic Web 2007ХХ
176490 Harmon-Jones E., Winkielman P. Social Neuroscience: Integrating Biological and Psychological Explanations of Social Behavior 2007ХХ
124544 Galam S. Social Paradoxes of Majority Rule Voting and Renormalization Group 1990ХХ
55241 Jaques E. Social Power and the CEO: Leadership and Trust in a Sustainable Free Enterprise System 2002 ХХХ
75603 Krauss R.M., Fussel S.R. Social Psychological Models of Interpersonal Communication 2001ХХ
62021 Bordens K.S., Horowitz I.A. Social Psychology 2008 ХХХ
61132 Lawler E.J. Social Psychology of the Workplace 2006ХХ
165489 Corbetta P. Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques 2003ХХ
58085 Gurpreet S. Dhillon Social Responsibility in the Information Age: Issues and Controversies 2002ХХ
176166 Li H., Cabibihan J., Tan Y. Social Robotics: Second International Conference on Social Robotics, ICSR 2010, Singapore, November 23-24, 2010. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in ... Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 2010ХХ
173712 Santow L., Santow M. Social Security and the Middle-Class Squeeze: Fact and Fiction about America's Entitlement Programs 2005ХХ
149566 Gruber J., Wise D. Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: Fiscal Implications of Reform (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report) 2007ХХ
196507 J. Gruber, D. A. Wise Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: Micro-Estimation (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report) 2004ХХ
173443 Gruber J., Wise D. Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report) 2010ХХ
58080 Borgman C. Social Security, Demographics, and Risk 2005ХХ
58082 Joseph L. Matthews, Dorothy Matthews Berman Social Securuty, Medicare & Government Pensions 2008 ХХХ
145999 Edmonds B., Edmonds B., Hernandez C. Social Simulation: Technologies, Advances and New Discoveries 2007 ХХХ
180149 Edmonds B., Hernandez C., Troitzsch K. Social Simulation: Technologies, Advances and New Discoveries (Premier Reference) 2008ХХ
192198 Painter K. Social Skills Groups for Children And Adolescents With Asperger's Syndrome: A Step-by-step Program (Jkp Resource Materials) 2008ХХ
143717 Deans P. Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends (Premier Reference Source) 2009ХХ
12663 Komter A.E. Social Solidarity and the Gift 2004ХХ
158346 Mingers J., Willcocks L. Social Theory and Philosophy for Information Systems (John Wiley Series in Information Systems) 2004ХХ
195666 M.D. Lytras, P. O. de Pablos Social Web Evolution: Integrating Semantic Applications and Web 2.0 Technologies (Advances in Semantic Web and Information Systems) 2009 ХХХ
26687 Bywaters P., McLeod E. Social Work, Health, and Equality: The State of Welfare 2000ХХ
28420 Brennan L.L., Johnson V.E. Social, Ethical and Policy Implications of Information Technology 2004ХХ
144895 Cruz-Cunha M.M. Social, Managerial, and Organizational Dimensions of Enterprise Information Systems 2009ХХ
58089 Roy W.G. Socializing Capital: The Rise of the Large Industrial Corporation in America 1997ХХ
144506 Schmitt F.F. Socializing Metaphysics: The Nature of Social Reality 2003ХХ
8913 Dautehnahn K., Bond A.H., Canamero L. Socially intelligent agents. Creating relationships with computers and robots 2002ХХ
58088 Russell Sparkes Socially Responsible Investment: A Global Revolution 2002ХХ
166296 Smith G.L. Society for General Microbiology. Symposium 60th. New challenges to health: the threat of virus infection 2004ХХ
98941 Society of Actuaries 1997ХХ
101378 Society of Actuaries 1995ХХ
101404 Society of Actuaries (Volume 21 є2) 1995ХХ
101408 Society of Actuaries (Volume 21 є3A) 1996ХХ
101406 Society of Actuaries (Volume 21 є3B) 1996ХХ
105511 Society of actuaries 1996 yarbook 1996ХХ
169936 White S., Kidner D., Higgs G. Socio-economic Applications of Geographic Information Science 2002ХХ
160218 Coakes E., Hunter M., Wenn A. Socio-Technical and Human Cognition Elements of Information Systems 2002ХХ
141338 Herbst P. Socio-technical Design: Strategies in Multidisciplinary Research 1974ХХ

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