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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
37735 Pfeffer J.I. Modern Physics: An Introductory Text 2001ХХ
37799 јнтонов ».Ћ., Ѕолотин —.¬., ¬ильке ¬.√. «адачи по классической механике 2001ХХ
37996 Boccardo L., Pellacci B. Bounded positive critical points of some multiple integrals of the calculus of variations 2001ХХ
38022 Badiale M., D'Aprile T. Concentration around a sphere for a singularly perturbed Schrodinger equation 2001ХХ
38198 Ore O., Wilson R.J. Graphs and Their Uses 2001ХХ
38254 Biasco L., Chierchia L. Nekhoroshev stability for the DAlembert problem of celestial mechanics 2001ХХ
38326 —овременные исследовани€ в математике и механике, II 2001ХХ
38328 √еоргиевский ƒ.¬. (ред.), якивчик ј.Ќ. (ред.) —овременные исследовани€ в математике и механике, I 2001ХХ
38340 √еоргиевский ƒ.¬. (ред.), якивчик ј.Ќ. (ред.) јналитические и численные методы в математике и механике, I 2001ХХ
38341 √еоргиевский ƒ.¬. (ред.), якивчик ј.Ќ. (ред.) јналитические и численные методы в математике и механике, II 2001ХХ
38357 Ferrero A., Gazzola F. On subcriticality assumptions for the existence of ground states of quasilinear elliptic equations 2001ХХ
38384 Grossi M., Molle R. On the shape of the solutions of some semilinear elliptic problems 2001ХХ
38387 Biasco L., Chierchia L. On the stability of properly-degenerate hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom 2001ХХ
38565 Badiale M., Benci V., Rolando S. Solitary waves physical aspects and mathematical results 2001ХХ
38577 Gazzola F., Malchiodi A. Some remarks on the equation -D u=l(1+u)sp p for varying l, p and varying domains 2001ХХ
38686 Atkinson K.E., Han W. Theoretical Numerical Analysis 2001ХХ
38801 Coles P. Einstein and the Birth of Big Science 2001ХХ
38977 Carcione J.M. Wave Fields in Real Media: Wave Propagation in Anisotropic, Anelastic and Porous Media 2001ХХ
38997 Manuel O. Origin of Elements in the Solar System: Implications of Post-1957 Observations 2001ХХ
39212 Hillebrands B. (Ed), Ounadjela K. Spin Dynamics in Confined Magnetic Structures I (Topics in Applied Physics Series #83) 2001ХХ
39219 Lin Y., Shih W.J. Statistical inference and model selection for the 1861 Hagelloch measles epidemic 2001ХХ
39242 Lipsitz S. When we use science to describe and understand the world around us, we are in essence grasping nature through symmetry. In fact, modern theoretical physics suggests that symmetry is a, if not the, foundational principle of nature. Emphasizing the concepts 2001ХХ
39269 Scharfstein D.O. The optimal ratio of cases to controls for estimating the classification accuracy of a biomarker 2001ХХ
39274 Brookmeyer R. The spherical deformation model 2001ХХ
39302 Vermeer P., Diebels S., Ehlers W. Continuous and Discontinuous Modelling of Cohesive-Frictional Materials 2001ХХ
39411 Ziman J.M. Electrons and Phonons: The Theory of Transport Phenomena in Solids 2001ХХ
39432 Kennedy M., Kopp S. Understanding Map Projections 2001ХХ
39442 ћаксимова Ћ.Ћ. –азрешимость проективного свойства бета в мнообрази€х гейтинговых алгебр 2001ХХ
39444 ѕожидаев ј.ѕ. n-арные алгебры ћальцева 2001ХХ
39467 —учков Ќ.ћ. ќ конечности некоторых точно дважды дифференцированных групп 2001ХХ
39476 Piggott H. Windpower Workshop 2001ХХ
39547 Darling D. Life Everywhere: The New Science of Astrobiology 2001ХХ
39555 Whitehead J., Zhou Y., Patterson S. Easy-to-implement Bayesian methods for dose-escalation studies in healthy volunteers 2001ХХ
39560 Shoukri M.M., Donner A. Efficiency considerations in the analysis of inter-observer agreement 2001ХХ
39577 Kerr M.K., Churchill G.A. Experimental design for gene expression microarrays 2001ХХ
39593 Fernandez-Armesto F. Civilizations: Culture, Ambition, and the Transformation of Nature 2001ХХ
39609 van der Laan M., Bryen J. Gene expression analysis with the parametric bootstrap 2001ХХ
39653 Ding A.A., Wu H. Assessing antiviral potency of anti-HIV therapies in vivo by comparing viral decay rates in viral dynamic models 2001ХХ
39662 Young D., Ma J. Automated identification of Fos expression 2001ХХ
39664 Hay J.L., Pettitt A.N. Bayesian analysis of a time series of counts with covariates an application to the control of an infectious disease 2001ХХ
39666 Lee M.-L.T. Bayesian analysis of case control polygenic etiology studies with missing data 2001ХХ
39668 Brown P.J., Kenward M.J., Basset M.E. Bayesian discrimination with longitudinal data 2001ХХ
39677 Caviedes C.N. El Nino in History: Storming Through the Ages 2001ХХ
39694 Pepe M.S., Alonzo T.A. Comparing disease screening tests when true disease status is ascertained only for screen positives 2001ХХ
39698 Langholz B., Goldstein L. Conditional logistic analysis of case-control studies with complex sampling 2001ХХ
39704 Harrison D.M. The Standard Hot Big Bang Model of the Universe 2001ХХ
39712 Casella G. Empirical Bayes Gibbs sampling 2001ХХ
39756 Copas A.J., Farewell V.T. Incorporating retrospective data into an analysis of time to illness 2001ХХ
39758 O'Neill P.D., Becker N.G. Inference for an epidemic when susceptibility varies 2001ХХ
39764 Chetwynd A.G., Diggle P., Marshall A. Investigation of spatial clustering from individually matched case-control studies 2001ХХ

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