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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
174309 0 National Cancer Control Programmes. Policies and managerial guidelines 2002 ХХХ
134781 Wulf W. National Collaboratories: Applying Information Technology for Scientific Research 1993ХХ
151696 Eifert M. National Electronic Government: Comparing Governance Structures in Multi-Layer Administrations 2004ХХ
12903 National Geographic (April 2006) 2006ХХ
10630 National Geographic (August 2004) 2004ХХ
14173 National Geographic (August 2006) 2006ХХ
10716 National Geographic (December 2004) 2004ХХ
12901 National Geographic (February 2006) 2006ХХ
10717 National Geographic (January 2005) 2005ХХ
12900 National Geographic (January 2006) 2006ХХ
10629 National Geographic (July 2004) 2004ХХ
14174 National Geographic (July 2006) 2006ХХ
10628 National Geographic (June 2004) 2004ХХ
10718 National Geographic (June 2005) 2005ХХ
30833 National Geographic (June 2006) 2006ХХ
12902 National Geographic (March 2006) 2006ХХ
12904 National Geographic (May 2006) 2005ХХ
10633 National Geographic (November 2004) 2004ХХ
11079 National Geographic (November 2005) 2005ХХ
10632 National Geographic (October 2004) 2004ХХ
10719 National Geographic (October 2005) 2005ХХ
10631 National Geographic (September 2004) 2004ХХ
196906 Spielvogel J.J. National Geographic. Biology 2008ХХ
173567 Giacomello G. National Governments and Control of the Internet: A Digital Challenge (Routledge Research in Information Technology and Society) 2005ХХ
195537 S.O'sullivan, R. Siegelman National Physical Therapy Examination Review and Study Guide (2008 NPTE) 2008ХХ
39820 Johnson T.A. National Security Issues in Science, Law, and Technology: Confronting Weapons of Terrorism 2007ХХ
159499 Chen H., Santanam R., Ramesh R. National Security, Volume 2 (Handbooks in Information Systems) (Handbooks in Information Systems) (Handbooks in Information Systems) 2007ХХ
57697 Schmoch U., Rammer C., Legler H. National Systems of Innovation in Comparison: Structure and Performance Indicators for Knowledge Societies 2006ХХ
178685 Peters S. National Systems of Innovation: Creating High Technology Industries 2006ХХ
199080 Smith A.D. Nationalism and modernism: a critical survey of recent theories of nations and nationalism 1998 ХХХ
74146 Mr Philip Spencer, Mr Howard Wollman Nationalism: a critical introduction 2002ХХ
132620 Eric J. Hobsbawm Nations and Nationalism since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality 1992 ХХХ
166691 Barth G. Native American Beadwork: Traditional Beading Techniques for the Modern-Day Beadworker 1993ХХ
77685 McCool D., Olson S.M., Robinson J.L. Native Vote: American Indians, the Voting Rights Act, and the Right to Vote 2007ХХ
80198 Thomas N. NATO Armies Today 1987ХХ
58036 Suthersan S.S. Natural and Enhanced Remediation Systems: A Guide to Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring 2002ХХ
199423 Fatibene L., Francaviglia M. Natural and Gauge Natural Formalism for Classical Field Theorie: A Geometric Perspective including Spinors and Gauge Theories 2003ХХ
40693 Lipka J. Natural and Isogonal Families of Curves on a Surface 1916ХХ
188046 Tu A., Gaffield W. Natural and Selected Synthetic Toxins. Biological Implications 2000ХХ
51793 Bledzki A.K.K., Sperber V.E., Faruk O. Natural and Wood Fibre Reinforcement in Polymers 2002ХХ
193677 Roller S. Natural Antimicrobials for the Minimal Processing of Foods 2003ХХ
121069 Berretti A., Celletti A., Chierchia L. Natural Boundaries for Area-Preserving Twist Maps 1992ХХ
64464 Hawken P., Lovins A.B., Lovins L.H. Natural Capitalism. The Next Industrial Revolution 2000ХХ
159202 Edison M. Natural Cement (ASTM special technical publication, 1494) 2008ХХ
178122 Brabazon A., OТNeill M., . Natural Computing in Computational Finance. Volume 100 2008ХХ
74386 Suzuki Y. Natural computing: 2nd International Workshop on Natural Computing, Nagoya, Japan, December 2007, proceedings 2008ХХ
179209 Peper F., Umeo H., Matsui N. Natural Computing: 4th International Workshop on Natural Computing, Himeji, Japan, September 2009, Proceedings 2010ХХ
32956 Prawitz D. Natural Deduction: A Proof-Theoretical Study 2006ХХ
142874 Clark D.M., Davey B.A. Natural dualities for the working algebraist 1998ХХ
180330 Hajek A. Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control 2004ХХ

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