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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
185351 Koszul J. Lectures on fibre bundles and differential geometry 1960ХХ
117021 Koszul J.L. Lectures on Fibre Bundles and Differential Geometry 1960ХХ
119389 Kotecky R., Pfister C.-E. Equilibrium Shapes of Crystals Attached to Walls 1994ХХ
121607 Kotecky R. Droplet Dynamics for Asymmetric lsing Model 1993ХХ
124955 Kotecky R., Laanait L., Messager A. The q-State Potts Model in the Standard Pirogov-Sinai Theory: Surface Tensions and Wilson Loops 1990ХХ
122919 Kotecky R., Olivieri E. Shapes of Growing Droplets A Model of Escape from a Metastable Phase 1994ХХ
123512 Kotecky R., Medved I. Finite-Size Scaling for the 2D Ising Model with Minus Boundary Conditions 2001ХХ
33576 Kotelenez P. Stochastic Ordinary and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Transition from Microscopic to Macroscopic Equations 2007ХХ
18496 Kotelly B. The Art and Business of Speech Recognition: Creating the Noble Voice 2003ХХ
145499 Kotenko I., Skormin V. Computer Network Security: 5th International Conference, on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS ... Networks and Telecommunications) 2010ХХ
161664 Kotenko I., Skormin V. Computer Network Security: 5th International Conference, on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS 2010, ... Networks and Telecommunications) 2010ХХ
178791 Kothari C. Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques 2004 ХХХ
144682 Kothari C.R. Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques 1985ХХ
20698 Kothari N., Datye V. Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server Controls and Components 2002ХХ
11084 Kotkin S. Armageddon averted 2001ХХ
141233 Kotlarsky J., Oshri I., Van Fenema P. Knowledge Processes in Globally Distributed Contexts 2008ХХ
22156 Kotler P. Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concerns Every Manager Needs to Know 2003ХХ
22157 Kotler P. Marketing Management: Millennium Edition 2000 ХХХ
11074 Kotlikoff L.J., Burns S. The Coming Generational Storm 2004ХХ
55632 Kotlowski D.J. (ed.) The European Union: From Jean Monnet to the Euro 2000ХХ
41301 Kotlyakov V., Komarova A. Elsevier's Dictionary of Geography: in English, Russian, French, Spanish and German 2006ХХ
23242 Kotok A., Webber D.R.R. ebXML: The New Global Standard for Doing Business Over the Internet 2001ХХ
18739 Kotomin E. Modern Aspects Of Diffusion-Controlled Reactions Cooperative Phenomena In Bimolecular Processes 1996ХХ
25556 Kotov N.A. (ed), Alf M. Nanoparticle Assemblies and Superstructures 2005ХХ
120514 Kotrla M., Levi A. C. Kinetic Six-Vertex Model as Model of bcc Crystal Growth 1990ХХ
54534 Kotschevar K.H., Withrow D. Management by Menu 2008 ХХХ
38815 Kotschick D. Chern numbers and diffeomorphism types of projective varieties 2008ХХ
165749 Kotsevich M. Intersection Ttheory on the Moduli Space of Curves and the Matrix Airy Function 1991ХХ
164132 Kotsireas I., Zima E. Advances in combinatorial mathematics: Proceedings of the Waterloo workshop in computer algebra 2008 2009ХХ
174038 Kotsireas I., Zima E. Computer Algebra 2006. Latest advances in symbolic algorithms. Proc. Waterloo Workshop 2007ХХ
79142 Kotsireas I., Zima E. Computer Algebra 2006: Latest Advances in Symbolic Algorithms: Proceedings of the Waterloo Workshop in Computer Algebra 2006, Ontario, Canada, 10-12 April 2006 2007ХХ
152326 Kotsis G., Spaniol O. Wireless Systems and Mobility in Next Generation Internet: First International Workshop of the EURO-NGI Network of Excellence, Dagstuhl Castle, 2005ХХ
158262 Kott A. Information Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making 2006ХХ
128026 Kott A. Information Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making 2006ХХ
29256 Kott A., McEneaney W. (ed.) Adversarial Reasoning: Computational Approaches to Reading the Opponents Mind 2006ХХ
164563 Kott L. Automata, Languages and Programming, 13 conf 1986ХХ
124895 Kottalam J., Lindenberg K., West B.J. Statistical Replacement for Systems with Delta-Correlated Fluctuations 1986ХХ
121545 Kottalam J., West B., Lindenberg K. Extension of Statistical Replacement to Systems with Time-Correlated Fluctuations 1987ХХ
121544 Kottalam J., West B. Analogy Between the Lorenz Strange Attractor and a Bistable Stochastic Oscillator 1987ХХ
157221 Kottelat M., Whitten T. Freshwater Biodiversity in Asia: With Special Reference to Fish (World Bank Technical Paper) 1996ХХ
57598 Kotter J.P. Leading Change 1996 ХХХ
124141 Kotulski M. Asymptotic Distributions of Continuous-Time Random Walks: A Probabilistic Approach 1995ХХ
123801 Kotulski Z., Sobczyk K. Linear Systems and Normality 1981ХХ
17025 Kotyk A. (ed.) Quantities, Symbols, Units and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences: A Guide for Authors and Editors 1999ХХ
134702 Kotz D. (ed.), Mattern F. (ed.) Agent Systems, Mobile Agents, and Applications 2000ХХ
148971 Kotz S. Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Preference Mapping to Recovery of Interblock Information (Volume 10) 2005ХХ
60016 Kotz S., Johnson N.L. Breakthroughs in Statistics: Volume 1: Foundations and Basic Theory 1992ХХ
60018 Kotz S., Johnson N.L. Breakthroughs in Statistics: Volume 2: Methodology and Distribution 1992ХХ
60019 Kotz S. Breakthroughs in Statistics (volume 3) 1997ХХ
186586 Kotzé P., Marsden G., Lindgaard G. Human-Computer Interaction Ц INTERACT 2013: 14th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2-6, 2013, Proceedings, Part III 2013ХХ

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