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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124287 Garcia A.L., Wagner W. The Limiting Kinetic Equation of the Consistent Boltzmann Algorithm for Dense Gases 2000ХХ
124286 Fujii D.H., Barrachina R.O. Iterative Solution of the Boltzmann Equation 1986ХХ
124285 Lavaud M. Estimates of General Mayer Graphs. IV. On the Computation of Gaussian Integrals by the Star-Mesh Transformation 1982ХХ
124284 Gallavotti G., Lebowitz J.L., Mastropietro V. Large Deviations in Rarefied Quantum Gases 2002ХХ
124283 Kastner M., Promberger M. Comment on ССA Comparison Between Broad Histogram and Multicanonical MethodsТТ 2001ХХ
124282 Fioriani E., Grigolini P. A Dynamical Approach to Anomalous Conductivity 1996ХХ
124281 Statistical Mechanics on the 45th Parallel II 1989ХХ
124280 Bhattacharjee S.M., Nagle J.F., Huse D.A. Critical Behavior of a Three-Dimensional Dimer Model 1983ХХ
124279 Prakash C. High-Temperature Differentiability of Lattice Gibbs States by Dobrushin Uniqueness Techniques 1983ХХ
124278 Bunde A. Fractals and Disordered Systems 1993ХХ
124277 Baus M. Statistical Mechanical Theories of Freezing: An Overview 1987ХХ
124276 Landauer R. Response to "The Buttiker-Landauer Model Generalized" 1990ХХ
124275 Kierlik E., Rosinberg M.L. The Classical Fluid of Associating Hard Rods in an External Field 1992ХХ
124274 Snider R.F. A Density-Corrected Quantum Boltzmann Equation 1990ХХ
124273 Jaffe M. Applications of Liquid Crystal Polymers 1991ХХ
124272 Nieuwenhuizen Th.M. Singular Behavior of the Density of States and the Lyapunov Coefficient in Binary Random Harmonic Chains 1985ХХ
124271 Eyink G.L. Most Probable Histories for Nonlinear Dynamics: Tracking Climate Transitions 2000ХХ
124270 Duarte J.A.M.S. Relaxation Monte Carlo for 3D Branched Polymers: The Leading Confluence Exponent 1989ХХ
124269 Schaertl W. Brownian Dynamics of Colloidal Hard Spheres. 3. Extended Investigations at the Phase Transition Regime 1995ХХ
124268 Privman V., Fisher M. Finite-Size Effects at First-Order Transitions 1983ХХ
124267 Borgis D., Gaveau B., Morean M. A Class of Collision Processes with Memory and Application to Simple Chemical Reactions in a Solvent 1986ХХ
124266 Bao J., Zhuo Y. Accurate Monte Carlo Tests of the Stochastic Ginzburg-Landau Model with Multiplicative Colored Noise 1992ХХ
124265 Stoyan D., Schlather M. Random Sequential Adsorption: Relationship to Dead Leaves and Characterization of Variability 2000ХХ
124264 Buffet E., Pule J.V. A Hard Core Bose Gas 1985ХХ
124263 Seppalainen T. Hydrodynamic Profiles for the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process with a Slow Bond 2001ХХ
124262 Caracciolo S., Causo M.S., Ferraro G. Bilocal Dynamics for Self-Avoiding Walks 2000ХХ
124261 Kozak J., Hatlee M. Stochastic Flows, Reaction-Diffusion Processes, and Morphogenesis 1983ХХ
124260 Felderhof B.U. Transmission and Reflection of Waves in a One-Dimensional Disordered Array 1986ХХ
124259 Reich H., Schmidt M. Replica Density Functional Study of One-Dimensional Hard Core Fluids in Porous Media 2004ХХ
124258 Shigematsu H., Mori H., Yoshida T. Analytic Study of Power Spectra of the Tent Maps near Band-Splitting Transitions 1983ХХ
124257 Aslangul C. Diffusion on a Random Comb: Distribution Function of the Survival Probability 1995ХХ
124256 Schlijper A.G., Smit B. Two-Sided Bounds on the Free Energy from Local States in Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
124255 Schulman L.S. Special States in the Spin-Boson Model 1994ХХ
124254 Pruisken A.M.M. At the Dawn of a Unifying Theory 2001ХХ
124253 Samaj L. Exact Solution of a Charge-Asymmetric Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 2003ХХ
124252 Tribel O., Boon P. Lattice Gas with "Interaction Potential" 1995ХХ
124251 Nemirovsky A.M., Coutinho-Filho M.D. From Dilute to Dense Self-Avoiding Walks on Hypercubic Lattices 1988ХХ
124250 Duering E., Blumenfeld R. Current Distributions in a Two-Dimensional Random-Resistor Network 1992ХХ
124249 Wehr J. On the Number of Infinite Geodesics and Ground States in Disordered Systems 1997ХХ
124248 McCoy B., Orrick W. Analyticity and lntegrability in the Chiral Potts Model 1996ХХ
124247 Cipriani P., Politi A. An Open-System Approach for the Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Chaos 2004ХХ
124246 Malek Mansour M. Correlation Functions for Simple Fluids in a Finite System under Nonequilibrium Constraints 1987ХХ
124245 Belitsky V., Krug J., Neves E.J. A Cellular Automaton Model for Two-Lane Traffic 2001ХХ
124244 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Lasing and Bistable Optical Systems 1980ХХ
124243 Kawasaki K., Tombesi P. Domain Growth of First-Order Phase Transitions: An Exactly Solvable Model 1985ХХ
124242 Bazhenov M., Rabinovich M. Time-Periodic Spatial Chaos in the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation 1996ХХ
124241 Barrachina R.O. Wild's Solution of the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation 1988ХХ
124240 Shukla P. Theory of the Dynamics of the Hopfield Model of Associative Memory 1993ХХ
124239 Debnath G., Frank Moss, Marchesoni F. Holes in the Probability Density of Strongly Colored Noise Driven Systems 1988ХХ
124238 Lewis J.T., Pfister C.-E. The Equivalence of Ensembles for Lattice Systems: Some Examples and a Counterexample 1994ХХ

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