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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124804 Brush S. The Kind of Motion We Call Heat, and Fluctuation Phenomena 1987ХХ
124803 Book Review: Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and its Statistical Foundation 1982ХХ
124802 Polewczak J. Global Existence in L^1 for the Generalized Enskog Equation 1990ХХ
124801 Zheming Cheng, Robert Savit Structure Factor of Substitutional Sequences 1990ХХ
124800 Deviilard P., Spohn H. Universality Class of Interface Growth with Reflection Symmetry 1992ХХ
124799 Lubeck S. Tricritical Directed Percolation 2006ХХ
124798 Dickman R., Schieve W.C. Proof of the Existence of the Cluster Free Energy 1984ХХ
124797 Chen D. The Consensus Times of the Majority Vote Process on a Torus 1997ХХ
124796 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
124795 De Masi A., Ferrari P. A., Goldstein S. An Invariance Principle for Reversible Markov Processes. Applications to Random Motions in Random Environments 1988ХХ
124794 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
124793 Given J.A. A New Model of Percolation Clusters 1984ХХ
124792 Bunimovich L. Hyperbolicity and Astigmatism 2000ХХ
124791 Avron J. E., Zograf P. G. Geometric Forces on Point Fluxes in Quantum Hall Fluid 1998ХХ
124790 Schonmann R., Shlosman S. Constrained Variational Problem with Applications to the Ising Model 1996ХХ
124789 Servet Martinez The PMC Processes Associated to the (1/2, 1/2)-Bernoulli Shift Are Also Bernoulli 1986ХХ
124788 Bonato C. A., Fernando Perez J. Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition for the Finite-Temperature d = 2 + 1, U(1) Hamiltonian Lattice Gauge Theory 1988ХХ
124787 Shnidman Y., Zia R.K.P. A Lattice-Gas Hamiltonian for Micellar Binary Solutions 1988ХХ
124786 Rieger H., Schreckenberg M. Decay of the Remanent Magnetization in the Asymmetric Spin Chain 1991ХХ
124785 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2002ХХ
124784 Greiner A., Strittmatter W. Numerical Integration of Stochastic Differential Equations 1988ХХ
124783 Sergio Caracciolo, Ueli Glaus A New Monte Carlo Simulation for Two Models of Self-Avoiding Lattice Trees in Two Dimensions 1985ХХ
124782 Gitterman M., Havlin S., Weiss G.H. Effects of an Oscillating Field on a Diffusion Process in the Presence of a Trap 1991ХХ
124781 Kupiainen A. Triviality of ф^4_4 and All That in a Hierarchical Model Approximation 1982ХХ
124780 Avram Hayli Numerical Exploration of a Family of Strictly Convex Billiards With Boundary of Class C 2 1995ХХ
124779 Hans-Otto Georgii, Valentin Zagrebnov On the Interplay of Magnetic and Molecular Forces in Curie-Weiss Ferrofluid Models 1998ХХ
124778 Fujimoto M. Hard-Hexagon Model: Anisotropy of Correlation Length and Interfaeial Tension 1990ХХ
124777 Futur e Contribution s t o Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
124776 Sutherland B., Shastry B.S. Exact Solution of a Large Class of Interacting Quantum Systems Exhibiting Ground State Singularities 1983ХХ
124775 Dmitry Lobaskin, Stefan Kehrein Violation of the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem and Heating Effects in the Time-Dependent Kondo Model 2005ХХ
124774 Chebotarev L.V. Localization Effects and Dispersion of the Dielectric Response Function in One-Dimensional Metals 1985ХХ
124773 Thomas Hupfer, Hajo Leschke, Simone Warzel Poissonian Obstacles with Gaussian Walls Discriminate Between Classical and Quantum Lifshits Tailing in Magnetic Fields 1999ХХ
124772 Ray T.S., Klein W. Crossover and the Breakdown of Hyperscaling in Long-Range Bond Percolation 1988ХХ
124771 Fernando Verieat, Lesser Blum Many-Body Functions of Nonprimitive Electrolytes in One Dimension 1990ХХ
124770 Ueyama H. The Stochastic Boltzmann Equation and Hydrodynamic Fluctuations 1980ХХ
124769 Bershadskii A. Topological and Fractal Properties of Turbulent Passive Scalar Fluctuations at Small Scales 1994ХХ
124768 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2005ХХ
124767 Lendi K. Measure of Irreversibility and Entropy Production in Open Quantum Systems 1987ХХ
124766 Ebeling W. Pattern Dynamics and Optimization by Reaction Diffusion Systems 1986ХХ
124765 Bertacchi D., Zucca F. Equidistribution of Random Walks on Spheres 1999ХХ
124764 Tejero C. F. Zero-Frequency Elastic Moduli of Uniform Fluids 1989ХХ
124763 Felderhof B.U., Cichocki B. Generalization of the Foidy-Lax Formula for the Self-Energy of a Wave Propagating in a Disordered System of Scatterers 1989ХХ
124762 Christopher Essex, Dallas C. Kennedy Minimum Entropy Production of Neutrino Radiation in the Steady State 1998ХХ
124761 Chayes L., Lei H.K. Random Cluster Models on the Triangular Lattice 2006ХХ
124760 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1995ХХ
124759 Nicholas Provatas, Michael C. Mackey Noise-Induced Asymptotic Periodicity in a Piecewise Linear Map 1991ХХ
124758 Luczka J., Rudnicki R. Randomly Flashing Diffusion: Asymptotic Properties 1996ХХ
124757 Bolle D., Jongen G., Shim G.M. Parallel Dynamics of Fully Connected Q-Ising Neural Networks 1998ХХ
124756 Engiman R. Intermittency from Maximum Entropy Distribution 1992ХХ
124755 Risken H., Voigtlaender K. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunetions of the Fokker-Planek Equation for the Extremely Underdamped Brownian Motion in a Double-Well Potential 1985ХХ

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