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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40717 Green G.M. On Certain Projective Generalizations of Metric Theorems, and the Curves of Darboux and Segre 1918ХХ
40718 North G. Observing the Moon: The Modern Astronomer's Guide 2000ХХ
40719 Emch A. On closed curves described by a spherical pendulum 1918ХХ
40720 Barnett S.J. On Electromagnetic Induction and Relative Motion II 1918ХХ
40721 Lehmer D.N. On Jacobis Extension of the Continued Fraction Algorithm 1918ХХ
40722 Vandiver H.S. On Kummers Memoir of 1857 Concerning Fermats Last Theorem 1920ХХ
40723 Uhler H.S. On Moseleys Law for X-Ray Spectra 1916ХХ
40724 Fine H.B. On Newtons Method of Approximation 1916ХХ
40725 Perrine C.D. On Some Relations Between the Proper Motions, Radial Velocities, and Magnitudes of Stars of Classes B and A 1915ХХ
40726 Loeb L.B. On The Mobilities of Gas Ions in High Electric Fields 1916ХХ
40727 Emch A. On a Certain Class of Rational Ruled Surfaces 1919ХХ
40728 Webster A.G. On a Condition for Helmholtzs Equation Similar to Lames 1902ХХ
40729 Bateman H. On a Differential Equation Occurring in Pages Theory of Electromagnetism 1920ХХ
40730 Pearl R. On a Single Numerical Index of the Age Distribution of a Population 1920ХХ
40731 Porter M.B. On a Theorem of Lucas 1916ХХ
40732 Rouiller Ch.A. On Some Metallic Derivatives of Ethyl Thiooglycollate 1919ХХ
40733 Russell H.N. On the Albedo of the Planets and Their Satellites 1916ХХ
40734 Webster A.G. On the Angle of Repose of Wet Sand 1919ХХ
40735 Michelson A.A. On the Application of Interference Methods to Astronomical Measurements 1920ХХ
40736 Vandiver H.S. On the Class Number of the Field and the Second Case of Fermats Last Theorem 1920ХХ
40737 Webster A.G. On the Connection of the Specific Heats with the Equation of State of a Gas 1920ХХ
40738 Michelson A.A. On the Correction of Optical Surfaces 1918ХХ
40739 Veblen O. On the Deformation of an N-Cell 1917ХХ
40740 Gronwall T.H. On the Distortion in Conformal Mapping When the Second Coefficient in the Mapping Function Has an Assigned Value 1920ХХ
40741 Perrine C.D. On the Distribution of the Aphelia of the Secondary Bodies of the Solar System 1919ХХ
40742 Barus C. On the Equations of the Rectangular Interferometer 1917ХХ
40743 Larmor J. On the Essence of Physical Relativity 1918ХХ
40744 Moore R.L. On the Foundations of Plane Analysis Situs 1916ХХ
40745 Green G.M. On the General Theory of Curved Surfaces and Rectilinear Congruences 1917ХХ
40746 Miller G.A. On the Holomorphisms of a Group 1918ХХ
40747 Duane W., Stenstrom W. On the K Series of X-Rays 1920ХХ
40748 Green G.M. On the Linear Dependence of Functions of Several Variables, and Certain Completely Integrable Systems of Partial Differential Equations 1916ХХ
40749 Moore R.L. On the Most General Class L of Frechet in which the Heine-Borel-Lebesgue Theorem Holds True 1919ХХ
40750 Loeb L.B. On the Nature of the Heat Production in a System of Platinum Black, Alcohol and Air 1920ХХ
40751 Loeb L.B. On the Nature of the Negative Carriers Produced in Pure Hydrogen and Nitrogen by Photo-Electrons 1920ХХ
40752 Campbell W.W., Moore J.H. On the Observed Rotations of a Planetary Nebula 1916ХХ
40753 Webster A.G. On the Possible Form of the Equation of State of Powder Gases 1919ХХ
40754 Barus C. On the Pressure Variation of Specific Heat of Liquids 1919ХХ
40755 Pearl R., Reed.L.J. On the Rate of Growth of the Population of the United States since 1790 and Its Mathematical Representation 1920ХХ
40756 Lefschetz S. On the Real Folds of Abelian Varieties 1919ХХ
40757 Duane W., Patterson R.A. On the Relative Positions and Intensities of Lines in X-ray Spectra 1920ХХ
40758 Hardy G.H. On the Representation of a Number as the Sum of any Number of Squares, and in Particular of five or seven 1918ХХ
40759 Shapley H., Nicholson S.B. On the Spectral Lines of a Pulsating Star 1919ХХ
40760 Webster A.G. On the Springfield Rifle and the Leduc Formula 1920ХХ
40761 Zeldin S.D. On the Structure of Finite Continuous Groups with Exceptional Transformations 1920ХХ
40762 John Ch.E. On the Suggested Mutual Repulsion of Fraunhofer Lines 1916ХХ
40763 Gronwall T.H. On the Twist in Conformed Mapping 1919ХХ
40764 Adams W.S., Stromberg G. On the Use of the Spectroscopic Method for Determining the Parallaxes of the Brighter Stars 1919ХХ
40765 Duane W., Shimizu T. On the X-Ray Absorption Wave-Lengths of Lead Isotopes 1919ХХ
40766 Ordway Automorphic representations and Galois representations n/aХХ

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