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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40208 Moore R.L. A Character of Jordan Regions by Properties Having no Reference to Their Boundaries 1918ХХ
40209 Miller B.I. A New Canonical Form of the Elliptic Integral n/aХХ
40210 Bridgman P.W. A Comparison of Certain Electrical Properties of Ordinary and Uranium Lead 1919ХХ
40211 A New Instrument for Measuring Pressures in a Gun n/aХХ
40212 Bliss G.A. A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Existence of a Stieltjes Integral 1917ХХ
40213 Seares F.H. A Notation for use in the Discussion of Star Colors n/aХХ
40214 Wilson E.B. A General Theory of Surfaces 1916ХХ
40215 Miner J.R. A Note on the Fitting of Parabolas n/aХХ
40216 Strömberg G. A Determination of the Solar Motion and the Stream Motion Based on Radial Velocities and Absolute Magnitudes 1917ХХ
40217 Hall E.H. A Possible Function of the Ions in the Electric Conductivity of Metals n/aХХ
40218 Bull C.G. A Mechanism of Protection Against Bacterial Infection 1915ХХ
40219 Chen J., Zhang D. A Monte Carlo EM algorithm for generalized linear mixed models with flexible random effects distribution 2002ХХ
40220 Keys F.C. A New Equation of Continuity 1917ХХ
40221 Utley C. Visual Basic to Vb.Net 2001ХХ
40222 McAdie A. A New Thermometer Scale 1916ХХ
40223 Coble A.B. A Proof of Whites Porism 1916ХХ
40224 Baxter G.P., Hartmann M.L. A Revision of the Atomic Weight of Cadmium 1914ХХ
40225 Baxter G.P., Grover F.L. A Revision of the Atomic Weight of Lead 1914ХХ
40226 Bliss G.A. A Note on Functions of Lines 1914ХХ
40227 Chamberlain C.J. A Phylogenetic Study of Cycads 1915ХХ
40228 Baxter G.P., Stewart O.J. A Revision of the Atomic Weight of Praseodymium 1914ХХ
40229 Baxter G.P. A Revision of the Atomic Weight of Tin 1916ХХ
40230 St.John C.E. A Search for an Einstein Relativity-Gravitational Effect in the Sun 1917ХХ
40231 Huntington E.V. A Set of Independent Postulates for Cyclic Order 1916ХХ
40232 Shapley H. A Short Period Cepheid with Variable Spectrum 1916ХХ
40233 Seares F.H. A Simple Method for Determining the Colors of the Stars 1916ХХ
40234 Barnard E.E. A Singular Dark Marking on the Sky 1915ХХ
40235 Aitken R.J. A Statistical Study of the Visual Double Stars in the Northern Sky 1915ХХ
40236 Doolittle E. A Study of the Motions of Forty-eight Double Stars 1917ХХ
40237 Gronwall T.H. A Theorem on Power Series, with an Application to Conformal Mapping 1918ХХ
40238 Birkhoff G.D. A Theorem on Series of Orthogonal Functions with an Application to Strum-Liouville Series 1917ХХ
40239 Lang K.R. A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics: Chronology and Glossary with Data Tables 2006ХХ
40240 Livio M. (Ed), Stiavelli M. (Ed) A Decade of Hubble Space Telescope Science 2003ХХ
40241 Ѕогачев ¬.». ќсновы теории меры. “ом I 2003ХХ
40242 Ѕогачев ¬.». ќсновы теории меры. “ом 2 2003ХХ
40243 Brown R.F. (Ed), Gorniewicz L. (Ed) Handbook of Topological Fixed Point Theory 2005ХХ
40244  иреев ј. ћеждународна€ микроэкономика: движение товаров и факторов производства. „асть 1 1997ХХ
40245 јгунов ј.¬. —хемотехника систем автоматизации: ”чебное пособие 2005ХХ
40246 Dieudonne J.A. Treatise on Analysis, Vol. 2 1970ХХ
40247 Reed M., Simon B. Methods of Functional Analysis (in 4 volumes). Volume 1: Functional Analysis 1980 ХХХ
40248 √ладков ƒ.». ‘нзико-хнмнческие основы прочности бетона н роль технологии в ее обеспечени€ 2004ХХ
40249 Dieudonne J. Foundation of Modern Analysis 1969ХХ
40250 Webster A.G. A Complete Apparatus for Absolute Acoustical Measurements n/aХХ
40251 Becker G.F. A Possible Origin for Some Spiral Nebulae 1916ХХ
40252 Millikan R.A. A Re-determination of the Value of the Electron and of Related Constants 1917ХХ
40253 Prund A.H. A Vapore-Free Vacuum Seal n/aХХ
40254 White H.S. A Variable System of Sevens on Two Twisted Cubic Curves n/aХХ
40255 Wolfe R. A case study on the choice, interpretation and checking of multilevel models for longitudinal binary outcomes 2001ХХ
40256 Thabane L. A closer look at the distribution of number needed to treat (NNT) a Bayesian approach 2003ХХ
40257 Bohning D. A comparison of non-iterative and iterative estimators of heterogeneity variance for the standardized mortality ratio 2004ХХ

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