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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
35553 Takamura S. Splitting Deformations of Degenerations of Complex Curves: Towards the Classification of Atoms of Degenerations, III 2006ХХ
35554 Dantzig T. The Bequest of the Greeks 1955ХХ
35555 Lightman A.P., Press W.H., Price R.H. Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation 1975ХХ
35556 Weertman J.R. The Pursuit of the Small: From Grain-Boundary Cavities to Nanocrystalline Metals 2004ХХ
35557 Sanz M., Martinez C. Theory of Fractional Powers of Operators 2001ХХ
35558 Shapiro S. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic 2007ХХ
35559 Taylor T. Theoretic Arithmetic 1816ХХ
35560 Phillips G.M. Theory and Applications of Numerical Analysis 1996 ХХХ
35561 Thomee V. Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Problems 2006 ХХХ
35562 Flum J., Ziegler M. Topological Model Theory 1980ХХ
35563 Gibson C.G., Wirthmuller K. Topological Stability of Smooth Mappings 1976ХХ
35564 Luque A., Marti A., Nozik A.J. Solar Cells Based on Quantum Dots: Multiple Exciton Generation and Intermediate Bands 2007ХХ
35565 Fortunato E., Ginley D., Hosono H. Transparent Conducting Oxides for Photovoltaics 2007ХХ
35566 Schuller I.K. Unusual Phenomena in Exchange-Biased Nanostructures 2004ХХ
35567 Mingarelli A.B. Volterra-Stieltjes Integral Equations and Generalized Ordinary Differential Expressions 1983ХХ
35568 Knebusch M. Weakly Semialgebraic Spaces 1989ХХ
35569 Andreescu T., Enescu B. Mathematical Olympiad Treasures 2003ХХ
35570 Hult H., Lindskog F. Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Methods for Risk Management 2007ХХ
35571 Rosser J.B., Newton R.R., Gross G.L. Mathematical Theory of Rocket Flight 1947ХХ
35572 Giorgi G., Thierfelder J. Mathematics of Optimization: Smooth and Nonsmooth Case 2004ХХ
35573 Bell E.T. Men of Mathematics, Vol. 2 1953ХХ
35574 Wooley K.L. Nanoparticles - Chemistry, Structure and Function n/aХХ
35575 Nolting W. Klassische Mechanik 2002ХХ
35576 Priest G. Logic - A Very Short Introduction 2006 ХХХ
35577 Hardy G.H. Divergent Series 1949ХХ
35578 Reithmeier E. Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Numerical Computation, Stability, Bifurcation and Transition to Chaos 1991ХХ
35579 Poularikas A.D., Ramadan Z.M. Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB 2006ХХ
35580 Tsuji K. (ed.), Van Grieken R. (ed.), Injuk J. (ed.) X-Ray Spectrometry: Recent Technological Advances 2004ХХ
35581 Gamkrelidze R.V. (ed.) Analysis I 1990ХХ
35582 Gamkrelidze R.V. (ed.) Analysis II 1990ХХ
35583 Boutet de Monvel L. D-Modules, Representation Theory and Quantum Groups 1994ХХ
35584 Whitehead A.N. An Introduction to Mathematics 1959ХХ
35585 Ambrosetti A., Prodi G. A Primer of Nonlinear Analysis 1993ХХ
35586 Ungar A.A. Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications 2005ХХ
35587 Hasle G. (ed.), Quak E. (ed.) Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and Optimization: Applied Mathematics at Sintef 2007ХХ
35588 Xu J. Theory and Application of Graphs 2003ХХ
35589 Brualdi R.A. Introductory Combinatorics 2002 ХХХ
35590 Chau P.C. Chemical Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB 2001ХХ
35591 Dimiev S. (ed.), Sekigawa K. (ed.) Contemporary Aspects of Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2005ХХ
35592 Wilson J.F. Dynamics of Offshore Structures 2003 ХХХ
35593 Qureshi S. Embedded Image Processing on the Tms320c6000a™ DSP 2006ХХ
35594 Andrews D.L. (ed.), Gaburro Z. (ed.) Surface Nanophotonics: Principles and Applications 2007ХХ
35595 Asselmeyer-Maluga T., Brans C.H. Exotic Smoothness and Physics: Differential Topology and Spacetime Models 2005ХХ
35596 Field M., Nicol M. Ergodic theory of equivariant diffeomorphisms: Markov partitions and Stable Ergodicity 2002ХХ
35597 Nikolskij N.K. Functional Analysis I 1992ХХ
35598 Lonngren K.E., Savov S.V. Introduction to Electromagnetics with MATLAB 2006ХХ
35599 James I.M. (ed.) Handbook of Algebraic Topology 1995ХХ
35600 Shima H. The Geometry of Hessian Structures 2007ХХ
35601 Shu C.-W. Essentially Non-Oscillatory and Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 1997ХХ
35602 Zhu X., Grütter P. Imaging, Manipulation, and Spectroscopic Measurements of Nanomagnets by Magnetic Force Microscopy 2004ХХ

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