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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
178897 Denko M., Shih C. Emerging Directions in Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing: EUC 2007 Workshops: TRUST, WSOC, NCUS, UUWSN, USN, ESO, and SECUBIQ, Taipei, Taiwan, 2007ХХ
35968 Denker M. (ed.), Jacobs K. (ed.) Ergodic Theory 1979ХХ
35967 Denker M., Grillenberger Ch., Sigmund K. Ergodic Theory on Compact Spaces 1976ХХ
119497 Denker M., Keller G. Rigorous Statistical Procedures for Data from Dynamical Systems 1986ХХ
183556 Denkena B. New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry: Proceedings of the 4th Machining Innovations Conference, Hannover, September 2013 2014ХХ
105335 Denk R. Einfuehrung in die wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und statistik 1999ХХ
106075 Denk R. Funktionalanalysis II 2005ХХ
41471 Denk R. R-boundedness, pseudodifferential operators, and maximal regularity for some classes of partial differential operators 2007ХХ
22713 Denk P. Curso práctico del Linux (parte 2) 1997ХХ
22712 Denk P. Curso práctico del Linux 1995ХХ
46603 Denjoy A. Lecons Calcul Des Coefficients 1941ХХ
2869 Denjoy A. Aspects actuels de la pensee mathematique 1939ХХ
46577 Denjoy A. Introduction a la Theorie des Fonctions de Variables Reelles 1937ХХ
47407 Denjoy A. Lecons sur le Calcul des Coefficients. Deuxieme Partie 1941ХХ
47712 Denisov E.T., Pokidova T.S., Denisova T.G. Handbook of Free Radical Initiators 2003ХХ
83617 Denisov E.T., AfanasТev I.B. Oxidation and antioxidants in organic chemistry and biology 2005ХХ
126773 Denisov E.T., Afanasev I.B. Oxidation and antioxidants in organic chemistry and biology 2005ХХ
47648 Denisenko V.V. A Boundary Value Problem for an Elliptic Equation with Asymmetric Coefficients in a Nonschlicht Domain 2002ХХ
17068 Denis T.S., Rose G. BigNum Math: Implementing Cryptographic Multiple Precision Arithmetic 2006ХХ
105377 Denis R.Y., Singh S.N., Singh S.P. On certain transformations of poly-basic bilateral hypergeometric series 2003ХХ
153142 Denis L. Kant's 'Metaphysics of Morals': A Critical Guide 2010ХХ
163253 Denis L. Kant's 'Metaphysics of Morals': A Critical Guide (Cambridge Critical Guides) 2010ХХ
125374 Denis J. Evans Enhanced t ^-3/2 Long-Time Tail for the Stress-Stress Time Correlation Function 1979ХХ
100011 Denis J. Evans The nonsymmetric pressure tensor in polyatomic fluids 1979ХХ
134538 Denis Fred Simon, Cong Cao China's Emerging Technological Edge: Assessing the Role of High-End Talent 2009 ХХХ
40199 Denham M.C., Whittaker J. A Bayesian approach to disease gene location using allelic association 2003ХХ
50925 Dengfeng L., Silong P. A Caracterization of N-dimensional Daubechies Type Tensor Product Wavelet 2001ХХ
182243 Dengel A., Junker M., Weisbecker A. Reading and Learning: Adaptive Content Recognition (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2004ХХ
143607 Dengel A., Junker M., Weisbecker A. Reading and Learning: Adaptive Content Recognition 2004ХХ
29883 Deng Zh., Neumann U. Data-Driven 3d Facial Animation 2007ХХ
15877 Deng Z. (ed.), Liang Z. (ed.), Lu G. (ed.) Differential Equations and Control Theory: Proceedings of the International Conference on Differential Equations and Control Theory, Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China 1995ХХ
134768 Deng X., Ye Y. Internet and Network Economics: First International Workshop, WINE 2005, Hong Kong, China, December 15-17, 2005, Proceedings 2005ХХ
133001 Deng X., Hopcroft J., Xue J. Frontiers in algorithmics third international workshop 2009ХХ
176803 Deng R., Bao F., Pang H. Information Security Practice and Experience: First International Conference, ISPEC 2005, Singapore, April 11-14, 2005, Proceedings 2005ХХ
154367 Deng R., Qing S., Bao F. Information and Communications Security 2002ХХ
131999 Deng H.-W. Current Topics in Bone Biology 2005ХХ
155582 Deng D., Han Y., Meyer Y. Harmonic analysis on spaces of homogeneous type 2008ХХ
175764 Deng D., Han Y. Harmonic Analysis on Spaces of Homogeneous Type 2009ХХ
142999 Denes J., Keedwell A.D. New Developments in the Theory and Applications 1991ХХ
191480 Denes J., Keedwell A. Latin Squares: New Developments in the Theory and Applications. 1991ХХ
63732 Denecke K. (editor), Vogel H.-J. (editor) General Algebra and Applications 2000ХХ
44872 Dence C.W. (ed.), Timell T.E. (ed.), Lin S.Y. (ed.) Methods in Lignin Chemistry 1992ХХ
62581 Denardo G. (ed.) Group Theoretical Methods in Physics 1984ХХ
138868 DeNardis L. Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance (Information Revolution and Global Politics) 2009ХХ
124376 den Hollander W.Th.F. Random Walks on Lattices with Points of Two Colors. II. Some Rigorous Inequalities for Symmetric Random Walks 1985ХХ
124129 den Hollander F., Naudts J. Long-Time Tails in a Random Diffusion Model 1992ХХ
124201 den Hollander F., Shuler K. Random Walks in a Random Field of Decaying Traps 1992ХХ
121217 den Hollander F., Naudts J., Scheunders P. A Long-Time Tail for Random Walk in Random Scenery 1991ХХ
122653 den Hollander F., Naudts J., Redig F. lnvariance Principle for the Stochastic Lorentz Lattice Gas 1992ХХ

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