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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
178491 Hirtle S., Frank A. Spatial Information Theory A Theoretical Basis for GIS: International Conference COSIT '97, Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania, USA, October 15-18, 1997. Proceedings 1997ХХ
33798 Hirzebrach F. (ed.) Arbeitstagung Bonn, 1984 1985ХХ
173084 Hirzebruch F ., Berger T., Jung R. Manifolds and Modular Forms 1992 ХХХ
169566 Hirzebruch F ., Berger T., Jung R. Manifolds and Modular Forms (Aspects of Mathematics) 1992 ХХХ
168636 Hirzebruch F., Berger T., Jung R. Manifolds and Modular Forms 1992 ХХХ
179635 Hirzebruch F., Zagier D. The Atiyah-Singer Theorem and Elementary Number Theory (Mathematics Lecture No. 3) 1974ХХ
188748 Hirzebruch F., Berger T., Jung R. Manifolds and Modular Forms 1992ХХ
36216 Hirzebruch F., Mayer K.H. O(n)- Mannigfaltigkeiten, exotische Spharen und Singularitaten 1968ХХ
34852 Hirzebruch F. Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry 1982ХХ
132850 Hirzebruch F., Neumann W.D. Differentiable manifolds and quadratic forms 1972ХХ
107346 Hirzebruch F., Mayer K.H. O(n)-Mannigfaltigkeiten, exotische Sphaeren und Singularitaeten 1968ХХ
130664 Hirzebruch R. Topological methods in algebraic geometry 1978 ХХХ
48803 Hisaharu Hayashi Introduction to Dynamic Spin Chemistry: Magnetic Field Effects on Chemical and Biochemical Reactions, Vol. 8 2004ХХ
51185 Hisashi T., Yoichi M., Shigeyuki H. On least-squares bias in the AR(p) models: Bias correction using the bootstrap methods 2006ХХ
48402 Hisashi Tanizaki Nonlinear and nonnormal filters using Monte Carlo methods 1996ХХ
48635 Hisashi Tanizaki Non-linear and non-normal filter based on Monte-Carlo technique 1997ХХ
48573 Hisashi Tanizaki Nonlinear and non-Gaussian state estimation: A quasi-optimal estimator 1998ХХ
48545 Hisashi Tanizaki Nonlinear Filters: Estimation and Applications 1996 ХХХ
48425 Hisashi Tanizaki Power Comparison of Empirical Likelihood Ratio Tests: Small Sample Properties through Monte Carlo Studies 2004ХХ
48544 Hisashi Tanizaki Estimation of unknown parameters in nonlinear and non-Gaussian state-space models 2000ХХ
48550 Hisashi Tanizaki Power comparison of non-parametric tests: Small-sample properties from Monte Carlo experiments 1997ХХ
48399 Hisashi Tanizaki Asymtotically exact confidence intervals of CUSUM and CUSUMSQ tests: A Numerical Derivation Using Simulation Technique 1995ХХ
166763 Hisch E., Khasnabis C., Thomas M. WHO ILEP technical guide on community-based rehabilitation and leprosy meeting the rehabilitation needs of people affected by leprosy and promoting quality of life 2007ХХ
40504 Hiscock K.M., Davison R.M., Rivett M.O. Sustainable Groundwater Development 2002ХХ
24110 Hitachi Consulting, Misner S. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Step by Step 2005ХХ
134258 Hitch J., Howard A. Innovations in Controlled Low-Strength Material (Flowable Fill) 2004ХХ
44104 Hitchcock E.L. Note on an Experimental Problem of the Late A. G. Webster 1923ХХ
40519 Hitchcock F.L. A Thermodynamic Study of Electrolytic Solutions 1920ХХ
41127 Hitchcock F.L. A Solution of the Linear Matrix Equation by Double Multiplication 1922ХХ
30250 Hitchcock J.A., Page L. (Ed) Net Crimes & Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists 2006 ХХХ
17935 Hitchens R. Java NIO 2002ХХ
14360 Hitcher W. The Innovation Paradigm 2006ХХ
1080 Hitchin N. Molopoles, Minimal Surfaces and Algebraic Curves 1987ХХ
2216 Hitchin N. Frobenius Manifolds 1997ХХ
2714 Hitchin N., Segal G., Ward R. Integrable Systems. Twistors, Loop groups and Riemann Surfaces 1999ХХ
105362 Hitchin N. Projective geometry 2003ХХ
104498 Hitchin N. Differentiable manifolds 2003 ХХХ
128556 Hitchin N. Diferentiable Manifolds - Section C Course 2003 (Lecture Notes) 2003ХХ
166784 Hitchin N., Newstead P., Oxbury W. Vector Bundles in Algebraic Geometry 1995ХХ
157081 Hitchin N., Newstead P., Oxbury W. Vector Bundles in Algebraic Geometry 1995ХХ
54146 Hitchin N.J. Monopoles, minimal surfaces, and algebraic curves 1987ХХ
104783 Hitchin N.J., Segal G.B., Ward R.S. Integrable Systems: Twistors, Loop Groups and Riemann Surfaces 1999ХХ
55183 Hitczenko P. Some Applications of the Residue Theorem 2005ХХ
50943 Hites R. Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Great Lakes 2006ХХ
171236 Hites R. Elements of Environmental Chemistry 2007ХХ
182091 Hites R. Elements of Environmental Chemistry 2007ХХ
39605 Hites R.A. Elements of Environmental Chemistry 2007ХХ
40198 Hithcock F.L. A Classification of Quadratic Vector Functions n/aХХ
157704 Hitikka J. Philosophy of Mathematics 1969ХХ
106058 Hittmair O. Lehrbuch der Quantentheorie 1972ХХ

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