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Содержимое каталога
1821. Barus C. Note on a Pneumatic Method of Measuring Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity1920
1822. Barus C. Note on Interfermometer Methods of Measuring the Elastics of Small Bodies1917
1823. Barus C. Barus M. Note on Methods of Observing Potential Differences Induced by the Earths Magnetic Field in an Insulated Moving Wire1918
1824. Barus C. Note on the Self-Adjusting of Uranyl Salts1919
1825. Barus C. Note on Torsional Measurement of Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity by Interference Methods1920
1826. Barus C. On a Comparison of the Relative Sensitiveness of Telephones1922
1827. Barus C. On the Equations of the Rectangular Interferometer1917
1828. Barus C. On the Pressure Variation of Specific Heat of Liquids1919
1829. Barus C. Path Differences Within Which Spectrum Interferences are Observable1916
1830. Barus C. Periods and Logarithmic Decrement of the Gravitation Needle under High Exhaustion1922
1831. Barus C. Pinhole Probe Experiments with Massive Air Columns1927
1832. Barus C. Pinhole Probe Measurements of the Phase Change of the Telephonic End Plates, Acting on a Closed Cylindrical Air Column in Longitudinal Acoustic Vibration1925
1833. Barus C. Pinhole Probe Measurements with Massive Cylindrical Air Columns1927
1834. Barus C. Pinhole Probe Record of the Closed Organ Pipe1927
1835. Barus C. Plane Reflection of Sound, as Exhibited by the Pinhole Resonator1922
1836. Barus C. Positive and Negative Pinhole Resonators1922
1837. Barus C. Pressure Phenomena of the Mucronate Anode1927
1838. Barus C. Reciprocating Acoustic Vibration on Opposite Sides of the Pinhole, in Long Quill Tubes1927
1839. Barus C. Refractivity Determined Irrespective of Form, by Displacement Interferometry1916
1840. Barus C. Sparks of the Induction Coil between Mucronate Electrodes1928
1841. Barus C. Static Deflection, Logarithmic Decrement and First Semi-Period of the Vacuum Gravitation Needle1922
1842. Barus C. Superposed or Duplicated Spectrum Fringes1919
1843. Barus C. Telephonic Coupling of Acoustic and Electrical Osciliations Evidenced by the Pinhole Probe1925
1844. Barus C. The Acoustic Pressure in Tubes Capped by High Resistance Telephones, Vibrating in Different Phases1925
1845. Barus C. The Diffusion of Air through Water in the Lapse of Years1921
1846. Barus C. The Diffusion of Hydrogen into Air Measured by the Interferometer U-Gauge1924
1847. Barus C. The Displacement Interferometry of Barometric Pressure1928
1848. Barus C. The Displacement of the Gravitating Needle in its Dependence on Atmospheric Temperatures1919
1849. Barus C. The Displacements of the Capillary Electrometer, for Progressive Dilutions of the Electrolyte1923
1850. Barus C. The Effect of Commutation of Impedances on the Acoustic Pressure Produced by Paired Telephonic Systems1925
1851. Barus C. The Elongation Due to Magnetization1919
1852. Barus C. The Energy Content of the Diapason1921
1853. Barus C. The Equilibrium Positions of the Vacuum Gravitation Needle in 1921 and 19221922
1854. Barus C. The Interferences of Spectra Both Reversed and Inverted1917
1855. Barus C. The Interferometer U-Gauge with Closed Auxiliary Reservoirs1928
1856. Barus C. The Interferometry of Rapid Vibrations Chiefly in Relation to Telephone Currents1919
1857. Barus C. The Interferometry of Small Angles, etc. Methods by Direct and Reversed Superposed Spectra1917
1858. Barus C. The Interferometry of Vibrating Systems1918
1859. Barus C. The Open Mercury Manometer Read by Displacement Interferometry1921
1860. Barus C. The Rectangular Interferometer with Achromatic Displacement Fringes in Connection with the Horizontal Pendulum1918
1861. Barus C. The Repulsion between Electric Currents and Their Induced Eddy Currents in Parallel1928
1862. Barus C. The Torsional Magnetic Energy Absorption of an Iron Conductor1920
1863. Barus C. The U-Tube Absolute Electrometer1921
1864. Barus C. The Vibration of Air in Tubes Capped at Both Ends1923
1865. Barus C. The Vibration of the Air Filament in Quill Tubes Capped at Both Ends1923
1866. Barus C. Theoretical Relations in the Interferometry of Small Angles1917
1867. Barus C. Transverse Displacement Interferometry1917
1868. Barus C. Types of Achromatic Fringes1918
1869. Barus C. Vibration in Spark-Blown Closed Quill Tubes Electric Oscillation1923
1870. Barus C. Vibration of the Air Filament in Quill Tubes Single Telephonic Exciter1923
1871. Barus C.B. Resonant Acoustic and Electric Oscillations Released by the Relatively Slow Spring Break1926
1872. Barut A.O. Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles1980
1873. Barvinsky A.O. Vilkovisky G.A. Covariant perturbation theory (II). Second order in the curvature. General algorithms1989
1874. Barvinsky A.O. Vilkovisky G.A. Covariant perturbation theory (III). Spectral representations of the third-order form factors1989
1875. Barvinsky A.O. Nesterov D.V. Effective equations in quantum cosmology2001
1876. Barvinsky A.O. Perturbative Quantum Cosmology: The Probability Measure on Superspace and Semiclassical Expansion1988
1877. Barvinsky A.O. Ponomariov V.N. Quantum Geometrodynamics: The Path Integral and the Initial Value Problem for the Wave Function of the Universe1986
1878. Barvinsky A.O. Quantum geometrodynamics: The Wheeler-DeWitt equations for the wave function of the universe1986
1879. Barvinsky A.O. The general semiclassical solution of the wheeler-dewitt equations and the issue of unitarity in quantum cosmology1989
1880. Barvinsky A.O. The wave function and the effective action in quantum cosmology: Covariant loop expansion1989
1881. Baryshev Y. Discovery of Cosmic Fractals2003
1882. Baryshevsky V.G. Parametric X-Ray Radiation in Crystals: Theory, Experiment and Applications2006
1883. Baryshnikov Y. Yukich J.E. Gaussian Fields and Random Packing2003
1884. Basano L. Gamba A. Questions and answers1971
1885. Basdevant J.-L. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics2007
1886. Basdevant J.L. Rich J. Spiro M. Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics: From Nuclear Structure to Cosmology2005
1887. Basdevant J.L. Twelve Lectures on Quantum Mechanics2007
1888. Bashkirov A.G. Sutugin A.G. On a Reconsideration of Classical Nucleation Theory1971
1889. Bashkirov A.G. Orlov A.V. Transport Phenomena in a Plane Shock Wave1991
1890. Basor E.L. Widom H. Determinants of Airy Operators and Applications to Random Matrices1999

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