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dirМатематика (25142 / 29000)
dirComputer science (10368 / 11034)
dirФизика (17963 / 20205)
dirРуководства по программному обеспечению (1935 / 2005)
dirТехнология (22328 / 22349)
dirМедицина и здравоохранение (5648 / 5648)
dirХимия (6993 / 6993)
dirБиология (5037 / 5037)
dirПолитология и право (1640 / 1640)
dirЭкономика и финансы (5619 / 5619)
dirИстория (5702 / 5702)
dirСоциология (623 / 623)
dirСтроительство и архитектура (586 / 586)
dirПсихология (1897 / 1897)
dirФилология (1548 / 1548)
dirПрирода (1012 / 1012)
dirРазное (45067 / 45067)
dirМеханика (1451 / 1452)
dirНаука (2726 / 2726)
dirШкольный уровень (1090 / 1676)
dirНауки о земле (1301 / 1301)
dirФилософия, религия и культура (1772 / 1772)
dirПедагогика и образование (1070 / 1070)
dirХудожественная литература (648 / 648)
dirБиографии (592 / 592)
dirМенеджмент (263 / 263)
dirСпорт (489 / 489)
dirВоенное дело (787 / 787)
dirСвоими руками (264 / 264)
dirИскусство (318 / 318)
dirВокруг света - страноведение (355 / 355)

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Содержимое каталога
841. Alt F. Rubinoff M. Advances in Computers.Volume 4.1963
842. Altarelli G. Di Lella L. Proton-Antiproton Collider Physics1989
843. Altenberg B. Aijmer K. Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Papers from the 23rd International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 23) G?teborg 22-26 May 2002 (Language and Computers 49)2004
844. Alter T. Walter S. Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New Essays on Consciousness and Physicalism2008
845. Alterovitz Gil Ramoni Marco Knowledge-Based Bioinformatics: From analysis to interpretation2010
846. Althoff K. Bergmann R. Branting L. Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development: Third International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ICCBR-99, Seeon Monastery, Germany, July 27-30, ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence1999
847. Alton Biggs Dinah Zike Peter Rillero Biology. Dynamics of Life2005
848. Altucher J. Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits2004
849. Alvarez C. Serna M. Experimental Algorithms: 5th International Workshop, WEA 2006, Cala Galdana, Menorca, Spain, May 24-27, 2006, Proceedings2006
850. Alvaro Macieira-Coelho Developmental Biology of Neoplastic Growth (1 edition)2005
851. Alvin Halpern 3000 solved problems in physics (1 edition)1988
852. Alwyn G. Davies Organotin Chemistry (2 edition)2004
853. Amal Mattu William J. Brady ECG's for the Emergency Physician 1 (1 edition)2003
854. Amara A. Rozeau O. Planar Double-Gate Transistor: From technology to circuit2009
855. Amara Amara Thomas Ea Marc Belleville Emerging Technologies and Circuits (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 66) (1st Edition.)2010
856. Amara S. Bamberg E. Fleischmann B. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology Volume 1592007
857. Amaro de Matos J. M. G. Patrick A. E. Zagrebnov V. A. Random Infinite-Volume Gibbs States for the Curie-Weiss Random Field Ising Model1991
858. Ambrosio L. Gigli N. Gradient flows in metric spaces and in the space of probability measures2005
859. Amelino-Camelia G. Kowalski-Glikman J. Planck Scale Effects in Astrophysics and Cosmology (1 edition)2005
860. Ament K. Indexing: A Nuts-and-Bolts Guide for Technical Writers2007
861. American Radio Relay League The ARRL Instructor's Manual for Technician and General License Courses (4th edition)2008
862. Ames W. Harrell E. Herod J. Differential equations with applications to mathematical physics1993
863. Amihood Amir Laxmi Parida Combinatorial Pattern Matching: 21st Annual Symposium, CPM 2010, New York, NY, USA, June 21-23, 2010, Proceedings, (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues)2010
864. Amir Alexander Duel at Dawn: Heroes, Martyrs, and the Rise of Modern Mathematics (1 edition)2010
865. Amir Pnueli Irina Virbitskaite Andrei Voronkov Perspectives of Systems Informatics: 7th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference, PSI 2009, Novosibirsk, Russia, June 15-19, 2009, Revised (1st Edition.)2010
866. Amnon Aharony Brooks Harris A. Fiory Approximant for Self-Avoiding Walks on Fractals1988
867. Amnon Aharony Old and New Results on Multicritical Points2002
868. Amnon Aharony Percolation, Fractals, and Anomalous Diffusion1983
869. Amoroso R.L. Rauscher E.A. The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse: Formalizing the Complex Geometry of Reality (Series on Knots and Everything)2009
870. Amos Golan Information and Entropy Econometrics - A Review and Synthesis2008
871. Amos M. Cellular Computing (Genomics and Bioinformatics) (1 edition)2004
872. Amos Omondi Benjamin Premkumar Residue number systems: Theory and implementation (ICP edition)2007
873. Amundson R. The Changing Role of the Embryo in Evolutionary Thought: Roots of Evo-Devo (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology)2005
874. Amusia M.Ya. Atomic Photoeffect (1 edition)1990
875. Ana Cecilia A. Roque Ligand-Macromolecular Interactions in Drug Discovery: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 572) (1st Edition.)2010
876. Ana I. Perez-Neira Marc Realp Campalans Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications: Techniques and Models from PHY and MAC Layer Interaction2008
877. Ananthakumar Muthusamy Yan Pan Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration with Windows PowerShell (1 edition)2009
878. Ananthaswamy A. The Edge of Physics: A Journey to Earth's Extremes to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe (None edition)2010
879. Anargyros Chryssanthou Ioannis Apostolakis Iraklis Varlamis Certification and Security in Health-Related Web Applications: Concepts and Solutions2010
880. Anastassiou G. Inequalities based on Sobolev representations2011
881. Anastassiou G. A. Fuzzy Mathematics: Approximation Theory (1st Edition.)2010
882. Anatoli Korkin Evgeni Gusev Jan K. Labanowski Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices (Nanostructure Science and Technology) (1 edition)2007
883. Anatoli Torokhti Phil Howlett Stability by Liapunov's direct method with applications1961
884. Anatoly I. Pilyavsky Alexei L. Rebenko The Large-Deviation Principle and the BCS Model1993
885. Anatoly Kochubei Pseudo-Differential Equations & Stochastics Over Non-Archimedean Fields (Pure and Applied Mathematics) (1st edition)2001
886. Anderluh G. Lakey J.H. Proteins: Membrane Binding and Pore Formation2010
887. Anders Heyden Gunnar Sparr Mads Nielsen Computer Vision-ECCV 2002: 7th European Conference on Computer Vision - Proceedings, Part 1 (1st edition)2002
888. Anders Rantzer Christopher I. Byrnes Directions in Mathematical Systems Theory and Optimization (1 edition)2003
889. Anderson B. Information and Communications Technologies in Society: E-Living in a Digital Europe2007
890. Anderson C.A. Owens J. Propositional Attitudes: The Role of Content in Logic, Language, and Mind (Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes) (1 edition)1990
891. Anderson I. Combinatorics of Finite Sets1987
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896. Andersson M. Gehring F. Halmos P. Topics in complex analysis1997
897. Andersson P. Iridium Catalysis2011
898. András Süto Normal and Generalized Bose Condensation in Traps: One Dimensional Examples2004
899. Andr? Vander Vorst Arye Rosen Youji Kotsuka RF/Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues (1 edition)2006
900. Andrade-Garda J. Basic Chemometric Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy (1 edition)2009
901. Andrade-Garda J. Medel A. Pereiro-Garcia R. Basic Chemometric Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy2009
902. Andras Baranyai, Denis J. Evans Cohen E. G. D. Field-Dependent Conductivity and Diffusion in a Two-Dimensional Lorentz Gas1992
903. Andras I. Stipsicz Robert E. Gompf 4-Manifolds and Kirby Calculus (Graduate Studies in Mathematics 20)1999
904. Andras Telcs The Einstein Relation for Random Walks on Graphs2005
905. Andre E. Dybkjer L. Minker W. Perception in Multimodal Dialogue Systems: 4th IEEE Tutorial and Research Workshop on Perception and Interactive Technologies for Speech-Based Systems,2008
906. Andre F. Herman D. Verjus J. Synchronization of parallel programs1985
907. Andre Gagalowicz Wilfried Philips Computer Vision-Computer Graphics Collaboration Techniques, 3 conf., MIRAGE 2007 (1 edition)2007
908. Andre Heck Jean M. Perdang Applying fractals in astronomy (1 edition)1991
909. Andre Sloss Dominic Symes Chris Wright ARM System Developer's Guide: Designing and Optimizing System Software (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) (1 edition)2004
910. Andrea Corradini Hartmut Ehrig Grzegorz Rozenberg Graph Transformation: First International Conference, ICGT 2002, Barcelona, Spain, October 7-12, 2002, Proceedings (1 edition)2002

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