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Scott M.P., Matsudaira P., Lodish H. — Molecular cell biology
Scott M.P., Matsudaira P., Lodish H. — Molecular cell biology

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Название: Molecular cell biology

Авторы: Scott M.P., Matsudaira P., Lodish H.


Molecular Cell Biology is a perspective on living systems that arose from the union of three other disciplines: biochemistry, genetics and anatomical cell biology. Molecular Cell Biology provides a comprehensive, authoritative introduction to the current state of knowledge in this dynamic field. In the fourth edition, the authors have introduced new pedagogy for the reader, streamlined coverage, and integrated media and text to provide students in upper division cell and molecular biology courses with the clearest possible understanding of cell function at the molecular and cellular level. Founded on the work of scientists past and present, the experimental techniques that have generated their data, and the key concepts that inform our understanding of biology, the fourth edition of Molecular Cell Biology will be the most up-to-date text available.
New to this edition:

Coverage streamlined to illustrate points with a select few paradigmatic examples and/or experiments, eliminate redundancies, and delete rarely used chapters and sections. Topics traditionally spread over several chapters have been consolidated.
Increased pedagogical support and flexibility to help the student easily find, review, and master the material. For example, major sections are numbered, begin with an overview, and conclude with a bulleted summary that brings the student "up for air." Supplements are now organized by section, rather than by chapter (see Supplements).
New discoveries include genome sequencing and the human genome project (Ch. 7), DNA "chip" microarray technology (Ch. 7), chromosome "painting" (Ch. 9), newly-identified tumor suppressorgenes, SNARES and other proteins involved in vesicular traffic, development in the model organism Arabidopsis (Ch. 14), activation of gene expression triggered by cell surface receptors, essential features of cell-sgnalling pathways (Ch. 20) and detecting chromosomal translocations in cancer cells (Ch. 24)
New chapter on cell interactions in development (Ch. 23)
Consistent art program: All art has been rendered for a consistent look and feel across the book and between text figures and animations on the CD-ROM.
Increased student interest features include:
Medical, biotech, and plant biology applications that are highlighted in context
MCAT/GRE-style questions for self-testing
"Perspectives for the Future" sections that explore the potential applications of future discoveries and the unanswered questions that lie ahead in research.
"Perspectives in the Literature" sections that send students to the original literature to answer complex thought questions.

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Рубрика: Биология/

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Издание: fifth edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 973

Добавлена в каталог: 10.12.2005

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