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McDonald D.D., Bolc L. Ч Natural language generation systems
McDonald D.D., Bolc L. Ч Natural language generation systems

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Ќазвание: Natural language generation systems

јвторы: McDonald D.D., Bolc L.


The purpose of this collection has been to give its authors an opportunity to present their work at much greater length than is available in the usual conference paper or journal article, As a result, these papers contain details of grammatical treatments and processing details seldom seen outside of book length monographs, Their topics range from discourse theory, through mechanical translation, to deliberate writing and revision,. The authors are also wide ranging internationally, with contributions from Japan, West Germany, and Austria as well as the United States.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 1988

 оличество страниц: 388

ƒобавлена в каталог: 08.12.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Ana Stock Report Generation System, analysis of fluency skills and defects      297Ч305
Ana Stock Report Generation System, appendix: sample Wall Street Journal stock report      306Ч308
Ana Stock Report Generation System, sample output      284Ч286
Ana Stock Report Generation System, system architecture      281Ч284
Artificial intelligence research, creativity in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, fluid versus essential domains in      13 14
Artificial intelligence research, human language behavior and      64 94 95
Artificial intelligence research, human-modeling in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, judgment in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, knowledge representation in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, language understanding in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, natural language interaction with computer systems and      99 100
Artificial intelligence research, problem-solving in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, sensitivity in      2 3 45
Artificial intelligence research, world-modeling in      2 3 45
Computer writing, Yh program for      9Ч45
Computers, writing and      2 3 45
Conceptual representation in Japanese      256Ч278
Conceptual representation, Conceptual Dependency (CD) theory and      256 257 261
Conceptual representation, Memory Organization Packets (MOPs) and      256 261Ч267 277
Conceptual representation, PHRED and      312
Deliberate writing      1Ч45
Discrimination nets (DNs), VIE-GEN and      166 171Ч175 202
Fluency in natural language reports      280Ч308
Fluency, analysis of skills and defects in      297Ч305
Fluency, written texts and nature of      280 281
Formative information, Becker's phrasal lexicon in      362Ч364 378 379
Formative information, rules of grammar in      357Ч362 378
Generating Japanese text from conceptual representation      256Ч278
Generating language with a phrasal lexicon      353Ч384
Generation of sentences from a syntactic deep structure with a semantic component      205Ч254
Generator program, formative information in      357
Generator program, tasks of      353Ч357 378
German, system for surface transmissions (SUTRA) in      98Ч162
HAM-ANS system, implementation and integration of SUTRA in      98 100 145Ч153
Images, writing with vivid and continuous      1 2 45
Integrated-knowledge situation-dependent grammar principle, knowledge-based report generation and      286 291Ч297 305
Interface to a natural language generation system      106Ч113
Intermediate structure (IMS), VIE-GEN and      166 167 170 175 178Ч187 202
Japanese language, structure of      257Ч259
Japanese, generation of embedded Japanese texts      271Ч277
Japanese, generation of Japanese sentences      262Ч271
KAMP system, example of planning referring expressions      87Ч93
KAMP system, overview of      78Ч81
KAMP system, planning concept activation actions      81Ч83
KAMP system, satisfying multiple goals in a referring expression      86 87
KAMP system, theory of concept activation with      83Ч86
Knowledge-based report generation principles, integrated-knowledge situation-dependent grammar principle      286 291Ч297 305
Knowledge-based report generation principles, knowledge-engineering principle      286Ч288
Knowledge-based report generation principles, macro-level knowledge processing principle      286 289Ч291
Knowledge-engineering principle, knowledge-based report generation and      286Ч288
Language generation with PHRED, fetching      319Ч322 326Ч338
Language generation with PHRED, interpretation      319 324Ч326 327Ч339
Language generation with PHRED, restriction      319 322Ч324 327Ч338
Macro-level knowledge processing principle, knowledge-based report generation and      286 289Ч291
MORSYN, morphological synthesis in SUSY      253
Natural language generation system, interface to      106Ч113
Natural language reports, fluency in      280Ч308
Object-language, know and intend in      74Ч78
Object-oriented programming, intelligence and communication in      16Ч18
Pattern-concept pairs, knowledge base of PHRED      312 313 315Ч344
PAULINE'S specialists in      371Ч377
PAULINE, expansion cycle in      377 378
PAULINE, phrasal grammar in      371Ч377
PAULINE, syntax specialist in      364Ч371
Phrasal grammar, expansion cycle in      377 378
Phrasal lexicon, Becker's      362Ч364 378 379
Phrasal lexicon, language generation with      353Ч384
PHRED, comparison with other research      340Ч344
PHRED, detailed example of generation in      326Ч339
PHRED, future directions for      347Ч349
PHRED, generation process      319Ч326
PHRED, generator for natural language interfaces      312Ч352
PHRED, knowledge base of      315Ч319
PHRED, other generation systems and      344Ч347
PHRED, overview      313Ч315
Planning natural-language referring expressions, artificial intelligence research and      69Ч95
Planning natural-language referring expressions, English referring expressions      72Ч74 95
Planning natural-language referring expressions, example of      87Ч93
Planning natural-language referring expressions, KAMP system and      71Ч95
Planning natural-language referring expressions, reasoning about intention in      77 78
Planning natural-language referring expressions, reasoning about mutual knowledge in      76 77
Planning natural-language referring expressions, reference and concept activation in      75 76 94 95
Planning natural-language referring expressions, theory of reference planning in      74 75 94 95
Programs, Ana Stock Report Generation System      281Ч308
Programs, artificial intelligence programs and algorithmic versus behavioral      12 13
Programs, intelligence and communication in object-oriented      16Ч18
Programs, KAMP system      71Ч95
Programs, PAULINE      364Ч371
Programs, PHRAN      312Ч352
Programs, PHRED      312Ч352
Programs, RST system      48 53Ч64
Programs, SUSY      205Ч254
Programs, SUTRA      98Ч162
Programs, TEXT system      48Ч52
Programs, VIE-GEN      166Ч202
RST system, construction in      64Ч66
RST system, major differences between TEXT system and      66
RST system, structure description of      48 53Ч64
SEMNET, semantic network in VIE-LANG      166Ч175
SEMSYN, semantic synthesis in SUSY      231Ч239
Surface transformations in a natural language generation system, appendix      153Ч162
Surface transformations in a natural language generation system, conception of SUTRA as a component of natural language generation systems      101 102
Surface transformations in a natural language generation system, separate components for      101
SUSY machine translation system, generation component of      205Ч254
SUSY, (sub)processes of      153Ч162
SUSY, characteristics of      205Ч210
SUSY, extensions to the system      253 254
SUSY, generation in AI and MT      212
SUSY, morphological synthesis (MORSYN) in      253
SUSY, semantic synthesis (SEMSYN) in      231Ч239
SUSY, semantic vs. syntactic representation in      216Ч231
SUSY, syntactic deep structure with a semantic component in      213Ч215
SUSY, syntactic generation (SYNSYN) in      240Ч252
SUTRA, function and design of      102Ч106
SUTRA, implementation and integration with HAM-ANS system      98 100 145Ч162
SUTRA, knowledge sources required for      114Ч119
SUTRA, limitations and prospects for further development      139Ч145
SUTRA, transformation of the verbalized structure      119Ч139
SYNSYN, syntactic generation in SUSY      240Ч252
Syntactico-semantic lexicon (SSL), VIE-LANG and      166 169Ч174 200 202
Syntax specialists, PAULINE      364Ч371
Syntax specialists, relations among elements of the lexicon      369Ч371
Syntax specialists, specialists and phrase structure symbols      367Ч369
Text generation, overview of      47 48
Text generation, problem of text structure      47Ч66
TEXT system, construction in      64Ч66
TEXT system, defined objects in      49Ч52
TEXT system, major differences between RST and      66
TEXT system, operating environment of      49
TEXT system, structure description of      48Ч52
Transformations, application in SUTRA      119Ч139
VIE-GEN and      187Ч198 201 202
VIE-GEN, appendix of abbreviations used in      202
VIE-GEN, discrimination nets (DNs) in      166 171Ч175 202
VIE-GEN, generator for German texts      166Ч202
VIE-GEN, intermediate structure (IMS)      166 167 170 175 178Ч187 202
VIE-GEN, overview of      166 167
VIE-GEN, transformations in      187Ч198 201 202
VIE-GEN, verbalization phrase in      170Ч178
VIE-LANG, embedding system      167 168
VIE-LANG, syntactico-semantic lexicon (SSL) in      166 169Ч174 200 202
Writing, computers and      2 3 45
Writing, deliberate      1Ч45
Writing, non-fiction, aspects of good      3 4
Writing, non-fiction, common errors in      6Ч8
Writing, non-fiction, language of good      5 6
Writing, non-fiction, pragmatics of good      4 5
Writing, non-fiction, writing well in      8 9
Writing, vivid and continuous images in      1 2 45
Yh program, computer writing with      9Ч45
Yh program, design philosophy of      10Ч27
Yh program, examples of writing      27Ч44
Yh program, overview of the system      18Ч25
Yh program, writing process      25Ч27
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