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Gooding K.M., Regnier F.E. Ч HPLC of biological macromolecules
Gooding K.M., Regnier F.E. Ч HPLC of biological macromolecules

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Ќазвание: HPLC of biological macromolecules

јвторы: Gooding K.M., Regnier F.E.


Completely revised and expanded to reflect the most recent innovations in HPLC from the past decade, this authoritative reference presents practical strategies for the evaluation and analysis of proteins, peptides, and polynucleotides and offers class-specific applications for the characterization and fractionation of biological macromolecules. Contains updated material on organic supports, size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and metal interaction chromatography! With contributions from leading experts in the field, the Second Edition of HPLC of Biological Macromolecules provides Јnew chapters summarizing specialized detection systems Јcurrent discussions on the chemical and biological properties of specific biomolecules Јdetailed guidelines for the development of modern analytical techniques Јstate-of-the-art exploration methods for complex mixtures Јsuccessful implementation and investigation procedures With more than 2200 contemporary referencesЧover 1000 more than the previous editionЧ HPLC of Biological Macromolecules, Second Edition is an essential source for biochemists and analytical biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, chemical and biotechnological engineers, biochemical neuroendocrinologists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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»здание: 2nd edition, revized and expanded

√од издани€: 2002

 оличество страниц: 777

ƒобавлена в каталог: 29.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Adsorption, isotherms      295Ч296
Affinity chromatography, antibodies      622Ч630 655Ч659
Affinity chromatography, biomimctic ligand      626Ч627
Affinity chromatography, ligands      334Ч336
Affinity chromatography, media      33Ч38 318 322Ч339
Affinity chromatography, membrane proteins      528Ч532
Affinity chromatography, protein A      622Ч625
Affinity chromatography, protein G      624Ч626
Affinity tags      249Ч250
Antibodies      607Ч613
Antibodies, immunodetection      653Ч659
Biological activity, preservation      285Ч289
Biological activity, protease inhibitors      286
Capacity factor (k'), effect of displacing species      137Ч144
Cooperativity      88Ч89
Data analysis, cereal proteins      562Ч566
Detergents      177Ч180 516Ч519
Detergents in MIC      270
Detergents, membrane proteins      385
Detergents, removal      387Ч389
Detergents, solubilization      384Ч387
Diffusion coefficient      63Ч64
Fermentation, strategies      289Ч291
Gel filtration chromatography      See Size exclusion chromatography
Glycoproteins      635Ч636
Gradient elution, computer simulation      426Ч430
Gradient elution, conformational effects      411Ч414
Gradient elution, molecular weight effect      410Ч411
Gradient elution, principles      398Ч410
Gradient elution, systematic development      414Ч426
Hemoglobin, $A_{1c}$      599Ч600
Hemoglobin, $A_{1c}$, analyzers      601Ч602
Hemoglobin, $A_{1c}$, cation-exchange      600Ч602
Hemoglobin, $A_{1c}$, immunochemical methods      603
Hemoglobin, $A_{1c}$, reference methods      602
Hemoglobin, variants      589Ч591
Hemoglobin, variants, cation-exchange      592Ч598
Hemoglobin, variants, isoelectric focusing      592
Hemoglobin, variants, reversed-phase      593Ч599
Hydrodynamic volume      51Ч56
Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), peptides      461Ч473
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC)      99Ч245
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), antibodies      620Ч622
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), applications      213Ч224
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), comparison with RPC      116Ч117 201Ч202
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), glycoproteins      643Ч646
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), historical      103Ч110
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), k'      137Ч144
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), mechanism      125Ч129
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), mobile phase      177Ч180
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), mobile phase effects      129Ч137
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), operation      207Ч209
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), preparative      305 318Ч321
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), sorbents      114Ч116 156Ч162
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), strategy      197Ч201
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), surface chemistry      163Ч168
Hydrophobic interactions, mechanisms      125Ч129 146Ч156
Hydrophobic interactions, models, preferential interaction      151Ч152
Hydrophobic interactions, models, solvophobic      146Ч151
Hydrophobic interactions, models, stoichiometric solvent displacement      152Ч155
Hydrophobic interactions, surface tension      146Ч151 177Ч180
Hydrophobic interactions, temperature, effects of      180Ч197 200Ч201
Hydrophobic interactions, thermodynamics      144Ч146 180Ч197
Hydroxyapatite chromatography (HAC), antibodies      619Ч620
Hydroxyapatite chromatography (HAC), glycoproteins      639Ч641
Immunodetection      653Ч688
Immunodetection, capillary electrophoretic      666Ч673
Immunodetection, enhancing sensitivity      673Ч682
Immunodetection, tandem chromatography      661Ч666
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC)      81Ч98
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), antibodies      615Ч619
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), capacity      97Ч98
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), cereal proteins      553Ч556
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), cleaning columns      500
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), glycoproteins      638Ч639
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), hemoglobin      592Ч593
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), macromolecules, of      88Ч91
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), membrane proteins      521 525Ч527 536Ч537
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), mobile phase      95Ч97
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), peptides      452Ч461
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), preparative      303Ч317
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), resins      32Ч34
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), resolution      94Ч98
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), retention      91Ч94
Ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), sorbents      82Ч85
Loadability      2
Mass spectrometry (MS), electrospray ionization      693Ч697
Mass spectrometry (MS), fragmentation      704Ч709
Mass spectrometry (MS), glycoproteins      646Ч651
Mass spectrometry (MS), matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI)      697Ч704
Mass spectrometry (MS), methods      689Ч704
Mass spectrometry (MS), oligonucleotides      729Ч734
Mass spectrometry (MS), peptides      720Ч722
Mass spectrometry (MS), proteins after gel electrophoresis      722Ч729
Mass spectrometry (MS), recombinant proteins      711Ч720
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC)      247Ч280
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), affinity tags      249Ч250
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), amino acid specificity      249Ч252
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), antibodies      627Ч628
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), applications      272Ч276
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), chelating ligates      254Ч257
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), glycosylation, effect of      252
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), metal ions      258Ч263
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase      263Ч271
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase, competitive displacers      269Ч270
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase, detergents      270
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase, organic solvents      270Ч271
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase, pH      267Ч269
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), mobile phase, salt      263Ч267
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), multimodal chromatography      276Ч277
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), operation      271Ч272
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), phosphate specificity      253
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), stationary phase      253Ч263
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), stationary phase, spacer arm      257
Metal interaction chromatography (MIC), stationary phase, support matrix      258
Mixed modality sorbents, hydrophobic      168Ч170
Mixed modality sorbents, metal ion interaction      276Ч277
Monolithic columns      11 43Ч45
Multistep HPLC      440Ч441
Oligonucleotidcs, MS of      729Ч734
p1      86Ч88
Peptide standards      441Ч442
Peptide standards, conformation      447Ч448
Peptide standards, IEC      454Ч461
Peptide standards, RPC      478Ч490
Peptide standards, SEC      445Ч446
Peptides      433Ч511
Peptides, characteristics      434Ч435
Peptides, column selection      437Ч441
Peptides, conformation      487Ч490
Peptides, detection      435Ч437
Peptides, HILIC/CEC      461Ч473
Peptides, IEC      452Ч461
Peptides, MS of      720Ч722
Peptides, prediction of retention      486Ч487
Peptides, RPC      473Ч500
Peptides, SEC      442Ч451
Peptides, troubleshooting      500Ч503
Photodiode array (PDA), conformational studies      755Ч767
Photodiode array (PDA), detector design      741Ч751
Photodiode array (PDA), flow cell design      745Ч751
Photodiode array (PDA), wavelength      752Ч755
Polymer support, agarose      21Ч22
Polymer support, cellulose      20Ч21
Polymer support, compressed gels      42
Polymer support, macroporous      22Ч25
Polymer support, membrane      40Ч42
Polymer support, monodisperse      38Ч39
Polymer support, monolith      43Ч45
Polymer support, pores      19Ч20 24
Polymer support, preparation      18Ч19
Polymer support, surface modification      26Ч27
Polymer support, surface modification, affinity      33Ч38
Polymer support, surface modification, hydrophobic      31Ч32
Polymer support, surface modification, ion-exchange      32Ч34
Polynucleotide, characteristics      282Ч285
Precipitation      377Ч378 389Ч390
Preparative chromatography      281Ч373
Preparative chromatography, adsorption isotherms      295Ч296
Preparative chromatography, analytical vs.      294Ч300
Preparative chromatography, cereal proteins      574
Preparative chromatography, continuous      359Ч369
Preparative chromatography, continuous, affinity belt      367Ч369
Preparative chromatography, continuous, affinity recycle extraction      366Ч367
Preparative chromatography, continuous, annular      363Ч365
Preparative chromatography, continuous, counter current      369
Preparative chromatography, continuous, membrane      365Ч366
Preparative chromatography, continuous, simulated moving bed      361Ч363
Preparative chromatography, equipment      298Ч300
Preparative chromatography, media      300Ч351
Preparative chromatography, media, adsorption      341 351
Preparative chromatography, media, affinity      318 322Ч339
Preparative chromatography, media, hydrophobic interaction      305 318Ч321
Preparative chromatography, media, ion-exchange      303Ч317
Preparative chromatography, media, modes      301Ч304
Preparative chromatography, media, particle size      352Ч353
Preparative chromatography, media, reversed phase      341 349Ч350
Preparative chromatography, media, size exclusion      336 342Ч348
Preparative chromatography, media, sorbents      301Ч302
Preparative chromatography, modes      296Ч298
Preparative chromatography, packing columns      357Ч359
Preparative chromatography, productivity      353Ч356
Preparative chromatography, scale-up      356Ч359
Pressure      183
Pressure in preparative chromatography      300Ч301
Protease inhibitors      286
Protein structure, characteristics      117Ч118 281Ч282
Protein structure, conformation by PDA      755Ч767
Protein structure, folding      191Ч197
Protein structure, solvent effects      118Ч120
Protein structure, spectroscopic elucidation      120Ч124 202Ч207
Protein structure, thermodynamics      180Ч197
Proteins, cereal      547Ч548
Proteins, cereal, characterization      566Ч570
Proteins, cereal, genetic studies      573Ч574
Proteins, cereal, quality      576Ч578
Proteins, cereal, varietal identification      570Ч573
Proteins, fusion      336 340
Proteins, membrane      513Ч516
Proteins, membrane, troubleshooting      532Ч535
Proteins, recombinant by MS      711Ч720
Proteins, therapeutic      292Ч294
Retention, models      146Ч155
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC)      99Ч245
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), applications      209Ч212 222Ч224
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), cereal proteins      551Ч557
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), cleaning columns      501Ч502
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), comparison with HIC      116Ч117 201Ч202
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), glycoproteins      641Ч644
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), historical      103Ч110
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), ion pair agents      473Ч478 490Ч491
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), k'      137Ч144
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), mechanism      125Ч129
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), membrane proteins      530Ч534 537Ч540
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), mobile phase, effects      129Ч137
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), mobile phase, general      170Ч173
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), mobile phase, organic solvent      173Ч177
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), mobile phase, salts      177Ч180
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), operation      207Ч209
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), peptides      473Ч500
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), preparative      341 349Ч350
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), sorbents      110Ч114 156Ч162
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), strategy      197Ч201
Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC), surface chemistry      162Ч163
Sample preparation      375Ч395
Sample preparation, antibodies      613Ч614
Sample preparation, cereal proteins      548Ч551 560Ч561
Sample preparation, concentration      389Ч390
Sample preparation, desalting      391Ч392
Sample preparation, detergent removal      387Ч389
Sample preparation, extraction, liquid-liquid      378
Sample preparation, extraction, liquid-solid      378
Sample preparation, extraction, solid-phase (SPE)      379Ч384
Sample preparation, extraction, supercritical flow      378
Sample preparation, membrane proteins      519
Sample preparation, solubilization      384Ч387
Sample preparation, ultrafiltration      390
Silica, $pK_a$      6Ч7
Silica, calcination      5
Silica, pores      3Ч4 9
Silica, preparation      11Ч12
Silica, stability      10
Silica, structure      3
Silica, surface      4Ч7
Silica, surface area      9
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)      49Ч79
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), $K_D$      50Ч52
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), antibodies      614Ч616
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), band spreading      61Ч64
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), cereal proteins      552Ч554 556
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), cleaning columns      500
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), loading capacity      72
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), membrane proteins      521Ч524 535Ч536
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), methodology      69Ч72
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), mobile phase      69Ч70
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), nonideal      72Ч75 443Ч445
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), peptides      442Ч451
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), preparative      336 342Ч348
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), resolution      56Ч64
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), supports      64Ч68
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), troubleshooting      77
Solid-phase extraction (SPE)      379Ч384
Solid-phase extraction (SPE), batch      379
Solid-phase extraction (SPE), cartridge      380Ч384
Solubilization      384Ч387
Spectroscopy, protein conformation      120Ч124 202Ч207
Surface tension      146Ч151
Temperature, effect of, cereal proteins      557Ч559
Temperature, effect of, hydrophobic interactions      180Ч197 200Ч201
Temperature, effect of, peptides      495Ч497
Titration curves      86Ч88
Void volume      50Ч51
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