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Narayanasamy P. — Molecular biology in plant pathogenesis and disease management. Disease development
Narayanasamy P. — Molecular biology in plant pathogenesis and disease management. Disease development

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Название: Molecular biology in plant pathogenesis and disease management. Disease development

Автор: Narayanasamy P.


The discovery of the structure of DNA followed by the introduction of recombinant DNA technology has provided significant impetus to the applications of molecular techniques widely in biological sciences including plant pathology. Molecular techniques have been very useful in understanding the phenomenon of plant pathogenesis (disease development) and for elucidating the intricacies of the interactions between microbial plant pathogens and the host plants at cellular and molecular levels. Molecular genetic tools allow the identification and functional analysis of genes involved in the interplay of pathogens and their host plants. The interaction of products of pathogenicity genes and host defense genes determine the progress of pathogenesis either leading to development of disease in susceptible plants or disease suppression in resistant plants that can perceive the presence of pathogen and activate their defense genes that encode various antimicrobial compounds or form formidable barriers arresting the invasion of host tissues by the pathogen concerned. Successful pathogens have mechanisms that specifically counteract and dismantle plant defense components, resulting in avoidance of host’s surveillance system, prevention of activation of plant defenses and development of pathways to suppress manifestation of host defense responses. Various kinds of effector proteins secreted by fungal and bacterial pathogens create conditions favoring pathogen colonization of host tissues to varying degrees. On the other hand, viral pathogens even with such small genomes that carry information for the synthesis of viral nucleic acid and other structural components, are able to deplete efficiently the resources of infected plants to their advantage.

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Год издания: 2008

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