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Kohlstadt I. (ed.) — Scientific evidence for musculoskeletal, bariatric, and sports nutrition
Kohlstadt I. (ed.) — Scientific evidence for musculoskeletal, bariatric, and sports nutrition

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Название: Scientific evidence for musculoskeletal, bariatric, and sports nutrition

Автор: Kohlstadt I. (ed.)


Scientists and clinicians who want to broaden their understanding of the musculoskeletal
system should read this book, whether their patients are top-placed
marathon runners or persons for whom taking ten steps out of bed is a marathon.
As a society, we are very accustomed to the visible functions of muscle, fat,
bone, and connective tissue. We frequently refer to the musculoskeletal system
when describing a person — frail, strong, brittle-boned, big, lean, short, agile,
muscular, skinny, fit, and so on. Minutes after a child’s birth we proudly announce
those two key musculoskeletal parameters of height and weight.
Contrast what meets the eye to the unseen critical functions of the musculoskeletal
system. The human body is a veteran of famine, deprivation, and procreation.
In its millennia of experience, maintaining blood pH and temperature,
fueling the brain and vital organs, and defending against foreign invaders have
been afforded top priority and receive minute-by-minute attention. One may think
of it like this: the musculoskeletal system is analogous to a bank account on
which the body draws to satisfy its top priorities. Millions of “transactions” occur
each second and are known collectively as our metabolism. Only if funds are
available does the body maintain muscle for strength, bone for structure, fat for
shape, and connective tissue for motion.

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 621

Добавлена в каталог: 30.03.2011

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