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Barrett D.M., Somogyi L.P., Ramaswamy H.S. — Processing fruits. Science and technology
Barrett D.M., Somogyi L.P., Ramaswamy H.S. — Processing fruits. Science and technology

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Название: Processing fruits. Science and technology

Авторы: Barrett D.M., Somogyi L.P., Ramaswamy H.S.


This book is the second edition of a two-volume book series published in 1996. The first edition
separated the biology, principles, and applications into volume one and the major processed products
in volume two. When we were asked to consider the editorship of a second edition, we readily agreed because it was clear that an even more detailed and current publication could result given new research and technology. In this second edition, we have introduced new technologies that
appear to show promise for the preservation of fruit, such as the production of fresh-cut fruit. There
are two brand new chapters addressing these topics. In many cases, we have gone back to the first
edition authors and asked for their assistance in updating their chapters. We have added new authors
to some chapters, in order to broaden the scope of what was written previously.
For this second edition, we decided to put both of the original volumes into one complete
package, allowing the reader to consult one succinct resource for anything he or she wants to know about fruit processing. This book is unique in comparison to others currently available because it
covers a greater breadth of topics, and includes detailed descriptions of the processing of over 20 different major fruits. No other book published in the last 25 years (with the exception perhaps of the first edition of this series) comes close to providing the same degree of information on methods for the preservation of fruit.

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Издание: 2nd edition

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 841

Добавлена в каталог: 22.03.2011

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