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Jost W. (ed.), Olmsted W. (ed.) — A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism
Jost W. (ed.), Olmsted W. (ed.) — A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism

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Название: A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism

Авторы: Jost W. (ed.), Olmsted W. (ed.)


The essays in A Companion to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism explore rhetoric as a
practical art of deliberation and judgment, best taught and learned through concrete
examples of argument, interpretation, and criticism. Historically and in our own time
scholars have shown that rhetoric can very well be theorized in the strong sense that
specific principles can provide direction for inquiries into thought and persuasion.
But this theorizing tends to remove itself from the indeterminacies of practical life
and the conflicts of representation in texts and their contexts. Moreover, many forms
of what is sometimes called ‘‘rhetorical criticism’’ treat interpretive issues without
considering the ways texts engage with complex audiences (so well articulated by
James Phelan and Peter Rabinowitz in their essays) or practical contemporary issues
(exemplarily demonstrated in James Crosswhite’s essay), and without relating those
matters to specific times and places (among others, for example, Thomas O. Sloane on
Erasmus and Milton and Nancy S. Struever on Vico and Collingwood). And sometimes
theorists and even critics of rhetoric undertake very abstract discussions in spite
of the fact that rhetoric involves reasoning that is necessarily embedded in particular
practical problems and situations. Even those well advanced in the study of rhetoric
recognize that learning and mastering rhetoric requires engaging concrete texts in
their specific, situated contexts.

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 522

Добавлена в каталог: 15.02.2011

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