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Zaloga S.J. — Campaign 104 - D-Day 1944 Utah Beach & the US Airborne Landings
Zaloga S.J. — Campaign 104 - D-Day 1944 Utah Beach & the US Airborne Landings

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Название: Campaign 104 - D-Day 1944 Utah Beach & the US Airborne Landings

Автор: Zaloga S.J.


The plans for the US Army at Utah Beach were a bold attempt to use airborne units to overcome the difficult terrain behind the beachhead. In the largest combat airdrop of the war so far, two airborne divisions were delivered at night behind enemy lines with the aim of securing the key bridges and access points. Due to the inherent risks of such a night operation, the paratroopers were very scattered and unable to carry out many of their specific missions. Yet in spite of these problems, the gamble paid off. The landings at Utah Beach were never in doubt, and within a day the US Army had a firm foothold in Normandy. The earlier book in this D-Day series on Omaha Beach provides a more detailed account of the planning and preparation for US Army operations on D-Day. This book is intended to complement it by providing a more detailed look at IS Army operations subsequent to D-Day. With the capture of Cherbourg and the Cotentin peninsula, the Wehrmacht lost any hope that the Allies could be dislodged from France.

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 98

Добавлена в каталог: 07.02.2011

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