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Tomanek D., Enbody R.J. — Science and application of nanotubes
Tomanek D., Enbody R.J. — Science and application of nanotubes

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Название: Science and application of nanotubes

Авторы: Tomanek D., Enbody R.J.


This volume is a result of the Nanotube '99 Workshop, held in late July 1999. It is the most up-to-date compendium representing the state of the art in the rapidly developing field of nanotubes. An important focus is on the relative merits of the various techniques used to synthesize nanotubes of carbon and other materials. Another important issue addressed is the effect of synthesis conditions on the multitude of morphologies that have by now been observed, and the characterization of the structures. Important advances are reported in the understanding of mechanical and chemical properties of nanotubes, including their potential use for hydrogen storage and nano-manipulators in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). The unusual electronic properties of nanotubes, which seem to attract most attention in the field, are represented accordingly, alongside the first likely commercial application of nanotubes in high-efficiency flat-panel displays.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 398

Добавлена в каталог: 24.10.2005

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Предметный указатель
$C_{60}$ molecules      2
$C_{60}$ molecules in peapods      see "Peapods"
Adsorption, heat of      217
Adsorption, hydrogen      see "Hydrogen storage"
Adsorption, isotherms      217
Adsorption, methane      215
applications      35
Arc-discharge synthesis      1 67—68 94 297
Atomic force microscopy (AFM)      83 85 300
Atomic force microscopy (AFM), tapping mode      85
Attachment of nanotubes      371
Bucky-paper      370
Bundles of nanotubes      see "Ropes of nanotubes"
Carbon arc      see "Arc-discharge synthesis"
Carbon fibers      11
Carbon fibers, adhesion of      39
Carbon fibers, air-etched      47
Carbon fibers, composites of      see "Composites of fibers"
Carbon fibers, continuous formation of      35—36
Carbon fibers, elastic modulus      41 43—44 46 48—49
Carbon fibers, electric conductance      49
Carbon fibers, graphitized      47
Carbon fibers, infiltration of polymers      38
Carbon fibers, modulus      see "Carbon fibers elastic
Carbon fibers, properties improvement      48
Carbon fibers, shear strength      47
Carbon fibers, tensile strength      41—43 46
Carbon fibers, vapor-grown      35—36
Carbon filaments      35
Carbon filaments, formation of      35
Carbon nanotubes, coiled      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, composites      see "Composites of nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, conductance      see "Electric transport"
Carbon nanotubes, defects in      see "Defects in nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, electric properties      see "Electric properties"
Carbon nanotubes, field emission      see "Field electron emission"
Carbon nanotubes, filling      see "Filling of nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, growth      see "Growth mechanism"
Carbon nanotubes, magnetic properties      see "Magnetic properties"
Carbon nanotubes, mechanical properties      see "Mechanical properties"
Carbon nanotubes, morphology      see "Morphology of nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, purification      see "Synthesis of nanotubes purification"
Carbon nanotubes, ropes of      see "Ropes of nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, spiral      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, synthesis of      see "Synthesis of nanotubes"
Carbon nanotubes, transport in      see "Electric transport or Thermal transport"
Catalytic synthesis      12 84—85 152
Chemical composition      5
Chemical vapor deposition synthesis      152 181 299 350
Coiled nanotubes      83—84 90 224 299 304
Coiled nanotubes, pitch of      90
Combustion      35
Composites of fibers      41 94 98
Composites of fibers, electric conductance      49
Composites of nanotubes      58 93 98
Composites of nanotubes, $Al_{2}O_{3}$-based      154
Composites of nanotubes, $MgAl_{2}O_{4}$-based      159
Composites of nanotubes, deformation of      93
Composites of nanotubes, densification fracture      164
Composites of nanotubes, electric conductance      166
Composites of nanotubes, fracture strength      165
Composites of nanotubes, matrix reinforcement      100
Composites of nanotubes, matrix-nanotube interaction      102
Composites of nanotubes, mechanical properties      93 98 100 165
Composites of nanotubes, metal-oxide composites      152—153
Composites of nanotubes, MgO-based      161
Composites of nanotubes, nanotube-matrix interaction      166
Conductance of nanotubes      see "Electric transport"
Construction using nanotubes      365
Construction using nanotubes, attachment      see "Attachment of nanotubes"
Construction using nanotubes, manipulation      see "Manipulation of nanotubes"
Construction using nanotubes, multiple tube assembly      374
Construction using nanotubes, weaving      374
Contact potential      19
Cutting of nanotubes      373
Defects in nanotubes      28 103 128
Defects in nanotubes, dilute disorder      113
Defects in nanotubes, formation of      31
Defects in nanotubes, heptagon      84
Defects in nanotubes, interference effects      112
Defects in nanotubes, local charge neutrality      131
Defects in nanotubes, localization length      116
Defects in nanotubes, Lyapunov exponents      116
Defects in nanotubes, pentagon      84
Defects in nanotubes, pentagon-heptagon pair      29 90
Defects in nanotubes, scattering from defects      109
Defects in nanotubes, Stone — Wales      17 30—31 196
Deformation of nanotubes      95
Deformation of nanotubes, addimer-induced transformation      198
Diffraction      2 7
Doping of nanotubes      231
Electric properties      223
Electric properties, metallic CNTs      22
Electric properties, semiconducting CNTs      22 231
Electric properties, work function of CNTs      362
Electric transport      195 223 231
Electric transport, Aharonov — Bohm effect      306 308
Electric transport, anti-resonance      144
Electric transport, ballistic      118 137 199 305 309 334 350 352
Electric transport, bent nanotubes      236
Electric transport, bond rotation defect      144
Electric transport, breakdown      223 229
Electric transport, capped nanotubes      137 143
Electric transport, coherence length      223 226 309
Electric transport, conductance      22 103—104 129
Electric transport, conductance quantization      305 333
Electric transport, contact resistance      349
Electric transport, current densities      229
Electric transport, current-voltage characteristics      351
Electric transport, defect scattering      137 200
Electric transport, dependence on energy      339 343
Electric transport, diffusive      308
Electric transport, effect of tube diameter      141
Electric transport, fabrication of contacts      351
Electric transport, inhomogeneous multi-wall nanotubes      342
Electric transport, Kondo scattering      228
Electric transport, Landauer — Buettiker formalism      107 336
Electric transport, localization      118 223
Electric transport, localization length      140
Electric transport, Luttinger liquid behavior      228 305—306 310
Electric transport, magnetoresistance      227 308
Electric transport, multi-wall nanotubes      307 338 349
Electric transport, non-ohmic      231
Electric transport, ohmic      118
Electric transport, quantum interference      306
Electric transport, quasi-ballistic      309
Electric transport, quasiparticle lifetime      113
Electric transport, resonances in transmission      138
Electric transport, scattering from      322
Electric transport, scattering theory of      see "Scattering theory"
Electric transport, single-wall nanotubes      307
Electric transport, spin-orbit scattering      228
Electric transport, strong isolated defects      141
Electric transport, strong localization      227
Electric transport, sub-band contribution      141
Electric transport, superconductivity      352
Electric transport, temperature-dependent resistance      307
Electric transport, transmission gap      142
Electric transport, transmission probability      138—140 143 336
Electric transport, twisted nanotubes      236
Electric transport, universal conductance fluctuations      227
Electric transport, weak localization      225
Electric transport, weak uniform disorder      140
Electric transport, zero-bias anomaly      228 310
Electrodes, graphite      2 6
Electrolysis      2
Electron diffraction      2
Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS)      2 7
Electron irradiation      302
Electron spin resonance      311
Electron spin resonance, multi-wall tubes      312
Electron spin resonance, single-wall tubes      313
Electronic structure      18 123 126
Electronic structure, $pp\pi$ matrix element $\gamma_{0}$      256 275 311
Electronic structure, band dispersion      77 79—80 276
Electronic structure, band-bending in semiconducting nanotubes      232
Electronic structure, charge density waves      322
Electronic structure, charge transfer at interfaces      see "Interface with metals charge
Electronic structure, D-band      292
Electronic structure, density matrix      322—323
Electronic structure, density of states      139 240 253 255—256 311
Electronic structure, electron spin g-factor      312
Electronic structure, electronic states      103
Electronic structure, Fermi-level pinning      121
Electronic structure, G' band      293
Electronic structure, graphite      20 264 281—282
Electronic structure, localized states      103 240
Electronic structure, metallic nanotubes      278 281
Electronic structure, multi-wall nanotubes      338
Electronic structure, particle-hole state symmetry      276
Electronic structure, pseudogaps      24
Electronic structure, self-consistent potential      124
Electronic structure, semiconducting nanotubes      278 281
Electronic structure, single-wall nanotubes      17 103 137 223 321
Electronic structure, Slonczewski — Weiss — McClure band model      275
Electronic structure, spin relaxation      312
Electronic structure, spin susceptibility      311
Electronic structure, spin-orbit coupling      312
Electronic structure, tunneling states      322
Electronic structure, van Hove singularities      24 280 283 309
Energy storage, electrochemical double layer      209
Field electron emission, closed nanotubes      315
Field electron emission, cold cathode      355 362
Field electron emission, current stability      363
Field electron emission, current-voltage characteristics      360
Field electron emission, densities of emitters in displays      363
Field electron emission, display brightness      359
Field electron emission, display characteristics      359
Field electron emission, emission current      362
Field electron emission, emitter array      248
Field electron emission, field enhancement      241 245—248 316 360
Field electron emission, flat-panel display      355 359
Field electron emission, Fowler — Nordheim theory      239 318
Field electron emission, isolated multi-wall nanotubes      314
Field electron emission, localized states      246
Field electron emission, luminescence induced by      317
Field electron emission, mechanism      318
Field electron emission, nanotube cathode      355 362
Field electron emission, nanotube emitter array      316
Field electron emission, onset electric field      360
Field electron emission, open-ended nanotube emitter      315
Field electron emission, uniformity      360
Filling of nanotubes      1 3
Filling of nanotubes, by $C_{60}$      see "Peapods"
Filling of nanotubes, by metals      77 81
Filling of nanotubes, capillarity      1
Formation process      see "Growth mechanism or Synthesis of nanotubes"
Graphite, electrodes      see "Electrodes graphite"
Graphite, electronic structure      see "Electronic structure graphite"
Graphite, exfoliation of graphite      see "Growth mechanism graphite
Graphite, fluorination      see "Synthesis of nanotubes fluorinated
Graphite, phonon structure      see "Phonon structure graphite"
Graphitization      12
Growth mechanism      2 10 53
Growth mechanism, base growth      163 191
Growth mechanism, boron nitride (BN) nanotubes      53—54 58 62—63
Growth mechanism, carbon nanotubes      53—54 190
Growth mechanism, dynamics      60
Growth mechanism, frustration effects      58
Growth mechanism, frustration energies      60
Growth mechanism, graphite exfoliation      171
Growth mechanism, lip-lip interaction      56
Growth mechanism, multi-wall nanotubes (MWNTs)      57
Growth mechanism, single-wall nanotubes (SWNTs)      54
Growth mechanism, termination      12
Growth mechanism, tip-growth      163 191
Growth mechanism, yarmulke-growth      163
Heat conductance      see "Thermal transport"
Helicity      see "Coiled nanotubes pitch
Hybrid assemblies of nanotubes      67
Hydrogen storage      215
Hydrogen storage, capacity      209
Hydrogen storage, cyclic stability      207
Hydrogen storage, electrochemical      205
Hydrogen storage, reaction rate      209
Hydrogenation of nanotubes      302
Inter-wall coupling      27
Interface with metals      121 124 127
Interface with metals, charge transfer      124
Junctions of nanotubes      30
Light emission      317
magnetic properties      312
Manipulation of nanotubes      365
Manipulation of nanotubes, attachment      see "Attachment of nanotubes"
Mechanical properties      195 297
Mechanical properties, bending modulus      see "Young's modulus"
Mechanical properties, disorder      302
Mechanical properties, ductile-brittle domain map      198
Mechanical properties, elastic modulus      see "Young's modulus"
Mechanical properties, fracture toughness      154
Mechanical properties, mechanical strength      300
Mechanical properties, multi-wall nanotubes      93—94 100
Mechanical properties, nanotube composites      see "Composites of nanotubes"
Mechanical properties, nanotube ropes      300
Mechanical properties, tensile strength      94
Mechanical properties, Young's modulus      94 300
Metal-induced gap states (MIGS)      122 132
Moire super-pattern      27
Molecular dynamics simulations      53
Morphology of nanotubes      58 83
Morphology of nanotubes, achiral      see "Morphology of nanotubes non-chiral"
Morphology of nanotubes, armchair      22 24 54 60
Morphology of nanotubes, bundled      see "Ropes of nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, capped      216
Morphology of nanotubes, chiral      17 25—26
Morphology of nanotubes, coiled      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, diameter      162 187
Morphology of nanotubes, Euler's theorem      55
Morphology of nanotubes, helical      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, multi-wall      10 27 56
Morphology of nanotubes, non-chiral      25
Morphology of nanotubes, rings      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, rippling in bent nanotubes      304
Morphology of nanotubes, ropes      see "Ropes of nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, single-wall      10 17 54 93—95 122
Morphology of nanotubes, spiral      see "Coiled nanotubes"
Morphology of nanotubes, symmetry      27—28
Morphology of nanotubes, terminating caps      23 27 54
Morphology of nanotubes, twisted      28 236
Morphology of nanotubes, zig-zag      24 54 61
Nanoencapsulates      177
Nanotube ropes      see "Ropes of nanotubes"
Nanotubes, boron nitride      53
Nanotubes, carbon      see "Carbon nanotubes"
Nanowires      2 9—10
Optical conductivity of nanotubes      306
Peapods      67—68
Phase diagrams      13—14
Phonon structure, anti-Stokes spectra      258
Phonon structure, combination modes      266 270
Phonon structure, D-band      261
Phonon structure, dependence on tube diameter      256
Phonon structure, G'-band      261
Phonon structure, graphite      264
Phonon structure, overtone modes      266
Phonon structure, radial breathing mode      253 256
Phonon structure, resonant Raman scattering      see "Raman spectroscopy resonant"
Phonon structure, Stokes spectra      258
Phonon structure, tangential stretching mode      253 256
Pulsed laser vaporization synthesis      67—68 94
1 2
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