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Gunston B. — Panavia Tornado
Gunston B. — Panavia Tornado

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Название: Panavia Tornado

Автор: Gunston B.


This book describes the most important weapon system in Western Europe and the greatest example of international technical collaboration there has ever been Homegrown combat aircraft in Western Europe have become thin on the ground, and those thai do get sorted (especially in Britain) have tended to become the subject of a barrage of ill-informed criticism. In its early years Tornado was called MRCA (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft), and newspapers and TV programmes called it variously stupid', 'an expensive toy' and even ridiculous". With less malice, its name was said to mean Mother Reilly's cardboard aeroplane' Or Must refurbish Canberra again' In fact, as anyone who stops to think will probably realise, air forces generally have a pretty good idea what they want. Unlike some modern warplanes which began life as technology demonstrators or company-sponsored prototypes. Tornado had to be designed to meet the exactly specified needs of three of the world's most experienced air forces and a navy. It more than meets all the demands and. despite all the media could do is actually as complete a success as there has ever been in aviation.
Panavia Tornado is the sixth in Ian Allan's highly successful Modern Combat Aircraft series and provides a complete insight in to the Tornado programme- With over 120 photographs and an authoritative text, renowned aviation writer Bill Gunslon provides, once again, a superb mixture of technical knowledge and 'readability' that will satisfy any enthusiast of modern aircraft.

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Издание: 1st edition

Год издания: 1980

Количество страниц: 114

Добавлена в каталог: 02.02.2011

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