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Texereau J. Ч How To Make A Telescope
Texereau J. Ч How To Make A Telescope

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Ќазвание: How To Make A Telescope

јвтор: Texereau J.


". . . Borrowed from my high school library more than 20 years ago, the earlier book (the First Edition) was my introduction to an avocation that has occupied many evenings and weekends since. That fondly remembered volume forms the core of this new one, with many additions to complement and expand the older text. Reading the text in preparation for this review was like rediscovering an old friend. Key to the book's quality is Texereau's writing style, his workshop hints, diagrams and where appropriate, expansions into theory. The accent is upon the practical Ч details of just what it takes to fabricate an optical telescope . . ." "In the sections devoted to optics both novice and experienced "glass-pushers" will receive guidance that is as clear and in-depth as any that can be found in print . . ." "From the earlier edition he has retained complete instructions on the fabrication of a Newtonian telescope, including optics and mounting, and provides a well-written rationale for its choice as the novice's first telescope. For the new edition he has added detailed plans for the construction of a Cassegrain telescope, including both the primary and secondary optics. He even devotes a sectionЧdefinitely not novice stuff Ч to fabrication of an optical window . . ." "I heartily recommend this new edition of How to Make a Telescope, both to the recently interested telescope maker and the seasoned "telescope nut." Novices will find the spicy, well-illustrated and detailed book that inspired me many years ago, while even old hands should find some new wrinkles within its greatly enlarged text...

язык: en

–убрика: “ехнологи€/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 1957

 оличество страниц: 191

ƒобавлена в каталог: 27.01.2011

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ѕредметный указатель
"f" number, defined      5
"Rappie"      51 83Ч86
"Richest-field" telescope      124 145
"Standard" telescope defined      13Ч15
"Standard" telescope defined, mounting      135Ч141
Aberration      95Ч180
Aberration, reducing to focal plane      95Ч96
Abrasive action, theory      19Ч20
Abrasives      27Ч31
Abrasives, Carborundum      27Ч28
Abrasives, corundum      28 29
Abrasives, elutriation of      28
Abrasives, emery      28
Achromatism      11
Altazimuth mounting      135Ч141
Altazimuth mounting, azimuth axis      139Ч140
Altazimuth mounting, fork assembly      140
Altazimuth mounting, tripod support      141
Altazimuth mounting, vibration      139Ч140
Aluminized mirror, shipping of      156Ч157
Aluminizing      13 146Ч147 153Ч158
Aluminizing, apparatus      153Ч155
Aluminizing, care of coating      157Ч158
Aluminizing, defects in      156
Aluminizing, surface preparation for      154Ч155
Astigmatism      83
Atmospheric turbulence      163Ч169
Bacchi, F.      172 177
Banerji, S.      70
Barlow lens magnifier      180
Beilby, Sir J.J.      23
Camera mounting      105 182Ч183
Carborundum      27Ч28
Cassegrainian telescope      9 10 174 180
Caustic figure      74
Chamfering of mirror disk      54
Circle of least aberration      75 98
Clark, A.      45
Cold pressing      48
Coma      10
Common, A.A.      45
Convection effects      12Ч13 166Ч168
Corundum      28 29
Couder mask      78Ч82 93 96
Couder, A.      6 15 18 25 51 66 69 71 78 86 90 180 168 127 179
Danjon, A.      8 100 147
Defects of mirror figure      6Ч9 56 57 39 75 82Ч88 100
Defects other than figures of revolution      82Ч83
Definition of perfect objective      2
Diagonal mirror      103Ч118 132Ч133
Diagonal mirror, blank      114
Diagonal mirror, compared with prism      103Ч104
Diagonal mirror, cutting to shape      115Ч118
Diagonal mirror, dimensious      104Ч107
Diagonal mirror, final retouching      118
Diagonal mirror, interference testing      107Ч111
Diagonal mirror, mounting      132Ч133
Diagonal mirror, obstruction of beam by      12
Diagonal mirror, refiguring of blank      114Ч116
Diagonal mirror, shapes      104
Diagonal mirror, testing with spherical mirror      111Ч113
Diffraction in Foucault test      70
Diffraction spot radius      4Ч7 98
Diffraction spot radius, airy formula for      5
Draper      31
Dravion      146
Ellison      31 36 90 95
Elutriation      28
Emery      28
Everest, A.W.      45
Exit pupil      119Ч128
eyepieces      1 70 119Ч126 133
Eyepieces, aspheric lens type      124
Eyepieces, Bertele      124
Eyepieces, Erfle      124
Eyepieces, field stop      120
Eyepieces, Hastings      123
Eyepieces, Huygens      120Ч122
Eyepieces, Kellner      125
Eyepieces, monocentric      123
Eyepieces, orthoscopic      123
Eyepieces, Ploessl      124
Eyepieces, Ramsden      70 122
Eyepieces, role of      1
Eyepieces, Steinheil      123
Eyepieces, support for      133
Eyepieces, Tolles      122
Eyepieces, types for standard telescope      123 125Ч128
Eyepieces, wide-angle      124Ч125
False disk      4Ч6
Faure-Geors      174
Field diameter      105Ч107
Figure testing methods      56Ч64
Figure testing methods, Foucault      58Ч72 75Ч82 88 93 189
Figure testing methods, Hartmann      58
Figure testing methods, Lenonvel      58
Figure testing methods, Lyot      59 61 84Ч86 148
Figure testing methods, Michelson interferometer      57
Figure testing methods, Michelson Ч Twyman interferometer      57
Figure testing methods, Ronchi      60
Finders      143Ч145
Finders, characteristics of      145
Finders, mountings for      145
Finders, prism mouorular type      143Ч144
Finders, sighting-aperture type      143
Fine grinding      21 39Ч42
Fine grinding, number of wets in      42
Fizeau apparatus      108
Focal ratio defined      5
Foucault test      24 58Ч72 75Ч83 88 93 100 111
Foucault test, apparatus      64Ч69
Foucault test, diffraction effects in      70Ч72
Foucault test, environment for      69
Foucault test, sensitivity      72
Foucault test, slit source      65Ч67
Foucault, L.      90 146Ч147 150
Gascoigne, S.C.B.      71
Geometric optics      1Ч2
German-type equatorial mounting      174Ч175
Grinding, theory of      19Ч20
H.C.F. (honey comb foundation) lap      45 84
Huvgens' principle      4
Image magnifiers      179Ч180
Interference, nature of      3
Kinematic design      135
Liebig      146
Linfoot, E.H.      71
Local retouching      88Ч91 93Ч95
Longitudinal aberration      74 78
Lyot test      84
Lyot, B.      24 61
Maxwell      64
Mechanical structure      127Ч193
Metcalf      31
Micro-ripple      83Ч86
Mirror alignment      159Ч161
Mirror alignment, final adjustment      158 160Ч161
Mirror alignment, preliminary adjustment      153Ч160
Mirror coating      146Ч158
Mirror, primary      25Ч26 33Ч34
Mirror, primary, blank      25Ч26
Mirror, primary, mounting      127Ч128 131Ч132
Mirror, primary, parallelism of faces      34
Mirror, primary, preparing edge of      33Ч34
Mirror, primary, thermal properties      25
Mirror, primary, thickness      26Ч27
Mordanting      151
Motz, L.      23
Newton's rings      106
Newtonian reflector      9 10
Normal stroke      40Ч41
Objective      1
Ocular, role of      1
Ott, L.      31
Painting the telescope      148
Paper lap      45
Parabolic figure testing      72Ч83
Parabolizing      91Ч95
Parabolizing by localized pressure      95
Parabolizing, classical method      91
Parabolizing, small-tool method      91
Paraboloid      17Ч18
Paraboloid, deviation from sphere      18
photography      105Ч106 171Ч185
Photography, camera mount      182Ч183
Photography, equatorial mountings      171Ч175
Photography, high-resolution      175Ч176 179Ч183
Photography, image magnifiers      179Ч180
Photography, long-exposure      175Ч179
Photography, moon, planets      179Ч185
Photography, stars, nebulae      175Ч179
Physical optics      2Ч3
Pinhole source      68
Pitch      29 41
Pitch lap      47Ч48
Pitch lap, trimming      53Ч54
Polishing      45Ч56
Polishing, "ripple"      84Ч86
Polishing, anviroument for      49Ч50
Polishing, lap composition      29Ч31 84
Polishing, removal of pits      54Ч55
Polishing, technique      31Ч56
Polishing, temperature requirement      49 50
Polishing, theory of      21Ч24
Polishing, time required      54Ч55
Polishing, types of lap      45
Porter, R.W.      31 44
Primary ripple      83Ч86
Prism vs. diagonal mirror      103Ч104
Pyrex mirror disks      28 27 30
Radius of curvature, measuring      37Ч38
Rayleigh criterion      6Ч9 18Ч19
Rayleigh diffraction ring      72 78
Rayleigh, Lord      6 9 19 23 44 70 164
Reflecting telescope      9Ч13
Reflecting telescope, advantages      11Ч12
Reflecting telescope, Cassegrainian      9 10
Reflecting telescope, disadvantages      12Ч13
Reflecting telescope, Newtonlan      9 10
Reflective mirror coating      146Ч158
Refractor telescope      9Ч11
Resolving power of objective      4Ч5
Ritchey, G.W.      40 45 52 78 90
Rouge      29Ч50
Rough grinding      20 35Ч59
Shelters for telescopes      13Ч14
Silicon carbide      27Ч28
Silvering      10Ч13 146Ч153
Silvering, advantages and disadvantages      148
Silvering, methods compared      147
Silvering, mirror preparation      149Ч158
Silvering, mordanting      151
Silvering, polishing of film      153
Silvering, procedure      147Ч153
Silvering, reflectivity      10Ч13 146
Silvering, resilvering requirement      13
Silvering, solutions for      147Ч149
Silvering, temperature      151
Smoothing      21 39Ч45
Smoothing, pitfalls in      44Ч45
Spherical aberration      73Ч82 86Ч88
St Gobain glass      28
Steinheil      25
Stenopaic vision      66
Strong, J.      21 148
Taylor, H.D.      58
Telescope in use      163Ч109
Telescope in use, high-altitude turbulence      168Ч169
Telescope in use, ideal observing lie      168
Telescope in use, local turbulence      167Ч168
Telescope in use, turbulence within telescope      164Ч167
Telescope in use, wavefront deformation formula      164
Telescope shelters      15Ч14
Telescope tube      127Ч133
Telescope tube, painting      146
Telescope tube, vibration      139Ч140
Telescope tube, weight consideration      140
Test data sheet      96Ч100 119
Thompson, E.      21 25
Tool, grinding      26Ч27
Turbulenre      163Ч169
Waxing of pitch lap      52Ч53
Work supports      31Ч33
Zernike, F.      100 171
Zonal defects      86Ч91
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