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Schaedel C. — Men & Machines of the Australian Flying Corps, 1914-19
Schaedel C. — Men & Machines of the Australian Flying Corps, 1914-19

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Название: Men & Machines of the Australian Flying Corps, 1914-19

Автор: Schaedel C.


The Royal Australian Air Force Golden Jubilee year of 1971 has focused attention on a dedicated band of aviation pioneers whose valiant deeds during World War I established the traditions and laid the foundations of the RAAF. These were the men of the Australian Flying Corps.
The AFC was a prime example of national self-awareness, at that time unique among the air services of other British Dominions in World War I. Its members came from all walks of life, and the consequent cross-section of character and skills produced a highly adaptable and very efficient fighting force which earned praise and respect in every theatre in which it served.
Unfortunately, a brief description such as this makes it impossible to give credit to all who played such an important part in achieving final success, be they airmen or ground staff. The names mentioned are used to illustrate certain aspects of the air war in order (o give as complete a picture as possible of the work performed and the dangers faced by the men of the AFC, rather than to highlight the deeds of individuals. Similarly, it is regretted that a work devoted to a national force must necessarily preclude mention of the many Australian airmen who served with great distinction in other Allied services, in some cases with their nationality unrecognised in the history books.
This book is intended as a tribute to Australians who were associated, either in the air or on the ground, with the air battles of World War I. After that terrible conflict, many of the young men of the AFC returned to Australia determined to use their professional abilities to lasting effect and pioneered civil aviation in Australia. Indeed, some of them pioneered not only domestic, but world air routes, and helped to lay the foundations of air transport as we know it today.

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Год издания: 1972

Количество страниц: 59

Добавлена в каталог: 30.12.2010

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