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Papadopoulos M.G. (ed.), Sadlej A.J. (ed.) — Non-linear optical properties of matter
Papadopoulos M.G. (ed.), Sadlej A.J. (ed.) — Non-linear optical properties of matter

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Название: Non-linear optical properties of matter

Авторы: Papadopoulos M.G. (ed.), Sadlej A.J. (ed.)


Because science is by its nature an experimental discipline, only experimental data
can make conceptual notions real. Simple ideas of nonlinear responses go back to
the ancients, in their observations of magnetism. Systemic study of nonlinear properties
really began in the nineteenth century, with the investigations of workers like
Faraday and Seebeck on responses of materials to several applied fields. Maxwell’s
development of the theory of the electromagnetic field permits the correct mathematical
description of optical and electromagnetic response, and therefore underlies
formal approaches to responses both linear and nonlinear. The expansion of the
molecular polarization in a Taylor series in the applied electromagnetic field is
an obvious step to take. Considerations of the fine structure constant and the
requirements for sum rules suggest that higher-order responses for strictly-limited
magnitudes. The actual detailed investigation of materials’ nonlinearities, in particular
n, only began when the intense field permitted by use of laser light made
it possible to observe such responses systematically. The first nonlinear process to
be advantaged by laser measurements was Raman spectroscopy. In the last four
decades, major progress has been made on all nonlinear optical response properties.

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Год издания: 2006

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