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Gall T.L., Gall S.B. — Junior Wolrdmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States
Gall T.L., Gall S.B. — Junior Wolrdmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States

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Название: Junior Wolrdmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States

Авторы: Gall T.L., Gall S.B.


There have been a number of encyclopedias of ethnology published in the last few years. This trend is probably due at least in part to the refocusing of educational curriculum from a geopolitical approach to an emphasis on multicultural awareness. This latest offering is from UXL, the Gale Group imprint that publishes resources aimed specifically at middle-school students. Based on Gale's Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life [RBB My 1 98], this set features rewritten articles that consider the traditions, living conditions, and other characteristics of more than 290 culture groups.
This set's organization parallels that of its sister publication, Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations [RBB My 1 96]. The nine individually numbered volumes feature a straight alphabetical listing of 71 countries, Afghanistan through Zimbabwe. Each country entry begins with a one-paragraph overview of its population composition, followed by individual culture group entries, ranging from coverage of one or two groups (Liechtensteiners, Seychellois, Trinidadians and Tobagonians) through multiple listings for more populous nations (six for both Russia and Spain, seven for India, eight for China), in order according to population size. Culture group entries are organized according to a standardized 20-heading outline. This includes a fact summary (pronunciation, alternate names, population size, etc.), and brief descriptions of location, language, folklore (with some excerpts from traditional stories), religion, rites of passage, family life, clothing, food, education, cultural heritage, recreation, social problems, and more. Bibliographies list age-appropriate articles, benchmark publications, standard reference works, and Web sites. Sprinkled throughout the text are maps, black-and-white captioned photos, vocabulary lists of foreign terms and phrases, and typical recipes that have been Americanized and that call for ingredients readily available in most supermarkets.

An identical glossary of more than 150 terms appears in each volume, as does an index covering all nine volumes. Index terms are limited to culture groups, countries, and regions. Numerous cross-references are provided throughout the set. Text is laid out in a double-column format and features a crisp font on bright white paper. Information is presented in manageable paragraphs with bulleted, numbered outline headings. The lack of color illustrations in no way diminishes the set's visual appeal.

Representative as opposed to comprehensive (there is no entry for the U.S., for example), and concerned with present-day status versus historical development, this set will be useful as introductory material and should be considered as an enhancement to standard titles. Used in conjunction with the aforementioned Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, or a comparable set, such as Lands and Peoples [RBB Jl 97], this resource is most appropriate for elementary-and middle-school collections or those serving ESL/LEP populations. Libraries desiring more complete coverage or serving a more sophisticated clientele might be better served by the parent set, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, which covers more than 500 culture groups. Public, middle, and high-school libraries should also consider Marshall Cavendish's Peoples of the Americas [RBB Ap 1 99], more suited to student research projects but limited to North and South America.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Философия, религия и культура/

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Издание: 2nd Ed

Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 407

Добавлена в каталог: 21.11.2010

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