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Gdoutos E.E. — Fracture mechanics. An introduction
Gdoutos E.E. — Fracture mechanics. An introduction

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Название: Fracture mechanics. An introduction

Автор: Gdoutos E.E.


New developments in the applications of fracture mechanics to engineering problems have taken place in the last years. Composite materials have extensively been used in engineering problems. Quasi-brittle materials including concrete, cement pastes, rock, soil, etc. all benefit from these developments. Layered materials and especially thin film/substrate systems are becoming important in small volume systems used in micro and nanoelectromechancial systems (MEMS and NEMS). Nanostructured materials are being introduced in our every day life. In all these problems fracture mechanics plays a major role for the prediction of failure and safe design of materials and structures. These new challenges motivated the author to proceed with the second edition of the book. The second edition of the book contains four new chapters in addition to the ten chapters of the first edition. The fourteen chapters of the book cover the basic principles and traditional applications, as well as the latest developments of fracture mechanics as applied to problems of composite materials, thin films, nanoindentation and cementitious materials. Thus the book provides an introductory coverage of the traditional and contemporary applications of fracture mechanics in problems of utmost technological importance. With the addition of the four new chapters the book presents a comprehensive treatment of fracture mechanics. It includes the basic principles and traditional applications as well as the new frontiers of research of fracture mechanics during the last three decades in topics of contemporary importance, like composites, thin films, nanoindentation and cementitious materials. The book contains fifty example problems and more than two hundred unsolved problems. A "Solutions Manual" is available upon request for course instructors from the author.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Механика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 307

Добавлена в каталог: 17.10.2005

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Предметный указатель
Acoustic emission      303
Antiplane (tearing) mode      16 25 29
Arrest toughness      250
ASTM standard E399—81      60 76 123 134 136
ASTM standard E561—85      131 151
ASTM standard E813—87      167 193
Bend specimen      55 56 123 124 134 164 180 181 182
British Standard BS 5447: 1977      113
British Standard BS 5762      174 182 193
Brittle failures      3
Chevron notch      125
Circular crack      217
COD design curve      172
Compact tension specimen      123 136 166
Compliance      89
Conventional failure criteria      1
Coulomb — Mohr fracture criterion      2
Crack arrest      250
Crack detection methods      301
Crack detection methods, acoustic emission      303
Crack detection methods, dye penetrant      301
Crack detection methods, eddy currents      301
Crack detection methods, magnetic particles      301
Crack detection methods, radiography      302
Crack detection methods, ultrasonics      302
Crack driving force      81
Crack growth resistance curve method      128
Crack growth, environment assisted      275
Crack growth, stable      91 132 211
Crack opening displacement criterion, design curve      172
Crack opening displacement criterion, outline      170
Crack opening displacement criterion, standard test      174
Crack speed      241
Crack stability      91
Crack tip plastic zone      58
Crack tip stress field, dynamic      243
Crack tip stress field, linear elastic      15
Crack, antiplane (tearing) mode      16 25 29
Crack, central      19 25 26 53
Crack, circular      53
Crack, edge      53
Crack, elliptical      28
Crack, opening-mode      16 20
Crack, penny-shaped      220
Crack, periodic array      38
Crack, sliding-mode      16 24
Crack, three-dimensional      28
Cylindrical shell      36 140
da Vinci experiments      5
Dilatational strain energy criterion      215
Double cantilever beam specimen      98 107 108 109
Double cantilever beam specimen, contoured      99
Double torsion specimen      103
Dugdale's model      65
Dye penetrant method      301
Dynamic crack propagation      239
Dynamic fracture      239
Dynamic fracture toughness      248 250
Eddy current method      302
Effective crack length      64 65 70 71 72
Elastic-plastic crack problems      57
Elliptical crack      28
Energy balance      77 78
Energy release rate      79
Environment-assisted fracture      265 275
Failure criteria      1
Fatigue crack propagation laws      267
Fatigue fracture      265
Fatigue life      271
Fracture criterion, crack opening displacement      170
Fracture criterion, J-integral      160
Fracture criterion, strain energy density      195
Fracture criterion, strain energy release rate      117
Fracture criterion, stress intensity factor      117 7
Fracture mechanics design methodology      133
Fracture toughness, definition      12
Fracture toughness, dynamic      248 250
Fracture toughness, plane strain      119
Fracture toughness, plane stress      118
Fracture toughness, thickness dependence      118
Fracture, slant      120 121
Fracture, square      119 121
Griffith theory      5 79 81
Irwin — Orowan theory      132
Irwin's model      63
J-integral, definition      155
J-integral, experimental determination      161
J-integral, for notches and cracks      156
J-integral, fracture criterion      160
J-integral, multiple-specimen method      163
J-integral, relation between J and G      158
J-integral, single specimen method      164
K      see “Stress intensity factor”
Linear elastic stress field in cracked bodies      15
Magnetic particles method      301
Maximum stress criterion      213
Mises yield criterion      2
Mixed-mode crack growth      195 201 213
Mott's model      240
Nondestructive evaluation      301
Opening-mode      16 20
Paris law      269
Path independent integrals      153
Penny-shaped crack      220
Plastic zones around cracks, mixed-mode      67
Plastic zones around cracks, opening-mode      58
Plastic zones around cracks, propagating crack stress field      243
Radiography      302
Resistance curve      128
Shells with cracks      36 140
Singular stress fields, antiplane (tearing) mode      25
Singular stress fields, opening mode      20
Singular stress fields, sliding mode      24
Sliding mode      16 24
Small scale yielding approximation      57
Standards, ASTM E399—81      60 76 123 134 136
Standards, ASTM E561—81      131 151
Standards, ASTM E813—87      167 193
Standards, British BS 5447: 1977      113
Standards, British BS 5762      174 182 193
Strain energy density theory      195
Strain energy density theory, basic hypotheses      199
Strain energy density theory, development of crack profile      211
Strain energy density theory, ductile fracture      210
Strain energy density theory, energy dissipation      210
Strain energy density theory, inclined crack under compression      207
Strain energy density theory, inclined crack under tension      206
Strain energy density theory, opening-mode      204
Strain energy density theory, sliding-mode      205
Strain energy density theory, two-dimensional crack problems      201
Strain energy density theory, uniaxial extension of an inclined crack      203
Stress corrosion cracking      275
Stress intensity factor, antiplane (tearing) mode      25
Stress intensity factor, compact tension specimen      124
Stress intensity factor, critical value      118 122
Stress intensity factor, definition      21
Stress intensity factor, double cantilever beam specimen      98
Stress intensity factor, dynamic      243
Stress intensity factor, fracture criterion      117
Stress intensity factor, opening mode      21
Stress intensity factor, sliding mode      24
Stress intensity factor, tearing mode      25 29
Stress intensity factor, three-point bend specimen      124
Tearing mode      25 29
Three-point bend specimen      124 134
Toughness      see “Fracture toughness”
Tresca yield criterion      2
Ultrasonics      302
Velocity, crack propagation      241
Volume strain energy density      196
Westergaard method      17
“Dead-load” loading      81 84 90
“Fixed grips” loading      81 82
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