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Slater J.C., Frank N.H. Ч Electromagnetism
Slater J.C., Frank N.H. Ч Electromagnetism

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Ќазвание: Electromagnetism

јвторы: Slater J.C., Frank N.H.


The present book is the second of several volumes which are intended to replace the Introduction to Theoretical Physics written by the same authors in 1933. By separating the material on mechanics, on electromagnetism, and on the quantum theory, we believe that it is possible to give a somewhat better rounded treatment of each of these fields, which will be more useful to the teacher and the student. We have taken advantage of the opportunity to give a considerably more complete treatment of the foundations of electrostatics and magneto-statics, and to introduce some of the new developments in electromagnetic theory since 1933. At the same time, we have tried to preserve, and even to extend, the general unity of treatment which we believed so important when the earlier book was published. We have a conviction that the teaching of theoretical physics in a number of separate courses, as in mechanics, electromagnetic theory, potential theory, thermodynamics, and modern physics, tends to keep a student from seeing the unity of physics, and from appreciating the importance of applying principles developed for one branch of science to the problems of another.

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√од издани€: 1947

 оличество страниц: 240

ƒобавлена в каталог: 14.11.2010

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ѕредметный указатель
Absorption coefficient, optical      308Ч112 125Ч126
Ampere      3 53
Ampere's law      59Ч62 83Ч85
Ampere, unit      213
Anomalous dispersion      see "Dispersion"
Associated Legendre polynomials or associated spherical harmonics      32Ч34 152 224Ч226
Atomic refractivity      116
Bessel's equation and function      140Ч142 152Ч156 232Ч234
Biot Ч Savart law      53Ч57 63Ч64 157Ч158
Boundary conditions, electromagnetic field      44Ч46 71 117 137
Capacity      21Ч23 206Ч207
Cavities, field in      50Ч51 75
Cavities, resonant      145Ч146
Charge density      23
Clausius Ч Mosotti law      110
Coefficients of Fourier series      30Ч31 164Ч165 217Ч220
Coherence of light      161Ч165
Condenser      21Ч23 40Ч47
Condenser, energy of      96
Conduction of electricity in metals, electron theory of      106 111Ч112
Conductivity, specific electrical      85 111Ч112
Conductor of electricity as an equipotential      15
Constitutive equations      85
Continuity conditions, electromagnetic wave      117 137
Continuity, equation of      84
Convergence of Fourier series      217Ч220
Coordinates, curvilinear, vector operations in      221Ч223
Cornu's spiral      185Ч186
Coulomb      10Ч12 214
Coulomb's law      2 12 158
Cross section, scattering      160
Curl in curvilinear coordinates      222Ч223
Curl of a vector      14 199
Curl of electric field      14 79Ч80 83
Current, density of      61
Current, displacement      83Ч85
Current, surface      67
Curvilinear coordinates, vector operations in      221Ч223
Cutoff in wave guide      129 146
D' Alembert's equation      88
D' Alembert's equation, solution of      169Ч173
Demagnetizing factor      73Ч75
Density of energy in electromagnetic field      95Ч103 213
Density, charge      23
Density, current      61
Diamagnetism      65
dielectric constant      43Ч44 105Ч114
Dielectric constant, relation of to polarization      43Ч44
Dielectrics      41Ч52 105Ч114
Dielectrics, types of      41Ч42
Diffraction      175Ч192
Dipole and dipole moment, electric      35Ч42 227Ч231
Dipole and dipole moment, magnetic      59 70
Dipole and dipole moment, oscillating      157Ч161
Discontinuity in electromagnetic field      44Ч46 71 117 137
Dispersion of electromagnetic waves in metals      111Ч112
Dispersion, electron theory of      105Ч114
Displacement current      83Ч85 211
Displacement, electric      42Ч43
Divergence in curvilinear coordinates      222
Divergence of a vector      24 190
Divergence of electric field      24
Divergence of magnetic induction      57
Divergence theorem      200Ч202
Dominant mode      130
Double layer      35Ч39 171
Einstein's theory of relation between energy and mass      101
Electric conductivity      106 111Ч112
Electric displacement      42Ч43 206
electric field      1Ч52 206
Electric field in a spherical cavity      52
Electric images      16Ч17 47Ч49
Electromagnetic field of oscillating dipoles      157Ч161
Electromagnetic field, energy in      95Ч103
Electromagnetic field, wave equation for      91
Electromagnetic induction      78Ч83 210Ч211
Electromagnetic units      208Ч211
Electromagnetic waves      90Ч95 103
Electromagnetic waves in metals      90Ч95 103 111Ч112
Electromagnetic waves, polarization of      124
Electromagnetic waves, reflection and refraction of      117Ч128
Electromagnetic waves, spherical      148Ч163
Electromotive force      79Ч81
Electron      11
Electron theory and dispersion      105Ч114
Electron, radius of      101 160
Electrostatic field, energy in      95Ч103 213
Electrostatic potential      14Ч18 86Ч88
Electrostatic problems and potential theory      11Ч52
Electrostatic units      205Ч208
Ellipsoid, magnetized      75
Energy, electrical      95Ч103 213
Energy, magnetic      97Ч103 213
Equation of continuity      84
Equipotential surfaces      15Ч17
Farad      11
Faraday's induction law      3 78Ч83 210Ч211
Fermi statistics      114
ferromagnetism      66Ч67 72Ч77
Field      see "Electric field" "Electromagnetic "Electrostatic "Magnetic
Flux, magnetic      79Ч80
Force on charge and current      10 54Ч55 205Ч206
Fourier series      30Ч31 164Ч165 217Ч220
Fraunhofer diffraction      180Ч192
Fresnel diffraction      180Ч187
Fresnel equations for reflection      6 120Ч128
Fresnel integrals      185
Fresnel zones      173Ч178
Gauss      54
Gauss's theorem      3Ч4 19Ч21 34
Gaussian units      211Ч213
Generalized coordinates, vector operations in      211Ч223
Gradient in curvilinear coordinate      221
Gradient of a scalar      14 198Ч199
Green's distribution      38Ч39
Green's method for differential equations      25Ч26 38Ч39
Green's theorem      25 170
Henry      54
Hertz electric waves      7 93
Hertz vector      166
Huygens' principle      5 167Ч178
Hysteresis      73Ч77
Images, method of      16Ч17 47Ч49
Impedance, wave      95
Index of refraction      105Ч114
Induction vector, magnetic      54Ч77
Induction, electromagnetic      78Ч83 210Ч211
Intensity of electric field      10
Intensity of magnetic field      69
Laplace's equation      4 23Ч27 29Ч40 44 168Ч173
Laplacian in curvilinear coordinates      31 222
Leakage, magnetic      75Ч77
Legendre polynomials, associated      32Ч34 152 224Ч226
Legendre's equation      32 152 224Ч226
Lines of force      15Ч17
Lippman fringes      132
Lorenz Ч Lorentz Law      110
Magnetic field      53Ч77 209Ч210
Magnetism      53Ч77 209Ч210
Magnetization vector      67Ч70 209Ч210
Magnetomotive force      75Ч77
Maxwell's equations      2Ч7 43 58 85Ч86 94Ч95 148Ч149 211
Metals, classical electron theory of      111Ч112
Metals, plane waves of light in      90Ч95 103 111Ч112
Metals, reflection of light from      125Ч128
Method of images      16Ч17 47Ч49
Modes in wave guide      129
Molecular refractivity      116
Multiple-valued potential      62
Multipoles      36 227Ч231
Mutual inductance      80Ч82 211
Neumann functions      see "Bessel's equation"
Newton's law of motion      1
Normal incidence, reflection coefficient at      119Ч120
Oersted      3 53
Ohm      214
Ohm's law      15 208
Ohm's law in differential form      85
Open circuits      83Ч85
Optics      90Ч128 148Ч194
Oscillating dipole, radiation from      157Ч161
Oscillator strength      110
Parallel-plate condenser      21Ч22 206
Paramagnetism      65
Permeability, magnetic      69Ч70
Permittivity      43
Phase change in total reflection      124
Plane waves      90Ч95 103
Plane waves, reflection and refraction of      117Ч128
Poisson's equation      4 23Ч27 31 63
Polarizability      37 44
Polarization of dielectric      42Ч46
Polarization of light      124
Polynomials, Legendre      32 152 224Ч226
Potential, electrostatic      14Ч18 86Ч88
Potential, magnetostatic      57Ч62
Potential, retarded      168Ч173
Potential, scalar      14Ч18 86Ч88
Potential, vector      62Ч64 82Ч83 86Ч88
Poynting's vector      99Ч103
Poynting's vector, practical units for      213Ч215
Products of vectors      196Ч198
Progressive waves      90Ч95 103
Propagation constant      91Ч92 126Ч127
Quadrupoles      227Ч231
Quantum theory      7Ч9 112Ч114
Radiation, electromagnetic      90Ч103 148Ч165
Rayleigh      130
Rayleigh scattering      160
Reflection      117Ч128
Refraction      117Ч128
Refraction, index of      105Ч114
Relativity, theory of      9
Relaxation time      89
Resistance, specific      85 111Ч112
Resolving power of a lens      189Ч190
Resolving power, grating      192
Resonance scattering      161
Resonant cavity      135 145Ч146
Retarded potential      168Ч173
Scalar potential      14Ч18 86Ч88
Scalar product      196Ч197
Scattering of light      154Ч156 159Ч165
Self-inductance      80Ч83 211
Separation of variables      29Ч35
Skin depth      126
Snell's law      118Ч119
Solenoid, energy in      98
Solenoid, magnetic field in      61 71
Solids, dispersion in      109Ч114
Specific conductivity      85 208
Specific inductive capacity      43 208
Specific resistance      85 208
Spectral analysis of a light wave      164Ч165
Sphere, conducting      35
Sphere, dielectric      49Ч50
Sphere, magnetized      72Ч74
Spherical electromagnetic waves      148-161
Spherical harmonics      32Ч34 152 224Ч226
Spherical harmonics, associated, or associated Legendre polynomials      32Ч34 152
standing waves      142Ч145
Stokes's theorem      80 202Ч203
Surface-charge density      20Ч21
Susceptibility, electric      44 207Ч208
Susceptibility, magnetic      70
Thomson's formula for scattering of light      160Ч161
Toroid      71
Total reflection      123Ч124
Transverse electric and magnetic modes      136Ч142 144Ч150
Traveling waves      90Ч95 103
Unit vectors      195Ч196
Units, electrical      10Ч12 205Ч216
Vector operations in generalized coordinates      221Ч223
Vector potential      62Ч64 82Ч83 86Ч88
Vectors      10 195Ч204
Velocity of light      93
Volt      10Ч12 213
Wave equation      91 139Ч140
Wave guide      129Ч146
Weber      10 54 215
Work      14
X rays      106 160Ч161 183
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