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Egerton D., Nash W.A. Ч Schaum's outline of strength of materials
Egerton D., Nash W.A. Ч Schaum's outline of strength of materials

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Ќазвание: Schaum's outline of strength of materials

јвторы: Egerton D., Nash W.A.


If you want top grades and thorough understanding of strength of materials, this powerful study tool is the best tutor you can have! It takes you step-by-step through the subject and gives you accompanying related problems with fully worked solutions. You also get hundreds of additional problems to solve on your own, working at your own speed. (Answers at the back show you how youÕre doing.) This superb study guide features clear explanations of the strengths of systems subject to static as well as dynamic loadings. And it's the only guide to this subject with complete programs in FORTRAN for difficult geometries of structural members, including numerical examples. It also offers simpler computer programs for less complex problems.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 474

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.10.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) column formula      358 368Ч371
American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)      2
Angle of twist in torsion      98 101Ч104
Anisotropic material      7
Area, centroid of      154Ч155 159Ч161
Area, first moment of      154 160Ч161
Area, moment of inertia of      155 163Ч167
Area, polar moment of inertia of      96 99 102
Area, radius of gyration of      156 165Ч166
Area, second moment of      155 163Ч167
Axially loaded bars      see Bars
Bars, axially loaded      1Ч25
Bars, computer program for variable cross-section axially loaded bars      21Ч25
Bars, eccentrically loaded      457 459
Bars, subject to combined axial tension and torsion      458
Bars, subject to combined bending and torsion      461
Beam-column      378 385
Beams, bending moment in      125 129Ч141
Beams, cantilever      122 128 133 137 225 237 243 249
Beams, clamped      123 292 295 299 303
Beams, computer program for bending stresses in curved      329Ч335
Beams, computer program for stresses in Beams, unsymmetrically loaded      322Ч326
Beams, curved      311 327Ч329
Beams, dynamic loading on      396Ч398
Beams, elasto-plastic behavior      181 205Ч211
Beams, normal stresses in      178Ч181 184Ч197
Beams, overhanging      123 130 139 238Ч241 264 266
Beams, plastic behavior of      337Ч351
Beams, shearing force in      125 129Ч141
Beams, shearing stresses in      179 198Ч204
Beams, sign convention for deflection of      222
Beams, sign convention for shearing force and bending moment in      125
Beams, statically determinate      123
Beams, statically indeterminate      123
Beams, unsymmetrically loaded in bending      310 318Ч322
Beams, variable crossЧsection      243 247 259
Bending moment and shearing force diagrams      125Ч142
Bending stresses in beams      177Ч198
Bending, elastic      177Ч180 182Ч204
Bending, plastic      180Ч181 204Ч215
Bending, pure      177 185
Breaking strength      5
Brittle materials      3
Buckling of columns      356Ч387
bulk modulus      29
Cantilever beams      128 133 137 225 237 243 249
CastiglianoТs Theorem      393 399Ч413
Centroid of area      154 159Ч161
Coefficient of linear expansion      6 20 45 47
Columns, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) formula      358 368Ч371
Columns, beam-columns      358 378 385
Columns, buckling      356 387
Columns, computer program for axially loaded using AISC formula      372
Columns, computer program for axially loaded using SSRC formula      375
Columns, critical load      357 359Ч364
Columns, design formulas      358
Columns, eccentrically loaded      378
Columns, elastica      379Ч383
Columns, empirical formulas      368
Columns, EulerТs buckling load      357 363Ч365
Columns, inelastic buckling      357
Columns, secant formula      379
Columns, Structural Stability Research Council (SSRC) formula      358 369 370
Columns, tangentЧmodulus formula      365
Combined loadings, axial tension and torsion of bars      457
Combined loadings, bending and torsion of bars      458 461
Combined stresses, equations for      421 428Ч429 440Ч442
Compression      1
Computer programs, bending deformations due to lateral loads      274Ч284
Computer programs, bending stresses in curved beams      326Ч335
Computer programs, buckling of columns, AISC standards      372Ч375
Computer programs, buckling of columns, SSRC standards      375Ч378
Computer programs, principal stresses in two-dimensional loadings      420Ч451
Computer programs, shearing force and bending moment in laterally loaded bars      141Ч145
Computer programs, variable cross-section bar subject to axial tension or compression      21Ч25
Computer programs, variable cross-section bar subject to torsion      107Ч109
Deflection of beams, by double integration      220Ч254
Deflection of beams, by singularity function method      260Ч274
Deflection of beams, by strain energy method      392Ч393 402 404Ч411
Deflection of beams, by superposition      237Ч238
Deflection of beams, computer program for      274Ч283
Design formulas for columns      358
Dilatation      29
Distributed loadings      122Ч124
Double integration method      220Ч254
Ductile materials      3
Dynamic loadings, on bars      396Ч398
Eccentric loading of bars      459 462
Eccentric loading of columns      378
Elastic energy methods in beam bending      403Ч413
Elastic energy methods in bending of curved bars      404Ч410
Elastic limit      4
Elastic range      4
Elastica of a column      379Ч383
Elasticity, effective modulus of      27
Elasticity, modulus of      3Ч4 9Ч31
Elasticity, modulus of, in shear      83
Elongation, percentage      5
Energy methods      see Elastic energy methods
Euler Ч Bernoulli equation      221
EulerТs buckling load      357 363Ч365
Factor of safety      5
Failure, theory of, maximum energy of distortion theory      459 466Ч467 469
Failure, theory of, maximum normal stress theory      465 467
Failure, theory of, maximum shearing stress theory      465 469
Fiber stresses in beams      178 181Ч198
Flexural stresses in beams      178 181Ч198
Force system, determinate      38 393
Force system, indeterminate      39 41Ч57 393
Gyration      see Radius of gyration
Half-range functions      127 135Ч142 see
Hinge, plastic      337 339Ч351
Homogeneous materials      7
HookeТs law      3 8 28
Hoop stresses      63Ч65
Horsepower in rotating shaft      98 105Ч106
Huber Ч von Mises Ч Hencky theory of failure      459 466Ч467 469
I-beam, shearing stresses in      209Ч211
Inertia, moment of, for a finite area      155 162Ч168
Inertia, polar moment of      85 88
Inertia, product of, for a finite area      157 168Ч178
Isotropic materials      7
Limit load, axial loading      54Ч57
Limit load, bending loads      181 204Ч206
Limit load, torsional loads      98 117
Limit, elastic      4
Limit, proportional      4
Loads, combined, on bars      459
Loads, combined, on cylindrical shells      459 462
Loads, critical, on columns      357 359Ч364
Loads, eccentric, on bars      457 459
Loads, eccentric, on columns      378
MacauleyТs method      135 260Ч274
Materials, anisotropic      7
Materials, brittle      3
Materials, ductile      3
Materials, elastic, perfectly plastic      8 40 117 205
Materials, homogeneous      7
Materials, isotropic      7
Materials, mechanical properties of      37
Materials, orthotropic      7
Maximum energy of distortion theory of failure      459 466Ч467 469
Maximum normal stress theory of failure      465 467
Maximum shearing stress theory of failure      465 469
Mechanical properties of materials      37
Meridional stresses      63 77Ч78
Modulus of elasticity      4
Modulus of elasticity in shear      83 97 101
Modulus of resilience      5
Modulus of rigidity      83
Modulus of toughness      5
Modulus, section      179 187 188 209
Modulus, shear      83
Modulus, tangent      6
MohrТs circle      423 427 431Ч433 435Ч436 438 442Ч445 446Ч447
Moment of inertia of an area      155
Moment, bending      125 129Ч135
Moment, first, of a finite area      154
Moment, fully plastic in bending      181 205Ч213
Moment, fully plastic in torsion      117Ч118
Moment, polar, of inertia of area      96 99 102
Moment, second, of a finite area      161. 163Ч168
Moment, twisting      96 99Ч100 103
Neutral axis      178 185Ч195
Neutral surface      178
Normal stresses, in axially loaded bars      1 9Ч20
Normal stresses, in beams      179 181Ч195
Normal stresses, on planes of maximum shearing stresses      431 434
Orthotropic materials      7
Overhanging beams      123 130 139 238Ч241 264 266
Parallel-axis theorem, for moment of inertia of area      156Ч157 166Ч168
Parallel-axis theorem, for product of inertia      157 169 172
Planes, principal      421 436Ч437 441 442
Plastic bending      180Ч181 205Ч213
Plastic section modulus      209
Plastic torsion      98 117Ч118
PoissonТs ratio      6
PoissonТs ratio, effective value of      27
Polar moment of inertia of area      96 99 103
Pressure vessels      63Ч80
Principal axes of a plane area      170Ч173
Principal moments of inertia      170Ч173
Principal planes, shearing stresses on      421 449
Principal stresses, determination of by MohrТs circle      423 431 433 435Ч436 438 442Ч445 446Ч447
Product of inertia of a finite area      157 168 169
Proportional limit      4
Pure bending      177 185
Radius of gyration      156 165
Ratio, PoissonТs      6 26Ч29
Ratio, slenderness      356Ч357
Rectangular beams, shearing stresses in      179Ч180 200Ч201
Resisting moment      124
Resisting shear      125
Secant formula for columns      379
Section modulus      179 186Ч188 190 192
Shaft, horsepower in rotating      98 105Ч106
Shaft, torsion of hollow circular      96Ч97 116
Shaft, torsion of solid circular      96Ч97
Shear center of beam      310 311Ч318
Shear strain      83
Shear stress      82
Shear, resisting      125
Shearing force and bending moment diagrams      126Ч134
Shearing force and bending moment diagrams, computer program for      143Ч145
Shearing stresses, directions of maximum      422 442
Shearing stresses, in beams      179 198Ч204
Shearing stresses, in I-beams      209Ч211
Shearing stresses, in rectangular beams      196 200
Shearing stresses, maximum      440Ч442
Shearing stresses, on perpendicular planes      200
Shearing stresses, on principal planes      421 442
Shells, conical      74Ч75
Shells, cylindrical      64Ч69
Shells, of revolution      77Ч78
Shells, spherical      69Ч72 78Ч79
Shells, toroidal      79Ч30
Shrink fit      72Ч73
Signs for combined stresses      440Ч443
Signs for double integration method      222
Signs for MohrТs circle      423Ч424
Signs for shearing force and bending moment      125 138Ч139
Singularity functions      135 260Ч274
Slenderness ratio      356 361
Specific modulus      7 30
Specific strength      7 30
Spherical shells, stresses in thinЧwalled      69Ч72 78Ч79
Statically determinate beams      123
Statically indeterminate beams      123
Statically indeterminate problems in bending      289Ч305
Statically indeterminate problems in tension and compression      38Ч58
Statically indeterminate problems in torsion      110Ч115
Strain energy in axial loading      394 401 403
Strain energy in bending      395 396
Strain energy in torsion      394 402
Strain, hardening      5
Strain, normal      2
Strain, shear      97
Strength, breaking      5
Strength, ultimate      5
Strength, yield      4
Strength-weight ratio in torsion      102Ч103
Stress, compressive      1
Stress, hoop      63Ч65
Stress, shear      82 84Ч91
Stress, tensile      1
Stress, torsional      97 100Ч103
Stress, working      5
Stress-strain curve      2Ч3
Stresses, bending, in beams      177Ч179
Stresses, circumferential, in cylindrical shells      64Ч69
Stresses, computer program for two-dimensional principal      451Ч454
Stresses, determination of principal, by MohrТs circle      423 427 431Ч432 435Ч436 438Ч439 442Ч444 450Ч451
Stresses, equations for combined      440Ч441
Stresses, flexural, in beams      178 181Ч198
Stresses, hoop, in cylindrical shells      63Ч65
Stresses, longitudinal in cylindrical shells      64Ч65
Stresses, maximum shearing      422 440Ч442
Stresses, normal, in axially loaded bars      2 9Ч20
Stresses, normal, in beams      178 181Ч198
Stresses, normal, on planes of maximum shearing stress      422Ч423 435 442
Stresses, principal      421 440Ч442
Stresses, shearing, in beams      179 198Ч204
Stresses, thermal, in axially loaded bars      45Ч49
Stresses, thermal, in thin shells      64Ч80
Structural Stability Research Council (SSRC), design formula for columns      358 370
Superposition, deflection of beams by      237Ч238
Supports, clamped (fixed)      260Ч261 288Ч289
Supports, elastic spring      290 304
Supports, pin reaction      10 17 19 25
Supports, roller reaction      122Ч123 127 129 132
T-beam, shearing stresses in      192Ч193 194Ч195 201Ч202
Tangent modulus      6
Tangent modulus formula for columns      365
tensile strength      1
Tension      1
Thermal effects      45Ч48
Toroidal shells, stresses in      79Ч80
Torsion, angle of twist      98 101Ч104
Torsion, computer program for variable cross section of bars in torsion      107Ч110
Torsion, elasto-plastic      98 117
Torsion, fully plastic      98 118
Torsion, hollow circular shaft      106
Torsion, solid circular shaft      99 103
Torsion, stepped shaft      116Ч117
Torsion, variable diameter shaft      103
Twist, angle of, in torsion      98 101Ч104
Ultimate load      54Ч58
Ultimate strength      5
Welded joints      83
Welded joints, electron beam welding      84 91
Welded joints, laser beam welding      84 92
Wide flange sections, properties of      218Ч219
Yield point      4
Yield strength      3
YoungТs modulus      4 9Ч20
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