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Shaughnessy E.J. — Introduction to fluid mechanics
Shaughnessy E.J. — Introduction to fluid mechanics

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Название: Introduction to fluid mechanics

Автор: Shaughnessy E.J.


An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics provides a balanced and uniquely visual treatment of the tools used in solving modern fluid mechanics problems. Presenting an image-intensive approach to fluid dynamics through classic kinematic concepts, the book demonstrates the importance of flow visualization in a framework of modern experimental techniques and flow simulation. Detailed photographs and diagrams of fluid motions and phenomena throughout the text help students to see and understand why equations change drastically for different types of flows. Output illustrations from CFD (computational fluid dynamics) programs illustrate the possibilities of flow behavior, enabling students to concentrate on ideas instead of mathematics. The book also provides the means to solve interesting problems early in the course by presenting case studies at the beginning of the text. These cases are revisited later to reinforce empirical rules and help explain advanced methods of analyzing a flow. Creating a foundation for further study in this important and exciting field, An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics is ideal for a first course in fluid mechanics. The book is designed to accommodate students concentrating in mechanical engineering as well as those in the civil, aerospace, and chemical engineering fields. Features BLA highly organized 2-color interior and icons throughout the text aid in navigation and review. BLVISUAL icons direct students to the Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics CD, websites, movies, and books so students can easily further visual demonstrations of each topic. BLCFD icons indicate subject matter that directly or indirectly relates to computational methods to familiarize students with this powerful tool. BLFE icons note material that is covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to help students prepare. BLChapters on differential analysis of flow and on applications of fluid mechanics are self-contained so that instructors can pick and choose which topics to cover. Ancillaries BLStudent CD: Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics by G.M. Homsy et al. — included with every copy of the text Funded by the National Science Foundation and prepared by an international group of experts, this CD-ROM allows students to access experimental demonstrations that are difficult to reproduce in a laboratory; see mathematical relationships brought to life in video footage; and conduct simulations that demonstrate fluid mechanics phenomena. CD Highlights BLIncludes animations of important principles and concepts BLOffers virtual laboratories where students can acquire data from images BLProvides interactive computational exercises in which parameters may be varied BLContains a range of material on applications BLInstructor's Manual and CD — available to adopters.

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 1057

Добавлена в каталог: 30.10.2010

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