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Slansky R. — Group theory for unified model building
Slansky R. — Group theory for unified model building

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Название: Group theory for unified model building

Автор: Slansky R.


The results gathered here on simple Lie algebras have been selected with attention to the needs of unified model builders who study Yang-Mills
theories based on simple, local-symmetry groups that contain as a subgroup the SU" x UT x SU§ symmetry of the standard theory of electromag-
electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions. The major topics include, after a brief review of the standard model and its unification into a simple group, the
use of Dynkin diagrams to analyze the structure of the group generators and to keep track of the weights (quantum numbers) of the representation
vectors; an analysis of the subgroup structure of simple groups, including explicit coordinatizations of the projections in weight space; lists of
representations, tensor products and branching rules for a number of simple groups; and other details about groups and their representations that
are often helpful for surveying unified models, including vector-coupling coefficient calculations. Tabulations of representations, tensor products, and
branching rules for E6, SO,o, SU6, F4, SO9, SUs, SO8, SO7, SU4, E7, Eg, SU8, SOH, SO,8, SO22, and for completeness, SU3 are included. (These
tables may have other applications.) Group-theoretical techniques for analyzing symmetry breaking are described in detail and many examples are
reviewed, including explicit parameterizations of mass matrices.

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Рубрика: Физика/Квантовая теория поля/

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Год издания: 1981

Количество страниц: 128

Добавлена в каталог: 01.10.2005

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