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Kim K. — Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology: The Complete Guide
Kim K. — Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology: The Complete Guide

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Название: Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology: The Complete Guide

Автор: Kim K.


Advance Praise for Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology "Kendall Kim's Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technologyis well written, thoroughly researched, and logically organized. I look forward to using the book as a resource for class." -Dr. Scott Gibson, Professor of Finance at the William & Mary Mason School of Business "In Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology, Kendall Kim provides valuable insight into the highly specialized world of computer trading. This includes key terminology and definitions, regulatory background, and industry drivers. In addition, the book provides an overview of the technologies and methodologies that comprise this complex industry. Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology is roadmap to the world of computer trading and is essential reading for both buy-and sell-side market participants." -Sean Gilman, CTO, Currenex "Kendall Kim has managed to give a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms, the competitive landscape, and even some forecasts on the complex and quickly evolving topic of electronic and algorithmic trading technology. Deep domain knowledge is critical to success on Wall Street; understanding complex market forces at work only enhances the value one can bring to their trade. Anyone who wants to learn more about this rapidly evolving phenomenon can benefit by reading Kendall's book." -Jeff Hudson, CEO, Vhayu Technologies Corporation "Comprehensive and up-to-date. Useful for both practitioners and academics." -George S. Oldfield, Principal, The Brattle Group Washington, D.C. "Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology is an excellent resource for both academics and financial professionals outside the domain of electronic trading who are seeking a comprehensive review of an increasingly complex and ever-changing trading landscape. Kendall Kim has managed to provide an insightful, engaging, and eminently accessible summary of the core elements of algorithmic and electronic trading, the challenges faced by all trading businesses today, and what lies in store for the future of trading across a multitude of asset classes." -Manny Santayana,Managing Director Advanced Execution Services - Equities, Credit Suisse "Kendall Kim's work is a thorough snapshot of the world of automated trading, with an intricate history explaining why and how we got where we are today. Packed with examples and anecdotes, it makes an impressive reference guide to the multitudes of algorithms, systems and regulations in existence across the globe." -Matthew J Smalley, Director - ETD Execution Technology, UBS Investment Bank

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