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Continentino M. — Quantum scaling in many-body systems
Continentino M. — Quantum scaling in many-body systems

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Название: Quantum scaling in many-body systems

Автор: Continentino M.


This book on quantum phase transitions has been written by one of the pioneers in the application of scaling ideas to many-body systems - a new and exciting subject that has relevance to many areas of condensed matter and theoretical physics. One of the few books on the subject, it emphasizes strongly correlated electronic systems. Although dealing with complex problems in statistical mechanics, it does not lose sight of the experiments and the actual physical systems which motivate the theoretical work.
The book starts by presenting the scaling theory of quantum critical phenomena. Critical exponents for different systems are calculated using both the momentum space and real space renormalization group approaches. The former is developed without the use of Feynman diagrams, allowing nonspecialists to fully appreciate the underlying physics of this method. The case of heavy fermions as an example of systems close to a zero temperature phase transition is presented and discussed in detail. This is also the case of non-Fermi liquid behavior associated with a quantum critical point. Metal-insulator transitions are discussed within the scaling approach. The book ends with a discussion on first order quantum phase transitions, in particular those which occur due to a fluctuation-induced mechanism.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/Физика твёрдого тела/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 188

Добавлена в каталог: 15.08.2005

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Предметный указатель
Anderson — Higgs mechanism      168
Chaotic sequence      126
Coherence line      71 87
Coherence temperature      85 96
Coherence temperature, values of      98
Coleman — Weinberg potential      172
Correlation length exponent, first order transition      181
Critical exponents      4
Critical exponents, first order quantum phase transition      181
Critical exponents, from $\epsilon$-expansion      50
Critical exponents, Gaussian      29
Critical exponents, Gaussian versus mean-field      73
Critical exponents, mean field      25
Critical exponents, Mott transition      151
Crossover exponent      14 16
Crossover line      16
CrV      104
Density-driven transition in Ytterbium      131
Density-driven transition, dynamic exponent from RG      126
Density-driven transition, effect of disorder      136
Dimensional transmutation      172
Dynamic exponent in scaling relation      5
Dynamic exponent in thermodynamic quantity      14
Dynamic exponent, antifcrromagnetic metal      69
Dynamic exponent, definition      5
Dynamic exponent, density-driven transition      124
Dynamic exponent, ferromagnetic metal      59
Dynamic exponent, general      21
Dynamic exponent, Ising model in transverse field      27
Dynamic exponent, non-linear sigma model      156
Dynamic exponent, spin density wave      69
Effective potential      45
Excitonic phase transition      132
First order phase transition      177 181
Goldstone mode      33 35 167
Heavy fermions      83
Heavy fermions, local regime      112
Heavy fermions, microscopic approach      95
Heavy fermions, phase diagram      88
Hyperscaling, classical      5
Hyperscaling, quantum      5
Hyperscaling, violation of      92
Irrelevant interaction      10 43
Irrelevant interaction, dangerous      10 24 68 73
Ising model in transverse field, Hamiltonian      3
Ising model in transverse field, mean field approximation      26
Ising model in transverse field, real space renormalization group approach      76
Kadowaki — Woods ratio      101
Kondo lattice      84
Kondo temperature      85
Meissner effect      168
Mott transition, phase diagram      150
Non-Fermi liquid      71 87
Quantum non-linear sigma model, phase diagram      163
Scaling relations      5
Scaling, charge stiffness      119
Scaling, compressibility      124
Scaling, conductivity      118
Scaling, conductivity mass      119
Scaling, extended      20
Scaling, generalized      19
Scaling, naive      18
Scaling, thermal mass      71
Shift exponent      17 20 67
Spin-fluctuation temperature      74
Thermal mass      119
Universal conductivity      124
Upper critical dimension      30 69
Upper critical dimension for Mott transition      154
Upper critical dimension, density-driven transition      152
Wilson ratio, critical regime      102
Wilson ratio, local regime      99
Ytterbium      129
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