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Grem J. — The Money Manipulators
Grem J. — The Money Manipulators

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Название: The Money Manipulators

Автор: Grem J.


It is a pleasure to write the introduction to The Money Manipulators, a penetrating, courageous book, written by June Grem. Soon it will become a valuable item on library shelves throughout the country in reference to the subjects of money, money quantity, money control, the Federal Reserve Bank System, shadowy international money operations, the subversion emanating from some large tax-free foundations, the United Nations’ cruel hoax, millionaire socialists with political stooges placed in high government posts, and our ponderous, inequitable income tax structure. All of these are surrounded by vast deceit at great cost to unsuspecting and victimized Americans. Hence, it is appropriate to recall the 14th chapter, 8th verse of First Corinthians, which observes : “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle ?” Certainly, for the last three hundred years, many leading “trumpets in our Western world have been emitting dubious and uncertain sounds. Why ? To confuse many of us by creating a misleading image in history and in the press, to serve their long-range objectives. That objective is sought by a few individuals to acquire most of the world’s wealth and power with great suffering by the many! Having been successful for a long time in this nefarious operation conducted against mankind, that pattern of success must, of course, be well concealed from the people. This step has been carried out by acquiring control of the press, radio, television, numerous publications, in fact, nearly all the media of communication, so as to mislead and hide their sinister intent.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Экономика и финансы/

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Издание: 1st edition

Год издания: 1971

Количество страниц: 166

Добавлена в каталог: 01.11.2009

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