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Pearson W. — A Handbook of Lattice Spacings and Structures of Metals and Alloys
Pearson W. — A Handbook of Lattice Spacings and Structures of Metals and Alloys

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Название: A Handbook of Lattice Spacings and Structures of Metals and Alloys

Автор: Pearson W.


This book has been written to assist the physicist and metallurgist by providing a reference work which contains information about the structures and lattice spacings of all binary and ternary alloys that have been examined. Part I of the work is intended as a general introduction 10 X-ray investigation of metals and alloys, and the author endeavours to show how structure determination and lattice spacing measurements can be important in giving information about the physical state of metals and alloys, particularly equilibrium diagram determination, and in corrcla-lion with electrical, maenctic and other physical properties. In Part II. which is a compilation and assessment of published X-ray work on metals and alloys in equilibrium, alloy systems are listed in alphabetical order according to accepted methods. An extensive and thorough surve> of the literature is given. The work ex-tends to over 1.000 pages, and includes numerous diagrams and main pages of tabulated data.

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Рубрика: Физика/

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Год издания: 1964

Количество страниц: 1044

Добавлена в каталог: 23.08.2009

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Предметный указатель
"Bethe curve"      55
"Electron counts"      41—43
"Full" metals      21
"Neel curve"      56
"Open" metals      21
$Al_{2}Cu$ type of phases      31
$M_{2}X$ phases, Rahlfs      30
'Nominal' composition of X-ray specimens      13
'Ve' effect, the      28
Actinide group      23
Alloy composition, analysis      74
Aluminium, apparent atomic diameter      53
Aluminium, atomic diameter      53 54
Aluminium-rich compounds and Brillouin zones      40
Aluminium-rich compounds and Brillouin zones, assessment of work      42
Analysis of alloy composition      74
Analysis of alloy composition, use of lattice spacing curves      74
Analytical elimination of errors      8
Analytical extrapolation, method of Cohen      8
Angstrom units      3
Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing and structure changes in oxides, CoO, MnO, NiO      58
Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing changes      57
Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing changes in CrSb      61
Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing changes in MnTe      60
Apparent atomic diameter of solutes in Cu, Ag, Au, Al and Mg      27
Apparent atomic diameter, definition      19
Atomic diameter      20
Atomic diameter of gallium and indium      27
Atomic diameter, definition      19
Atomic radius, definition      19
Atomic radius, Hume — Rothery rule      20
Atomic weights from X-ray measurements      74
Atomic weights, Table of      256
Axial ratios and degree of long range order      72
Back-reflection method      6
Bends in lattice spacing curves      44
Bends in lattice spacing curves in Cr solid solutions      54
Bends in lattice spacing curves in ferromagnetic solid solutions      64
Bends in lattice spacing curves in iron solid solutions      65 66
Bends in lattice spacing curves in Ni solid solutions      65—67
Bergqvist's lattice spacing for quartz      7
Borides, alphabetical index of X-ray work      895
Borides, tabulated X-ray data      219
Bradley and Jay film mounting method      7
Bradley film mounting method      7
Bragg relationship      32
Brillouin zone concept      31
Brillouin zone concept, overlaps      28
Brillouin zone concept, overlaps in Mg solid solutions      50
Brillouin zone concept, overlaps in Mg-Cd alloys      45 49
Brillouin zones and electron concentration      34
Brillouin zones and solid solution lattice spacings      44
Brillouin zones of $\alpha$ phases      38
Brillouin zones of $\beta$ phases      38
Brillouin zones of $\gamma$ phases      38 39
Brillouin zones of $\sigma$-phases      38
Brillouin zones of Al-rich phases      40
Brillouin zones of divalent metals      44 45
Brillouin zones of magnesium      44
Brillouin zones, energy overlaps      33
Brillouin zones, higher zones      33 34
Brillouin zones, tin solid solution lattice spacings      50
Calibration of X-ray cameras      7
Calibration of X-ray cameras, use of quartz      7
Carbides, alphabetical index of X-ray work      911
Carbides, tabulated X-ray data      223
Chemical analysis of X-ray specimens      12
Chromium "transition" at ~37°C      54
Co-ordination, definition      19
Co-ordination, number, definition      19
Cobalt, influence of particle size on structure      71
Cohen's analytical extrapolation method      8
Composition of comer of three-phase triangle      16
Composition of high-temperature X-ray specimens      17 18
Composition of X-ray specimens      12
Composition, "nominal", of X-ray specimens      13
Contamination of X-ray powders      13
Conversion factor, kX to $\AA$ units      4 5
Conversion table for lattice spacings, $kX \leftrightarrow \AA$      257
Copper, N(E) curves      37
Crystal chemistry of alloys—Schubert      44
Curie point, lattice spacing changes in Ni alloys      61 62
Debye — Scherrer method, use of      5
Defect structures      39 40
Density measurements and lattice vacancies      74
Density measurements, determination of type of solid solution      74
Density measurements, use of      74 75
Density, calculation of      5
Diffraction, electron      19
Diffraction, neutron      19
Disappearing phase method      10
Electrical resistivity of terminal solid solutions of Cu, Ag and Au      25
Electrochemical effects      24
Electrochemical factor      29
Electrochemical factor, definition      19
Electron absorption by transition metal atoms      40
Electron compounds      44
Electron concentration and Brillouin zones      34
Electron concentration, Brillouin zone overlap in Mg solid solutions      50
Electron concentration, constant      39 40
Electron concentration, definition      19
Electron diffraction      19
Electronic structure and lattice spacing      23
Elements, crystallographic data      123
Elements, densities      123
Elements, expansion coefficients      123
Energy discontinuities      32
Energy overlaps of Brillouin zone boundaries      33
Equilibrium diagrams, advantages of X-ray method of determining      10
Equilibrium diagrams, X-ray method of determining      18
Errors, analytical method of elimination      8
Errors, elimination in non-cubic crystals      8
Errors, graphical method of elimination      8
Errors, subjective      9
Errors, systematic      7
Expansion coefficients, determination from interplanar spacings      68
Expansion coefficients, determination from lattice spacing measurements      68 69
Expansion, thermal      68 69
Extrapolation function, Nelson and Riley      8
Fermi surface      35
Fermi surface and Brillouin zone boundaries      24
Ferromagnetic solid solutions, bends in lattice spacing curves      64
Ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transitions, lattice spacing variation      57
Ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing variation      57
Ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing variation in Fe-S alloys      62 63
Ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, lattice spacing variation in Ni solid solutions      61
Ferromagnetism and interatomic distance      55
Film mounting methods, Bradley      7
Film mounting methods, Bradley and Jay      7
Film mounting methods, Straumanis      7
Film mounting methods, van Arkel      7
Film shrinkage      7
Goldschmidt's radii for C.N.      12 21
Goldschmidt's radii for C.N., definition      19
Graphical elimination of errors      8
Hardness and lattice distortion in terminal solid solutions      72 73
High-temperature X-ray, methods      10
High-temperature X-ray, photographs in determination of phase boundaries      17
High-temperature X-ray, specimens, determination of composition      17 18
High-temperature X-ray, specimens, oxidation of      18
Hume-Rothery rule, atomic radii      20
Hydrides, alphabetical index of X-ray work      966
Hydrides, tabulated X-ray data      227
Ievins and Straumanis method      6
Interatomic distance      20 22
Interatomic distance and ferromagnetism      55
Interatomic distance and saturation magnetic moment      56 57
Intermediate phases, classification by structure type      247
Intermediate phases, size factor      30
Intermediate phases, tabulated X-ray data      131
Internal standard, calibration by      8
International atomic weights, table of      256
Interplanar spacings, determination of expansion coefficient      68
Ionic radii      21 22
Ionic radii, univalent, Pauling and Zachariasen      22
Ionic radius, definition      19
Ionic radius, effect      28
Ionic radius, univalent, definition      19
Ionization, partial      22—24
Iron, lattice spacing variation at Curie point      61
Irradiated height of specimen      8
Isoparametric contours      14
k-space      31
Kossel method      6
kX units      3
Lattice distortion and hardness in solid solutions      72 73
Lattice distortion and long range order      72
Lattice distortion and magnetic susceptibility in solid solutions      72
Lattice distortion and physical properties of terminal solid solutions      72
Lattice distortion in terminal solid solutions      26
Lattice distortion, combination of all effects      27
Lattice distortion, local      24
Lattice distortion, macroscopic      24
Lattice spacing changes at Curie point in Ni solid solutions      61 62
Lattice spacing changes at magnetic transitions      57
Lattice spacing changes at magnetic transitions in MnAs      57 58
Lattice spacing changes at magnetic transitions in MnBi      58 59
Lattice spacing changes at magnetic transitions in MnSb      59
Lattice spacing changes in antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions      57
Lattice spacing changes in ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transitions      57
Lattice spacing changes in ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions      57
Lattice spacing curves, as means of determining alloy composition      74
Lattice spacing curves, bends in      44
Lattice spacing curves, bends in, in ferromagnetic solid solutions      64
Lattice spacing determination, requirements for accurate work      6
Lattice spacing measurements for determining expansion coefficients      68 69
Lattice spacing method in binary alloys      11
Lattice spacing method in ternary alloys      14
Lattice spacing method precautions      11
Lattice spacing method, limits of accuracy      13
Lattice spacing of quartz-Bergqvist's value      7
Lattice spacing variation in two-phase fields      11
Lattice spacing, correction for variation of room temperature      14
Lattice spacings and electronic structure      23
Lattice spacings and superconductivity      73
Lattice spacings, influence of particle size on      71
Lattice spacings, influence of quenching stresses on      69
Lattice vacancies and density measurements      74
Laves phases      20 30
Long range order and axial ratios      72
Long range order and lattice distortion      72
Macroscopic lattice distortion      24
Magnesium, Brillouin zone      44
Magnetic susceptibility and lattice distortion in terminal solid solutions      72
Magnetic transitions, lattice spacing changes during      57
Metals and alloys, alphabetical index of X-ray work      254
Monoclinic system, table of various settings for unit cell      80
Monovalent metals, terminal solid solutions of      24
N(E) curves      32 35
N(E) curves of copper      37
N(E) curves, hypothetical, for tin      51 52
Nelson and Riley extrapolation function      8
Neutron diffraction      19
Newkirk gradient method for phase boundaries      11
Nitrides, alphabetical index of X-ray work      980
Nitrides, table of X-ray data      229
Orthorhombic system, table of various settings for unit cell      81
Owen relationship for terminal solid solutions in Cu, Ag and Au      29
Oxides, binary, alphabetical index of X-ray work      1002
Oxides, binary, table of X-ray data      235
Partial ionization      22—24
Particle size, influence on lattice spacing and crystal structure      71
Particle size, influence on proportion of hexagonal and cubic cobalt      71
Pauling and Zachariasen univalent ionic radii      22
Phase boundaries, lattice spacing method of determining      11
Phase boundaries, precautions in lattice spacing method of determining      11
Powder photographs, methods      6
Quartz, Bergqvist's lattice spacing of      7
Quenching stress, influence on lattice spacings      69
Radius ratio      20
Raynor, treatment of valency effect      25
Refraction corrections      9
Saturation magnetic moment, calculation from interatomic distances      56 57
Size effect, calculation of      24
Size factor      20
Size factor in intermediate phases      30
Size factor, definition      19
Solid solubility limit in terminal solid solutions      29
Solid solution, lattice spacings and Brillouin zones      44
Solid solution, type of, from density measurements      74
Straumanis film mounting      7
Strukturbericht types, crystallographic data      85
Subjective errors in lattice spacing determinations      9
Superconductivity and lattice spacings      73
Systematic errors in lattice spacing determination      7
Terminal solid solutions of monovalent metals      24
Terminal solid solutions, lattice spacings      23
Terminal solid solutions, solid solubility limit in      29
Terminal solid solutions, valency effects in      25
Ternary alloys, lattice spacing method of determining phase boundaries      14
Thermal expansion      68 69
Tie-lines      15
Tin, hypothetical N(E) curve      51 52
Tin, solid solution lattice spacings and Brillouin zone      50
Transition metals, electron absorption      40
Transuranic elements      23
Unit cell settings, monoclinic class      80
Unit cell settings, orthorhombic class      81
units of measurement      3
Units, Angstrom      3
Units, kX      3
Univalent ionic radius, definition      19
Vacant lattice sites and density measurements      74
Vacant lattice sites in Al-Zn alloys      53
Vacant lattice sites in Au-Ni alloys      53
Vacant lattice sites in Sn-In alloys      51 52
Valency effects      23
Valency effects in terminal solid solutions      25
van Arkel film mounting method      7
Vegard's law      23
X-ray, camera calibration      7
X-ray, emission wavelengths, 1931 scale of      3
X-ray, emission wavelengths, measurement of      4
X-ray, emission wavelengths, table      5
X-ray, film mounting methods      6 7
X-ray, film mounting methods, shrinkage      7
X-ray, methods, at high temperature      10
X-ray, powders, contamination of      13
X-ray, specimens, chemical analysis of      12
X-ray, specimens, irradiated height of      8
X-ray, wavelengths, conversion factor kX to $\AA$ units      4 5
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