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Timari G. — Heterocycles from Transition Metal Catalysis
Timari G. — Heterocycles from Transition Metal Catalysis

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Название: Heterocycles from Transition Metal Catalysis

Автор: Timari G.


Heterocycles from Transition Metal Catalysis: Formation and Functionalization provides a concise summary of the prominent role of late transition metal (palladium, nickel, copper) catalysed processes in the synthesis and functionalization of heterocyclic systems. It gives an introduction to catalytic transformations, an overview of the most important reaction types, and presents synthetically useful catalytic processes classified by the target system and the type of transformation.

The multitude and diversity of late transition metal (palladium, copper and nickel) catalysed reactions might seem daunting for the synthetic chemist, but this book converts anxiety to fascination by providing a well organised overview of the key catalytic transformations and their application in the preparation and functionalization of heteroaromatic systems. The demonstration that complex transformations, like a captivating toy, are made up by assembling the same "simple" building blocks, and a survey of the scope and limitations of these processes will help chemists to devise new, more efficient reactions and explain observations in academia and industry alike.

The organization of the material presented helps readers to locate information relevant to a problem as well as providing inspiration to scientists browsing through the book. The book provides a representative, but not overwhelming, selection of examples of the application of late transition metal catalysis in heterocyclic chemistry. The organization of the material is aimed at sorting the processes both by reaction type and compound class, thereby facilitating the digestion of the material and the location of specificinformation.

The book provides a representative selection of transition metal catalysed reactions transformations that are relevant in heterocyclic chemistry. In this way, the authors provide a useful resource for members of the academic community looking for a textbook as well as industrial chemists in search of a reference book.This book will be an invaluable resource for synthetic chemists, medicinal chemists, and those more generally interested in applied catalysis.

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 199

Добавлена в каталог: 02.07.2009

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