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Bidlingmeyer B.A. Ч Practical HPLC Methodology and Applications
Bidlingmeyer B.A. Ч Practical HPLC Methodology and Applications

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Ќазвание: Practical HPLC Methodology and Applications

јвтор: Bidlingmeyer B.A.


Of related interestЕ Trace and Ultratrace Analysis by HPLC Satinder Ahuja Written by a leading scientist in the field, this monograph provides the first definitive and technically up-to-date treatment of the theory, equipment, and applications of chemistryТs most powerful reliable analytical technique. Coverage includes an encyclopedic compendium of common substances that require trace and ultratrace analysis, and features clear discussion of such important topics as considerations for HPLC equipment, sensitive detectors, sample preparation, method development, selectivity and computer-based optimizations, optimizing detectability, and much more. 1991 (0 471-51419-5) 432 pp. High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Biotechnology Edited by William S. Hancock Analytical chemists, biochemists, and chemical engineers will find this up-to-date guide to HPLCТs recent developments essential for enhancing on-the-job technical expertise. Extensive coverage includes the broad applications of HPLC, ranging from major chromatographic techniques (including reversed phase, ion exchange, affinity and hydrophobic interaction chromatography) to specific separations such as those in monoclonal antibody and nucleic acid purification. Techniques for quality control programs and advanced technology are also discussed. 1990 (0 471-82584-0) 564 pp. Unified Separation Science J. Calvin Giddings This advanced text/monograph brings together for the first time the variety of techniques used for chemical separations by outlining their common underlying mechanisms. The mass transport phenomena underlying all separation processes are developed in a simple physical-mathematical form,facilitating analysis of alternative separation techniques and the factors integral to separation power. The first six chapters provide background material applicable to a wide range of separation methods, while the final five chapters illustrate specific techniques and methods.

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√од издани€: 1993

 оличество страниц: 452

ƒобавлена в каталог: 10.04.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
Accuracy      227Ч229
Adsorption      18 96
Air quality      41
Alpha      6
Amino acid, analysis      37Ч40
Amino acid, sequencing      37Ч39
Analyte      18
Analytical chromatography      18
Application, focus      9
Application, gel permeation chromatography      16
Application, growth      11Ч18
Application, ion chromatography      16
Application, organic synthesis aid      51Ч60
Application, preparative chromatography      17
Application, shampoo      134
Application, typical uses of HPLC      13
ASTM, committee E-19      237
AUFS      18
Band      18
Band broadening      18 88Ч90 238Ч242
Bed      19
Bonded phase chromatography      19 97
Bonded phase chromatography, column preparation      211Ч213
Buffer      19 147Ч150 246Ч248
Capacity factor      19 85
Chromatogram      3 4 7 8 19 69 70
Chromatographic process      2Ч6
column      19
Column volume      19
Confidence limit      232
Correct values      235
Counter ion      19
databases      106 107
Decision tree for column choice      109
Degassing      249 313
Detector      19 81Ч85
Detector, high sensitivity      82
Detector, time constant      84
Detector, wide scope      82
Diagnostics      78Ч81
Differential Refractometer      19 181
Dry column chromatography      272
Efficieny      6 7 19 86Ч90 214Ч221
Efficieny, calculation      215 327
Efficieny, column length      346 350
Efficieny, comparison      220
Efficieny, flow rate      216 220
Eluent      19 see
Eluent strength      see "Solvent strength"
Elute      20
Elutropic series      20 123 190
EPA methods for HPLC      45
Equieluotropic      138
Error curve      231
Error, constant      229
error, random      229 231
Essential oils, active ingredient      429
Essential oils, experiment      425Ч434
Estrogens      144Ч150
Exclusion chromatography      see "Gel permeation chromatography"
FD&C dyes      330
Filter, in-line      71 74
Fittings      76Ч78
Flash chromatography      272
Flow programming      20 314Ч316
Flow rate      20 125 128 216Ч221
Flow rate, precision      236
Fronting      20 81
Gas chromatography      11
Gel filtration chromatography      see "Gel permeation chromatography"
Gel permeation chromatography      20 46Ч51 99 112Ч114 177Ч186 359 366
Gel permeation chromatography, calibration curve      178Ч180
Gel permeation chromatography, column types      114
Gel permeation chromatography, efficiency      183
Gel permeation chromatography, exclusion limit      20
Gel permeation chromatography, experiment      358Ч369
Gel permeation chromatography, preparative capability      183Ч186
Gel permeation chromatography, small molecule      177Ч186 364 365 368
Gel permeation chromatography, solvent effects      180Ч182
Gene synthesis      30Ч33
Glossary      18Ч25
GPC      see "Gel permeation chromatography"
Gradient elution      21 284Ч314
Gradient elution, applications      305Ч309
Gradient elution, considerations      310Ч314
Gradient elution, continuous      286
Gradient elution, experiment      435Ч447
Gradient elution, flow rate effect      301Ч305
Gradient elution, hardware contributions      268Ч293
Gradient elution, high-pressure mixing      289Ч292
Gradient elution, ideal system      288
Gradient elution, low-pressure mixing      289Ч292
Gradient elution, method development      293Ч305
Gradient elution, mixing devices      291
Gradient elution, nomenclature      286
Gradient elution, out-gassing      313
Gradient elution, precision      292 293
Gradient elution, pressure      312
Gradient elution, rate of change      294
Gradient elution, refractive index effects      310Ч313
Gradient elution, shapes      294
Gradient elution, step      286
Gradient elution, viscosity effects      310Ч313
Guard column      71 74
Height equivalent to a theoretical plate      see "HETP"
Hemoglobin      34
HETP      21 87Ч90
Historical milestones      10 11
Human insulin      28 29
Injection      21
Injector      21 73
Instrumentation      2 3
Instrumentation, band spreading considerations      75Ч78
Instrumentation, diagnostics      78Ч81
Instrumentation, influence on performance parameters      79
Instrumentation, plumbing considerations      71Ч75
Interferon isolation      29
Ion exchange      21 98 122Ч124 167Ч176
Ion exchange, CM packing      173Ч175
Ion exchange, DEAE packing      173Ч175
Ion exchange, effect of $pK_{a}$      169 174
Ion exchange, effect of counterion      171
Ion exchange, effect of pH      169Ч171 174
Ion exchange, proteins      173Ч176
Ion exchange, temperature      171
Ion pair chromatography      21 22 98 157Ч164
Ion pair chromatography, retention models      161
Ion suppression      21 153Ч157 170
Ion-pair extraction      157
Isocratic, elution      21 285
Isocratic, system      70Ч75 319
Isoelectric point      174
Isoeluotrophic      21 138
k'      see "Capacity factor"
Kinetics      see "Reaction"
Linear velocity      21
Liquid-liquid chromatography      21
Liquid-liquid extraction      22
Liquid-solid chromatography      22 96
Matrix      22
Method development, databases      106 107
Method development, decision tree for column choice      109
Method development, general strategy      105Ч108
Method development, general tactics      108Ч110
Method development, next actions after first attempt      126 127
Method development, thin layer chromatography      192
Miscibility      244Ч246
Mobile phase      22 122Ч124
Mobile phase volume      22
Mobile phase, binary blend      139
Mobile phase, changing      246
Mobile phase, compatibility      249
Mobile phase, considerations for choosing      243Ч246 250
Mobile phase, nonaqueous      139Ч142
Mobile phase, preparation      254
Mobile phase, quality      251
Mobile phase, quaternary blend      139
Mobile phase, recirculation      242Ч243
Mobile phase, refractive index      312
Mobile phase, reservoir      72
Mobile phase, reverse phase      133Ч145
Mobile phase, selectivity      135Ч139
Mobile phase, strength      122 123
Mobile phase, tertiary blend      139
Mobile phase, viscosity      312
Molecular weight      46Ч51
Molecular weight distribution      46Ч51
N-nitroso compounds      42
NIOSH methods for HPLC      46
Normal phase      22 95Ч97 115 116 186Ч204 332 333
Normal phase, experiment      332Ч344
Normal phase, method development      191Ч202
Normal phase, mobile phase      189Ч191
Normal phase, stationary phases      187Ч189
Oligonucleotide isolation      30Ч33
OSHA methods for HPLC      47
Packing      22
Paired-ion chromatography      see "Ion-pair chromatography"
Partition Chromatography      see "Liquid-liquid chromatography"
Peak      22
Peak, area      22
Peak, height      22
Peak, maximum      22
Peak, width      23
Pellicular packing      23 90
Peptide, analysis      35
Peptide, mapping      36 37
Pesticide analysis      43Ч45
Plastics      46Ч49
Plate height      see "HETP"
Plates      23 87Ч90
Polarity      23 122
Polarity of the molecule      191
Polarity, function group      193
Polyaromatic hydrocarbons      43 110Ч113
Polymer analysis      46Ч49
Porous packing      23
PRECISION      229Ч231
Precision, gradient analysis      293
Precision, LC analysis      237
Preparative chromatography      17 23 269Ч283 416 see
Preparative chromatography, approaching the problem      271
Preparative chromatography, classification      274
Preparative chromatography, collection      282
Preparative chromatography, detectors      280Ч282
Preparative chromatography, experiment      415Ч424
Preparative chromatography, method development      274Ч277
Preparative chromatography, monopropionamides of dicyanoheptamethylcobyrinate      53Ч60
Preparative chromatography, oligonucleotides      31Ч33
Preparative chromatography, recovery      282
Preparative chromatography, scale-up      188 277Ч280
Pressure read-out      78Ч81
Protein analysis      33Ч35 173Ч176
qualitative analysis      7 63Ч66
Quantitative analysis      7 385
Quantitative analysis, experiment      384Ч404
Reaction, hydrolysis of asprin experiment      405Ч414
Reaction, kinetics      406
Reaction, monitoring using HPLC      53Ч57 346
Recycle      23 221Ч227
Recycle, experiment      345Ч357
Recycle, shaving      228 346 353
Refractive index      81Ч83
Refractive index, comparison to UV      281 282
Refractive index, detector response      181 281
Resolution      6 7 23 92Ч94 328
Resolution, baseline      19
Resolution, influence of parameters upon individual terms      129
Resolution, peak purity      8
Resolution, relationship of alpha and plates      93
Retention, chromatography      23
Retention, equation      325
Retention, relation to phase polarity      116 121
Retention, relation to sample polarity      116
Retention, time      23
Retention, volume      23
Reverse phase      24 95 97 115Ч121 132Ч167 208Ч214 319 371
Reverse phase, column choice      213
Reverse phase, differences in columns      208Ч213
Reverse phase, effect of $pK_{a}$      153Ч155
Reverse phase, effect of pH      153Ч156
Reverse phase, experiment      318Ч331
Reverse phase, ionic compounds      151Ч167
Reverse phase, method development      133Ч139 142Ч167
Reverse phase, method development experiment      371Ч383
Reverse phase, nonaqueous      139Ч142
Reverse phase, silica gel      165Ч167
ri      see "Refractive index"
Selectivity      6 86 94 135Ч139 327
Separation      2 85
Separation factor      see "Alpha"
Separation, databases      106 107
Separation, decision tree for column choice      109
Separation, general strategies      105Ч108
Separation, general tactics      108Ч110
Separation, mechanisms      94Ч102
Significant figures      234 235
Silanols, contribution to retention      165
Silanols, types of      211
Size exclusion chromatography      24
Size separation      see "Gel permeation chromatography"
Solid phase extraction      24 256Ч269
Solid phase extraction, conditioning      256
Solid phase extraction, effect of flow rate      262Ч267
Solid phase extraction, eluting      258
Solid phase extraction, examples      259Ч267
Solid phase extraction, guidelines      268 270
Solid phase extraction, isolating the analytes      258
Solid phase extraction, loading      257 267
Solid phase extraction, preparation of      264Ч267
Solid phase extraction, reconditioning      259
Solid phase extraction, recovery      269
Solute      24
Solvent      24
Solvent delivery system      24 72
Solvent programming      see "Gradient elution"
Solvent, binary      139
Solvent, boiling point      245
Solvent, compatibility      249
Solvent, miscibility number      245
Solvent, physical properties      245
Solvent, polarity index      245
Solvent, quality      251
Solvent, quaternary      139
Solvent, strength      122 123 190 198 200
Solvent, tertiary      139
Solvent, viscosity      245
Solvent, water saturated      194 199
Sorption      24
Spices, major component      429
Spices, steam distillation      425 429
Standard deviation      230 395
Stationary phase      25 115 187
Statistics for chromatographers      224Ч238
Tailing      25 81 165
Therapeutic drug monitoring      60Ч63
Therapeutic drug monitoring, asthma      61 62
Therapeutic drug monitoring, epilepsy      62 63
Thin layer chromatography      192 272
Trace analysis      238Ч242
1 2
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